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What is the difference between Boilerplate or GenerateWP?

  • The generated code is complete, for example: creating input forms such as email, telp, color, or standard input, you don't need to write code.or custom code: you can use the echo function to see the value of the variable
  • The code generated here is based on your project, eg copyright or variable names are created on your behalf
  • You can use the generated plugin for your template, eg: your template needs an icon for a category, you can create a plugin for that
  • There are many other differences, please see the demo

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, please feel free to contact us:[email protected],, We will endeavour to respond within one business day.

Change log

iWP-DevToolz v2

= rev21.11.06 =
* Improved: (IWP) Appearance -> Contents
* Improved: (IWP) Appearance -> Widgets
* Improved: (IWP) Posts-> Short Codes
* New Features: Ajax Requests and Form Builder

= rev21.08.15 =
* Improved: Project -> Delete
* New features: Built The Project and Download

= rev21.05.17 =
* Improved: Core Modules
* Improved: Plugin Options (Fix Option Issue)
* Improved: Taxonomies -> Extra Field (Fix Option Issue)
* Improved: Posts -> Metaboxes (Custom Fields) (Fix Option Issue)
* Improved: Posts -> Short Codes (Fix Option Issue)
* Improved: Appearance -> Widgets (Fix Option Issue)
* Improved: Appearance -> Contents (Fix Option Issue)

= rev21.05.09 =
* Improved: REST-API
* Improved: Plugin Options
* Improved: Enqueue -> Styles
* Improved: Enqueue -> Scripts
* New features: Appearance -> Contents
* New features: Appearance -> Widgets
* Improved: Posts -> Short Codes (TinyMCE)
* Improved: Posts -> Metaboxes (Custom Fields)
* Improved: Posts -> Custom Posts
* Improved: Taxonomies -> Extra Fields
* Improved: Taxonomies -> Add to Post Types Option

- Improved: Nginx Compatibility
- Improved: Short Codes (TinyMCE)
iWP-DevToolz v1
- Update JQuery

- Add option for disable debugger

Rev 19.11.30
- Remove: REST-API Plugin 
- Add: REST-API Option to Post Type

Rev 18.12.28
- Improved: REST-API Meta Post

Rev 18.09.26
- Improved: Categories and Featured Images

Rev 18.02.09
- Fix Error Reporting

Rev 17.05.15
- Remove WP Editor in option 
- WP Editor in metabox

Rev 17.01.11
- Add new features REST-API 2

Rev 17.01.11
- Fix media upload and multi-upload

Rev 16.12.17
- Add new feature taxonomies menu

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