InfyHMS - Smart Laravel Hospital Management System

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InfyHMS is a full-featured all-in-one hospital management system with more than 65 modules to easily and digitally manage the day-to-day operations of a hospital.


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InfyHMS has over 60 features and 9 different user types who can log into the system and access their data according to their role.

8+ user types:


  • Can create and manage their appointments
  • Can manage patient admissions
  • Can manage bed allocation
  • can be prescribed for their patients
  • Can manage reports
  • access their salary data
  • can set their schedule
  • You can see the latest notice
  • Can create documents


  • New appointments can be booked
  • can see their date
  • can see their prescription
  • Can view his doctor's details
  • Can see their admin and action history
  • Can see their invoices + bills
  • Can view file list
  • You can see the latest notice
  • Can create documents


  • All patients can be seen
  • Can manage beds
  • Allocable beds
  • You can see the report
  • Payroll can be seen
  • You can see the latest notice


  • Can create and manage all appointments
  • Can view all appointments requested by the patient
  • Access to all patients
  • have access to their payroll
  • Can manage mail services
  • All patient cases can be viewed
  • Can manage all services (ambulance, insurance, parcels..)
  • Can create bulletin boards

Case Manager:

  • Can manage patient admissions
  • Can manage patient cases
  • Ambulances can be added and assigned to patients
  • Can manage mail services
  • You can see the latest notice


  • Manage blood banks
  • Can see their payslip
  • management report
  • You can see the latest notice


  • Can manage medical categories
  • Can manage medicines
  • Can manage medical bills
  • have access to their payroll
  • You can see the latest notice


  • Can manage invoices
  • Can manage payments
  • have access to their payroll
  • have access to bills
  • Can manage accounts
  • You can see the latest notice


  • Can manage all departments + users
  • Can manage departments + roles
  • Can see the visual dashboard
  • Access to hospital monitoring
  • can access appointments
  • have access to bills
  • access to medicines
  • Can access invoices
  • Can access all payroll
  • Can access settings
  • Can create bulletin boards
  • Can create documents / document types

Más de 60 módulos:

InfyHMS comes with more than 60 modules, making the whole process easy and attention to detail.

  • Accountants
  • Accounts
  • Prepayments
  • Ambulance
  • ambulance call
  • Appointments
  • Bed management
  • Bed allocation
  • hospital bed visualization
  • Bettstatus
  • bed type
  • Billing
  • birth report
  • blood bank
  • blood donor
  • case handler
  • case management
  • Dashboard
  • death report
  • doctor management
  • doctor's office
  • OPD doctor charges
  • Documents
  • file type
  • IPD (in the patient department)
  • OPD (Outpatient Department)
  • Payrolls
  • Inquiry
  • Expense management
  • Hospital charges
  • Types of hospital charges
  • revenue management
  • Insurance management
  • Investigation report
  • Invoices
  • laboratory technician
  • E-Mail senden
  • Medicine (+ Inventory)
  • drug brand
  • Categoria de drogas
  • Complete inventory management
  • Bulletin Board
  • Nurse management
  • Operational report
  • package management
  • Pathology Category
  • pathology test
  • Patient Diagnosis Category
  • patient diagnostic report
  • patient management
  • patient admission
  • Payments
  • Payment report
  • Pharmacists
  • prescription management
  • Radiology Category
  • radiology test
  • Receptionists
  • Schedules
  • Everything is exported
  • Settings
  • notification par SMS
  • 8 roles in different departments + ALC
  • Front-end CMS
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Currency

There are also options available in multiple currencies and languages.

It is available in 9 different languages ​​and 7 different currencies.


Release notes:

Upgrade guide:

Feature Description:

Below is a brief description of some of the modules:


Admins have a good overview of the sum of invoices, bills, payments, and prepayments. Additionally, he will be able to view the total number of doctors, patients, and available beds.Additionally, administrators will be able to access all data and add/update everything in the system and manage currencies and languages.


account type

We offer different types of account types.For example, credit accounts, debit accounts, etc., you can manage all accounts and select account types when generating bills, invoices, or receiving payments.


The Invoice module provides tools to create digital invoices for patients. You can select patients, invoice dates and add some discounts. We also provide export invoice support.It allows you to export PDFs for invoices you create.


Manage patient bills. All you have to do is select the patient, admission ID, and the relevant information will automatically fill in the form.Patient name, his/her insurance details, date of admission, date of discharge, etc. If needed, you can add some extra items to this bill and generate a final copy of the bill.It also supports export bills in PDF format.


All payments for patients will be managed by this module. Users can see how much payment has been received and how much is due.


When any patient is going to be hospitalized, there is a specific process to do that and that is prepayment. It will be deducted from the prepayment after payment.

employee payroll

Administrators/Accountants can add salaries for specific users, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, receptionists, and more. User can also view his/her detailed salary list.

Bed management

bed type

Users can facilitate their beds for better convenience and awareness of features. The bed type is VIP ward, air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned. etc. Also, you can create as needed.


A bed manager can add multiple beds and their associated information, such as bed type and all other information related to the bed. By default, beds are created as available.Once a bed is assigned to a patient, it automatically becomes unavailable.

Bed allocation

Beds are an important resource for a hospital to serve/care for patients. But they also provide a place where patients can queue for much-needed treatment.Proper bed allocation plays a vital role in any hospital for better hospitalization of patients.

This process is efficiently managed by this module. You can assign a bed to a specific patient by selecting that patient and bed. The bed will automatically change to unavailable mode.

blood bank

blood bag

The blood bank is responsible for managing the blood bank.This includes maintaining an inventory of each blood type, ensuring the average age of blood when it is issued, and monitoring how much blood is obsolete or unused for any other reason.Therefore, managers can obtain detailed information about the inventory of which blood types are available in the blood bank.

blood donor

You can manage your blood donor list in this section. You can add details of the donor by adding his/her name, date of donation, blood type and gender.

case management


Case management is imperative to effectively coordinate and deliver safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centred care.This module can handle this easily.

case handler

A case handler is a type of user in our system that has permission to manage cases. They will enter all patient cases. Therefore, you can manage the staff that will handle all cases in this section.

patient admission

After registering the case files, the patients will be transferred to their respective treatment units and admitted to the hospital. You can add patient admission details by entering the details.For example select patient, date of admission, insurance policy, etc.


file type

Users can manage various document types for various purposes, such as verification, authentication, and so on.


All possible documents can be stored/managed in this section and users can reuse these documents for various purposes.

The administrator will be able to see all files, while other users will only see his/her files.



All third party insurance will be managed by who the hospital contacts. Tou can choose insurance while adding patient admission records. This makes the claim process easier later on.


This module can manage different services in bundle mode. You can create different types of packages for users. Packages contain different types of services.


Here, you can manage hospital services such as ambulances, home visits, and more. After you create a service, you can select that service for a specific package.


You can add your ambulance details in this section. You can manage these records simply by adding basic information like vehicle mode, driver name, vehicle number, etc.

ambulance call

In this section you can view a list of ambulances and details of the patients who use it. When an ambulance is assigned to a patient, it automatically becomes unavailable.



All hospital doctors are managed in this module. The doctor himself/herself can manage their patients. Case handling, patient appointment management, etc.Physicians give patients medicines and prescribe other medicines and create surgical reports for patients.

doctor's office

There are different types of physician departments based on specialties and specialties. You can use the doctor department while adding a doctor to the system.

doctor schedule

Timetables are also an important part for patients, as all can get information from there about when doctors can test them or book treatment appointments for them.


Typically, doctors use this section more because they add patient-specific prescription details after the patient study.


birth report

Generally, hospitals accept birth records as the preferred evidence.A hospital birth record can be either a medical birth record or a hospital birth certificate certified by a hospital official as the record keeper.

You can add a birth report just by adding the details. For example patient, doctor, date, etc.

Investigation report

A medical test is a procedure performed to detect, diagnose or monitor a disease, disease process, susceptibility or to determine the underlying cause of a disease.Medical testing involves clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics, usually performed in a medical laboratory.

death report

Generally, hospitals accept death records as the preferred evidence. All information about death is centralized in this module.

Operational report

A surgical report is a report that can be written in a patient's medical record to record the details of a surgery.Surgical reports were dictated immediately after completion of the surgical procedure and then transcribed into the patient's record.


Accountants are users in the system with billing/billing rights. They can manage this section.You can create an accountant and be able to view a list of created accountants in this section.


Nurses can manage patients. Case generation and updating, assigning beds, wards, cabins to patients, providing medication as prescribed by patients, managing blood banks and can update status.It also keeps surgical records, and both newborn births and patient deaths can be managed by them.


The patient can view appointments, doctor status and availability, medications, his/her surgical history, admission/discharge history, and more.


Receptionists assist patients, handle phone inquiries, assist patients, handle mail, file records and ensure that medical operations run smoothly.Receptionists are also responsible for providing information to patients about what is happening at the clinic and handling appointments.


Help prepare medications by reviewing and interpreting physician orders and detecting treatment incompatibilities. Medication is dispensed by dispensing, packaging and labelling.Control medication by monitoring medication therapy; recommend intervention.

laboratory technician

Medical laboratory technicians play a key role in the prevention and diagnosis of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and AIDS.Medical laboratory technicians work under the supervision of a doctor, laboratory manager or medical technologist and perform laboratory tests on samples.

IPD (in the patient department)

Administrators can manage patient IPD details in this module. IPD is like a patient admission, the administrator can manage all the details of the patient's admission and the bed he/she has booked.

There is also billing management, which should manage patient billing, from which admins can generate bills.

Admin/Doctor/Receptionist can manage IPD module data.

Consultant Register

By using this module, administrators can add constants for patients. and add some extra clarification.


By using this module, physicians can diagnose the details of a patient's IPD. Physician can add report type, report date, and attach some documents when adding report.


Timelines are like one-on-one conversations. A doctor or administrator can add a timeline record by date and attach documents to it. The patient should be able to see all the timeline details entered by his advisor.


Doctors can write prescriptions for patients. There he can add header and footer notes. And add the medication details, which medication the patient needs to take and in how many doses.


Using this module, you can add patient charges by charge category. The sum of all additional charges will be calculated when the bill is generated.


Administrators can manually accept cash and check payments from patients. The added payment will be reflected in the bill.

OPD (Outpatient Department)

Outpatient Department. OPD is a hospital department designed to be the first point of contact between patients and hospital staff. This is useful for tracking patient records.It also has 3 sub-modules where you can manage patient details.


By using this module, you can check which patient visited the hospital when. All your patient visit history will be managed into this module.

You can also ask the patient to visit again on a specific date.


This is where the admin/doctor/receptionist will add a timetable for the patient. Here, you'll add some advice for the patient. What medicine does he want and what is best for him.

You can also add additional documents for specific timelines.


By using this module, physicians can diagnose the details of a patient's IPD. Physician can add report type, report date, and attach some documents when adding report.


Admin/Doctor/Patient will be able to see the appointment list. Admins can view a list of all appointments. It also supports a calendar view for appointments.You can also view a list of appointments in the calendar form.


Categoria de medicamento

Users can manage drug categories according to their needs or usage.

Pharmaceutical brand

Users can manage drug brands according to their needs or usage.


Users can manage all medicines and manage their inventory.Users can see the actual drug name, side effects, and all the information about the drug provided when added to the system for your better use.

Inventory management

In this module you can manage all system item inventory and its price and quality information.

Categoria do item

You can manage item categories in this module. Such as cotton bales, equipment, etc.


In this module you can add your inventory items by type and unit (kg, quantity).

item inventory

In this module you have to add the project to the system. Like when you buy an item from a certain seller and how many items you buy.

Quality is the available quantity of the item. It will decrease when someone posts it.

issue an item

In this module, you can release projects by project name and the quality quantity released by this person.

Note that the release quality will be deducted from the actual available quality.

front desk

call records

By using this module, you can keep track of your hospital call details and from whom calls are received. You must add an entry for this.

Admin/Receptionist can access this module. You can also export all lists of call logs to Excel.


Admins/receptionists can make entries on this module. Here you can keep track of your hospital visits.

You can add visitor name and purpose of visit, date of visit, etc. You can also export the list of records to Excel.

postal receipt

Here you can keep track of your postal records, the courier you received it from and from whom. You can also add attachments and add the date the message was received.

Admin/Receptionist is able to manage this module. You can also export a list of postal receipt records to Excel.

postal service

Here you can keep track of your postal dispatch history, the courier you dispatched to and to whom. You can also add attachments and add the date the message was sent.

Admin/Receptionist is able to manage this module. You can also export a list of postal dispatch records to Excel.


You can export all data from various modules for use in different systems.


bulletin board

Using bulletin boards, important information or announcements will be communicated to everyone who is addicted to the hospital environment.


Administrators can manage the language of the system they choose or have a full understanding of, as well as the brand name of the system.


We support 7 different currencies. Administrators can select the current currency for their application and make relevant changes to all modules.


We support 9 different languages. You can choose whatever you want. It is user specific and also recognized after logout.

other settings

Admin can manage hospital name, hospital address, hospital email, hospital opening/closing hours and many other settings.

mail service

The cool feature is that you can email your employees. You just need to enter the email, subject and message they want to send.Submit it and the relevant user will receive your email.


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