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Icommenter is an appMidrub. Can't use it without youMidrub.

You can watch the demo video herehttps://youtu.be/7lGxXAgerSQ

Icommenter is an app from Midrub that allows auto-replying and moderating incoming Instagram comments.You can connect all your business Instagram accounts and auto-reply in all of them.

How to use Icommenter to automatically reply to received content?

  • First, you must connect your Instagram account.
  • Select categories for each account (categories can be created in the comment reply page).
  • Create your comment replies (keywords are a group of words that should send an auto-response in a comment).
  • Choose the categories in the comment replies that you even selected for your Instagram account (these allow grouping of comment replies by account).
  • The final step is to connect your Instagram account to Icommenter's bot (click).
  • After this time, Icommenter will process all received comments.

When someone comments on your Instagram photo or video, Icommenter verifies that the comment contains the words you condition on in the quick replies you create.If you have more than one comment response that matches a word in a received comment, only the most accurate comment response will be selected.

Each reply comment is saved in the history page and can be seen in the comment reply page. Comment authors are saved as subscribers and you can monitor them by viewing their comments.

If someone uses an email or phone number in a comment, both the email and phone number will be kept in separate lists.You'll see notifications on the app's home page whenever you have a new email and phone number. Both emails and phone numbers can be exported as CSV files.

Comment replies can be imported from a CSV file. With just one click, you can download all comment replies to a CSV file.

In the audit log page, you can view the most popular comment replies sorted by popularity. There you can see your most used comment replies, and you can filter them through your Instagram account.Also, on the same page, you can see the bot's comment reply activity over the past 30 days.

How do I automatically moderate incoming comments?

  • First, you must connect your Instagram account.
  • Click the Moderate Comments menu item.
  • Create keyword groups that will be used as review moderation criteria.
  • You can even choose the precision.
  • Keywords can be imported/exported in CSV files.
  • The final step is to connect your Instagram account to Icommenter's bot (click).
  • Whenever some comments and his comments contain words that are present in the set of moderation keywords, the comment will be hidden. Comments will only be visible to the comment author.

In the review keywords page, you can see how the bot works. You will see all hidden comments.

This app has SAAS support. It can be limited by plan, you can add comment reply limit by plan.When someone deletes an Instagram account from anywhere in the system, the records of all accounts (even subscribers) will also be deleted.

You can view usage documentation herehttps://www.midrub.com/categories/icommenter

Icommenter - auto reply and moderate the Instagram comments [Free Download]
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