Instagram Auto Follow/Unfollow/Scraper

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Instagram auto follow/unfollow/scraper

This extension willAutomatically follow, unfollow and grab followers or followers of a specific account and likes of a specific post (image or video).
It is compatible with many web browsers: Google Chrome, Chromium,Brave, Opera, Microsoft Edge, CCleaner Browser and Vivaldi!

Really areEasy to use, you will startIncrease your follower countIt only takes a few minutes after installation.
Do you want to generate a username database? Manually scraping information is tiring and takes a long time, but with this extension you do nothing, it does everything for you!
You'll also get the instagram profile pictures of the accounts you've scraped, and you'll also know if you've followed them.
This extension allows you to easily export scraped account information to a Microsoft Excel XLS file! There are also CSV, TXT and HTML, and you can generate your database with just a few clicks.
You canStart using the extension with just a few clicks without any knowledge, But if you know what you're doing, you can also configure this automated tool to increase your followers and follow faster.

Please contact me if you need this extension or features on other web browsers.

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  • Use multiple Instagram accounts at the same time (more details below)
  • Unlimited follow/unfollow/scratch (up to Instagram limit)
  • Automatically follow followers of a specific account
  • Automatically follow specific accounts
  • Followers who automatically follow your account
  • Auto-follow likes (followers who like a specific picture)
  • Automatically unfollow a specific account's followers
  • Automatically unfollow specific accounts
  • Automatically unfollow your account
  • Automatically unfollow followers who like a specific image
  • Automatically grab followers of a specific account
  • Automatically crawl the following for a specific account
  • Automatically crawl the following for your account
  • Auto Scrape the Likes (followers who like a specific picture)
  • Automatically scrape usernames from comments
  • Whitelist so you can ignore accounts you want (without unfollowing or unfollowing)
  • Automatically add accounts you follow (or request) to a whitelist
  • Scrape usernames, pictures and tell if you've followed them
  • Copy the grabbed username with one click
  • Export scraped lists to multiple formats:XLS, CSV, TXT and HTML
  • Count the number of follow and unfollow
  • Random delay between each follow or unfollow
  • Sleep/rest time after a certain amount of follow, unfollow, or scrape
  • Auto scroll for more accounts to follow, unfollow or crawl
  • Automatically stop when the extension reaches the limit you set
  • Real-time status of extensions (stats, start, stop, sleep, account follow...)
  • Get the last username to follow or unfollow
  • Live logs (you know what the extension is doing)
  • Automatically save the configuration, no need to set it all the time
  • Start, stop or resume anytime and it will keep your progress (as long as you don't close the page)
  • Even if the page is not visible, the extension works if the required number of accounts are loaded, so you can still surf the web in another window!
  • Complete and easy to configure, you can change:
    • Minimum delay between each follow, unfollow or grab
    • Maximum delay between each follow, unfollow or grab
    • Sleep/break time after a certain number of follow, unfollow, or scrape accounts
    • Number of accounts followed, unfollowed, or crawled before sleep/rest
    • The currently running largest follow, unfollow or grab account

You can use the extension for 2 Instagram accounts per Chrome profile, then if you need to manage more accounts, you can add more Chrome profiles:

Customer Reviews

How it works

Watch the "video preview", but if you prefer text descriptions:

  1. Open Chrome, you need to be connected on your Instagram account
  2. Go to the account or picture of the follower you want to follow (or go to your follower)
  3. Click the extension icon (top right corner of Chrome)
  4. Click "Start"
Then you can enjoy the show! easy right? You can change all settings, but don't follow or unfollow too quickly, Instagram may ban you.When you buy, you will get more detailed instructions and screenshots for each situation (followers, likes, and following).


  1. Open a compatible web browser
  2. Open your extension (chrome://extensions/)
  3. Activate "Developer Mode"
  4. For Microsoft Edge only: Activate "Allow extensions from other stores".
  5. Click "Load Unzip"
  6. Select the extension folder you just downloaded (and unzipped) and click OK
  7. restart the browser
that's all! You are now ready to grow your followers and grab accounts!
An installation tutorial (with video) is included with your purchase. Installing this extension takes less than 10 seconds.


  • Chrome extension "Instagram Auto Follow/Unfollow/Scraper" (source: obfuscated javascript + html + css + png image)
  • Documentation with rules for best results, and video tutorials from installation to using features
  • A license key allows you to install extensionsUp to 3 uses or instances, If you need more please contact me
  • 6 months free supportvia email, not in comments

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Please Read the documentationfirst.
Email me for any support requests after purchase, please do not leave a comment.
For other inquiries, you can also email me or leave a comment on the project page.
You can find my email in the document or in the newsletter.
If a feature doesn't work, I'll fix it asap.

Notice and Disclaimer

  • This extension or software is not affiliated with Instagram, Twitter or any social network.
  • I am not responsible for your use of this extension, it is your own responsibility if you are banned.
  • You are free to change all settings, but I recommend not following too many accounts on a daily basis, more details in the docs.
  • This extension automates a process you would normally do manually (clicking follow/unfollow), so the limitations are the same, except you don't have to do anything, the extension does everything for you
  • Any major modifications to the Instagram website platform may affect the extension functionality and I will update the extension as soon as possible.
  • You cannot sell or distribute this extension or software with a "regular license", please contact me for commercial purposes.


2.8 – 04/08/2021
- Fix long sleep bug
2.61 – 21/07/2020
- New way to load accounts with the new Instagram layout
2.5 – 12/06/2020
- Fix for the new Instagram layout
- NOTE: Instagram has a bug on the new layout (it loads all the Followers/Following by itself), it will probably be fixed during the next days, so I will have to update the code again. So please do not open accounts with many Followers/Following, else you might get limited by Instagram.
- Add logs
- New design
- Unfollow mode fixed
- Detect when blocked and wait automatically before doing the next action

Instagram Auto Follow/Unfollow/Scraper [Free Download]
Instagram Auto Follow/Unfollow/Scraper [Nulled]
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  • Compatible Browsers: Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, .png, .mp4