iTraining - Complete Training Management System

iTraining - Complete training management system

iTraining - Multi-training management system for managing training-based organizations such as seminars, events, etc. Or the user can use a different purpose.Please read this document before making your own.

Anmeldeoptionen username: admin password: 123456



Advanced dashboard with several great stats and widgets

roles and permissions

Unlimited user roles and permissions to assign user roles

wave management

They are trainee training programs for all regions.

Wave Management Intern

Assign interns to waves and display additional details in our system.

device Manager

Trainees can get equipment and generate equipment protocol documents during the training time.

Operation management

Only the coordinator can change trainees from one area to another.

State management

You have branches in multiple countries in your system.

Regional management

They are zone wise management in our system.

Location management

They are advance locations with room numbers in our system.

Student Information

Manage and track all student information

Informationen zum Trainer

Manage and follow all coach information

User Management

Complete user management through role and permission assignment

school management

Some of their schools have Ministry of Education regional managers in our system.


They are an advanced scoring system integrated into our system.

Discipline management

They are many subjects of interns.


Admins can manage course outlines.

assessment questions

Administrators can add assessment questions for trainers.


Trainees can provide feedback answers to trainers.

Enter data

Use csv to bulk import data such as students, users, books, teachers, parents, etc.


The coordinator can schedule student attendance.

Email and SMS

Privileged users can send email and text messages to any user or user group.

Notification management

Privileged users can post notifications.

3 gateways

Clicktell, BulkSMS y Twilio.

15 different languages

We have translated our system into 15 different languages.


The system of student attendance declaration in advance.


Administrators can manage every setting option of the system and more from this module.

reset Password

Resetting any user's password is now very easy.

Unlimited user role & Permission Module.
Unlimited System admin.
Privileged User can create Trainee, Trainer, Zone Manager, Coordinator, MOE Zone Manager account.
Privileged User can create country.
Privileged User can create zone.
Privileged User can create location.
Privileged User can create school.
Privileged User can create subject.
Privileged User can create grade.
Privileged User can create course.
Privileged User can create syllabus.
Privileged User can create wave.
Privileged User can create wave add to trainee.
Privileged User can manage trainee attendance.
Privileged zone manager can replace trainee to other zone by operations.
Privileged User can create device.
Privileged User can create evaluation questions.
Privileged User can create feedback.
Privileged User can create feedback report.
Privileged User can change trainee setting.
Privileged User can import backup file.
Privileged User can send SMS/Mail for all user by group.
Privileged User can setup SMS/Mail settings for sms.
Clicktell, BulkSMS & Twilio sms gateways are available.
Privileged User can create notice.
Privileged User can print trainee report.
Privileged User & all user can change there password.
Privileged User & all user can see there profile.
Privileged User can block any type of users login.
Privileged User can reset any type of user password.
It has 16 different types language support.

Live Demo v1.0

Édition 1.0 (03-02-2017)

- Initial release

iTraining - Complete Training Management System [Free Download]
iTraining - Complete Training Management System [Nulled]
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