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Are you a manga reading fanatic? You continue to subscribe to the latest comics from popular sites like mangafox, mangapanda and mangareader.Have you ever thought you could create your own manga reader?

はい、できます! ! 。ILoveMangaOorload CMSalready here. You can easily add new manga lists, chapters manually or grab them easily via mangapanda, mangareader and mangafox. (We'll add more sites later)

Learn step-by-step how to get started with your own comics online reader.


  • Easy to set up pages to create new comics and add new chapters
  • Sleek and minimalist design (more themes will be added soon)
  • Manage ad placements such as adsense and images.
  • User management system
  • random comic button
  • There is a setting if you don't want to store the image to the server and just use the image url from which you grabbed it.
  • quality scraper- The image will not be stored in your server, by default it will just be mirrored from the manga source.
  • catch all chapters
  • Crawl the website for the latest manga and chapters
    • Comic fox. I
    • Mangá Panda. e
    • busy
    • Tuman High Online. com
    • nove quadrinhos e
    • Tu es. Comicus Novem. com
    • sen fin. rede* new
    • Will add more....
  • Developed using the latest technologies such as:
    • Laravel Framework 4.2 | Support for Laravel 5.2 will be added for future updates
    • Javascript
      • Angularjs
      • Underscorejs
      • JQuery
      • Coffeescript as main code
  • Security vulnerabilities Applications such as: SQL injection, XSS, CSRF.
  • Responsive design
  • Added CRON JOB, get the latest chapter
  • Upload chapter images via URL
  • User login/register
  • User profile page
  • SEO page settings
  • General page
  • Added resume and download later options when downloading manga
  • More features will be added later...

Admin demo link: Account username: demo-adminPassword: demo-admin

Large scale scraper demo


  • - own comment system
  • - New theme template
  • - Or you can ask for...


1.7.1 – Dec 3, 2016
- Hot fixed for scraping download
1.7 – Oct 31, 2016
- Added new manga scrape:
- Mass Scraper Update
- Fixed Chapter Lists Sorting - (now its sorting based by volume and chapter number properly)
- Added Last Update Chapter Date to sort properly latest chapters added
- Added RSS Image thumbnail
- Display Genre in Manga Information Frontend
- Added Translation Manager
- Add Blog Management with SEO
- Other Optimizations
1.6.1 – September 05, 2016
- Fixed Mass Scraper - Problem in output_buffer
1.6 – September 05, 2016
- Advance Search Filter
- Filter by the ff:
      - Manga Type
      - Genre
     - Ratings
     - Completed/On-going Series
     - Artists/Author Name
     - Year released
- Add Manga Rating System
- Mark Manga For Adults/Violent Contents
- Added Robots.txt
- Added Sitemap.xml
- Add Backend User Profile Page
- Added Manga Directory and Chapter Total Views Counter (Unique Counter)
- Change Featured Manga Style
- Add social sharing button from
- Add the ability to choose the type: Manga, Manhwa, Comix, Manhua.

- Normal customer doesnt allow to view backend via direct url
- Sorting Issues in Chapter Lists Front-end
1.5 – August 24, 2016
- Fixed Problem after the scraping is done.. need to check if the images is completed or not. 
- Added Resume and Download Later Options in downloading manga
- Sorting in Manga Chapters Lists
- Login/Registration for Users
- Customer Settings Pages Frontend
- Hot Manga Lists
- SEO Page settings
- General Settings
1.4 – August 15, 2016
- Change folder structure to easily install in shared hosting server.
- Fixed Chapter Navigation in Mobile View.
- Fixed spanish manga scraping.
- Image lists maintain aspect ratio.
1.3 – August 14, 2016
- Change Frontend Display for Manga Chapters
- Added “Hot” message for the manga that was created today
- Navigation on the bottom in chapter pages.
- Added “Go Back To Top” button when reading All Pages in chapter
- Display Status if Manga is Completed or On-going
- Upload chapter images by URL
1.2 – August 14, 2016
- Fixed Bug in creating chapter in scraping.
- Added Disqus comments in manga pages and chapter summary page.
- RSS Feeds.
- Added Arrow Keys, Spacebar for navigation in chapter while reading it..
- Reading mode settings
1.1 – August 12, 2016
- Added Cronjob Command and sort manga lists
1.0 – August 11, 2016
- Initialize Release 1.0

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  • High Resolution: No
  • Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, LESS
  • Software Framework: Laravel
  • Software Version: PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.x