Gustos - Community-Driven Food Recipes with Front-end Submission System


  • What is already included?
  • User profile information
  • private information
  • Member list
  • recipe submission
  • recipe archive
  • Tag Index
  • Forums
  • Homepage
  • Widgets
  • Changelog

User Profile Information:

  • cooking level- The user's cooking level. It can be "None", "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Expert" or "Professional".
  • last user visit- Shows how long a user has been active on the site.
  • Number of Profile Views- The number of times other users visited a particular user's main profile page.
  • live- Allow user to set home country/location.
  • User site- If the user has a website, it can display their URL on the profile page.
  • Registration Date.- Displays the registration date. It might be useful to other users as they would know how old the user is on the current site.
  • reputation score.- Shows how many reputation points the user has, with a link to their details.
  • The number of followers/followers.- The number of followers and the number of users who are followed through a link to the user list.
  • About- A short description of yourself.
  • sende eine private Nachricht- Allow other users to contact the user through a private contact form.
  • Settings- Allows users to set/update profile settings.
  • follow button- Using AJAX it allows immediate attention to the user.
  • Awards- A list of awards the user has won.
  • social profiles- List of URLs of other social networks to which the user is registered
  • User activity- Contains logs of all user activity. It displays submitted recipes, actions the user follows, recipes added to favorites, and liked recipes.
  • Avatars- Any registered user can upload a custom avatar image. Avatars are everywhere, in comments, member lists, forums, and more. no limit.
  • password table- When a user updates their profile, if a new password is being selected, there will be an indicator showing the strength of the password.This is done by following an algorithm that determines the length of the password and the characters used.A password is determined to be strong if it is at least 8 characters long and contains 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, and 1 special character.
  • User profile "My Recipes"- is a page where users can view all their recipes. Check status and access editing tools.

private information:

All messages are delivered using AJAX. This will prevent page reloads and provide a better user experience.If the message does not meet the minimum requirements or there is a problem, the form will return a human-readable error message.

Every time a new message is sent from another member, the user will receive a notification in the website header with the new number of unread messages.

  • Inbox- A list of all messages received from the user.
  • Sent- A list of all messages sent by the user.
  • Important- A list of messages marked as important by the user.
  • Stortkut Mesa ಗೆ Sendkat- according toCtrl+EnterSend a message.
  • AJAX mesaĝado- Private messages are sent via AJAX. This allows messages to be transmitted almost immediately without reloading the page.

Member list

The member list shows all registered users on the site. There is a basic user info, number of recipes submitted, reputation and a "Follow" button with the number of followers.

recipe submission

Submit recipes directly from the website front end, allow any registered user and deny users access to the WP dashboard. Only administrators are allowed to access the administrator side.

  • Exhibition picture- Insert featured images for recipes using the native WP media uploader.
  • Ingredients- Allows adding an unlimited number of ingredients. Each ingredient can include name, quantity, size, and other notes. Measurements can be edited (deleted.add new) from the control panel, which only administrators can access.
  • "Prepare Mode" and "Footnotes"- Create beautiful content describing recipes with TinyMCE.
  • Links- Allow users to insert a link in the footer of newly submitted recipes if the recipe is not the original, or if it is a modified copy or whatever.This field (like many others) is optional and can be left blank.

recipe archive

  • per pagina- Current readers can choose how many recipes are displayed per page. It can be selected from a drop down menu.
  • Sort by category or / and marker- When browsing for recipes, it can be hard to find the right recipe. That's why it's implemented by category or/and tag.If it only has categories or tags selected, the page will only show results for the selected value.However, if they are both selected, the page will display all recipes for the selected category that contain the selected tag. So you can be sure that users will find the right recipe.
  • recipe view- There are 3 recipe styles. Users can choose their preferred view.To describe each, the first has the most detail, the second is a compact list view, and the third is a grid style designed to provide visual browsing using only recipe photos and titles.

Tag Index

The tag index is a very dodgy feature that allows to see all the tags available and the number of recipes using each tag.There is also a filter on this page that allows to minimize the list and show only tags that contain part of a word. They can be viewed inline or list mode.This is at the user's discretion.


for forum usersbbPressinsert. It is fully compatible with this theme, and its style gives a strong impression of true independent forum software.Check it out, there are a lot of modifications you won't find in the default bbPress.


The homepage uses a special drag and drop page builder. You can drag modules and display recipes in the following ways:

  • date of submission.
  • Date of last update.
  • numerus favoris.
  • like to count.
  • number of comments.
  • Debut.

You can also display blog posts in grid or list view in the following ways:

  • date of submission.
  • Date of last update.
  • number of comments.

There are other modules that help you build better index pages to impress your website visitors.


The theme contains some special widgets that you may find useful.

  • Social- Show links to your social networks.In the demo you only found a few, but you really wish you could have the sidebar filled with different social network links, each with its logo (obviously), color and special text.
  • Recipe Category- Of course you need this. The user should be able to select the recipe category from the list.
  • Recipe widget- Again like on the home page, you can display a list of recipes based on a set of settings: sorted by number of likes, favorites, date, etc.
  • top user- Show authors sorted by reputation. They make your website content so they need some attention. (:



  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.3.x and the latest PHP version 7.4
  • Fix rounding issue in recipe ingredient calculation


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.x


  • New: Visual select form field “GustosVisualSelectField”.
  • Other: Update language strings in .pot file.
  • Other: Include theme guide in download package. I forgot to include it in previous version.
  • Other: More hooks for developers.


  • New: Option to page builder rows visible only for registered or unregistered users respectively.
  • New: Page builder module: “Follow Feed”.
  • New: Option to send an welcome email to users after registration.
  • Enhancement: Refactoring the pagination for recipes, users and comments.
  • Bugfix: Collapse functionality of backend forms sometimes did not work correctly.
  • Deprecated: smk_theme_pagination()Facilitates new featuresgustos_paginator().


  • Bugfix: Some UI elements from the backend were not aligned correctly.


  • New: Extended the email notification system.
  • New: Show the total number of recipes that are pending for review, in administration menu.
  • New: Possibility to add CSS classes to each button from “Buttons” page builder module.
  • New: Spacing options for each page builder module.
  • New: JSON-LD Recipe schema.
  • New: WYSIWYG page builder module.
  • New: Private awards. Now it’s possible to create private awards that will be visible only to the usrr who has it and admins.
  • Enhancement: Theme loading performance. Now the theme loads much more faster in some cases.
  • Enhancement: Refactoring to page builder modules.
  • Enhancement: Renamed the label “Summary” to “User profile” on user settings page.
  • Enhancement: Added {C}Template shortcode, in customizer. This will be replaced by the copyright sign.
  • Enhancement: Display a simple menu when the theme is installed for the first time. Before it did not show anything until a new menu is created by user manually.
  • Enhancement: Proper singular and plural words depending number values. For example display “1 member” instead of “1 members”.
  • Enhancement: The submission form has been revised. Now it is fully accessible by using only the keyboard.
  • Enhancement: More options in “Top authors” module from page builder.
  • Enhancement: Full compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x.
  • Enhancement: Page builder modules does not publicly display anymore a notice when a loop does not contains posts. The notice now is visible only to super admins.
  • Enhancement: Display a tooltip when a user selects the rating.
  • Bugfix: load customizer settings with their default values ​​if they are not already saved in the database.
  • Bugfix: Compatibility with "ZeroWP's Social Profiles" plugin.
  • Bugfix: prepare time is not visible.
  • Bugfix: Difficulty not visible.
  • Removed: from HTML markup in favor for JSON-LD.
  • Removed: The spacing from “Buttons” module in favor for general module spacing.


  • WordPress 4.9 compatibility.
  • Improvement: Allow to set the exact image height(by cropping) on the homepage for recipes list.
  • Improvement: Redesign some of the settings pages from WP admin.
  • New: Added “Envato Market” plugin to the list of recommended plugins to install. I hope this will make theme updating easier because it’s done automatically.
  • New: The possibility to define custom redirect URLs for registration and login. See: Recipes->Settings.
  • New: Two options on each page to show or hide the page header and/or footer.
  • New: New advanced page builder module: Buttons
  • Bugfix: Fixed followers showing incorrectly, singular and plural versions.
  • Bug fixes:Gustos\WP_QueryClass not found during theme update.
  • Bugfix: Loader not visible on some pages on admin side.
  • Bugfix: menu links in responsive mode should not keep their default colors.
  • Bugfix: Responsive menu sometimes fails to close.
  • Bugfix: Image modules from the page builder would not align correctly when "Center" or "Right" was selected.
  • Bugfix: Redesigned menu UI close handle.
  • Bugfix: Make user email addresses lowercase when sending emails about PMs.
  • Improvements: More PM form hooks for developers.
  • Improvement: Redirect to user profile after user settings are updated.
  • Improvement: Show “x stars” instead of just a number in tooltip on rating stars hover.
  • Improvement: Replaced the recipe notice for non-authenticated users with a more user friendly design.
  • More descriptive information from some fields on the admin side.
  • Minor menu design improvements.


  • bugfix: parsing errorlib/Adsense.class.php
  • Bugfix: Gustos child does not load parent styles. Both parent and child themes have been updated.
  • Bugfix: User profile error.
  • Bugfix: Page builder not displaying correctlyselectField options. Especially in the "row background" setting.
  • Bugfix: Reputation points were not created for newly registered users.
  • Improvement: Show a notice on top of PM form for non authenticated users.
  • Improvement: Disable PM form submission for non authenticated users.
  • Improvement: The tooltip that says “You can’t follow yourself” is now red.
  • Improvement: Top user menu UX improvements. Do not show the “Shopping cart” and “Private messages” dropdowns if they are empty. Also instead of title show respectively “No private messages” and “Shopping cart is empty”
  • Improvement: Vertical alignment to center of top menus regardless of logo size.
  • Improvement: Page builder structure/UX improvements.
  • Improvement: Responsive menu UX improvements.
  • Improvement: Changed the user navigation icon on top to provide a better idea of what it contains and to differentiate from main menu.
  • Improvement: The mobile menu is now full-screen.
  • Cleanup: Removed Ecwid styles as this theme never has a real support for this system.
  • Cleanup: assets/css/styles.cssmove to rootstyle.css
  • Cleanup: Removed or replaced other files and folders that are not required or outdated.
  • New: Dynamic social network profiles using “Social Profiles by ZeroWP”. This replaces the built-in theme functionality that has only a few inputs for most popular networks. The new plugin adds support for 170+ networks.
  • New: Migrate “Social Follow” widget to “Social Profiles by ZerowWP” plugin
  • Removed: “SMK Widget Image” has been removed. Use default “Image” widget from WordPress.
  • Dev: qTipSuperseded by another super lightweight jQuery pluginzTip. That's 4KB(zTip) vs 43KB(qTip). This has serious implications for page load performance improvements, as zTip only creates tooltips when needed, not when the page loads.
  • Dev: SMK accordionhas been replaced withaccordion. JS.


  • Bugfix: Difficulty and preparation time were hidden from the "Large View" if fields were disabled from the admin panel.
  • Bugfix: Service field not visible.

v2.6.0 - Built-in Google Adsense Support

  • New: Built-in Google Adsense support.
  • Add the correct version to the style. css
  • Added option to change recipe author from admin side.
  • The following strings, still cannot be translated: "Servings", "Recommended products", "Preparation Time"
  • Responsive iframe support. Youtube, Vimeo, Google Maps, etc.
  • Bugfix: "Difficulty" and "Prep Time" information are hidden if form fields are disabled from admin panel.
  • Improvements: Added more hooks for developers.
  • Replace wp_reset_query() with wp_reset_postdata().


  • Bugfix: Theme update notifications from wp-admin do not disappear.
  • Bugfix: "PHP Notice: Undefined variable: description" in recipe submission page.
  • Many strings remain untranslatable. To be precise, the translated strings are not loaded regardless of the site language.
  • Code refactoring and autoloading of PHP classes on demand.
  • There was an error (PHP warning level) on the first attempt to format the user view.
  • Bugfix: Some JS scripts were not loaded on the Edit Recipe page. This is because "conditional script loading" was introduced in version 2.4.As a result, the accordions for ingredients and links are not available.
  • Bugfix: Infinite browser redirection for not logged in users on some servers.
  • New: Introduced a form to filter members directory results.

v2.4 - Major performance improvements.

  • Comprehensive review of all subject documents.
  • Make sure all strings are translatable. There were previously some strings that could not be translated. This update fixes all those issues.
  • Check whether the uploaded avatar ID is an image before displaying.
  • Added theme version to feature. php for easy access. it can be inGUSTOS_VERSIONcontinuous.
  • smk_topic. pot has been updated with more strings that may need translation. Make sure to translate the new strings.
  • Removed built-in widget cache. This is the plugin realm.
  • "Last User Access" is updated every 5 minutes instead of the way it was previously updated on every page request. This improves performance, especially when there are more concurrent connections.
  • Major performance improvements.
  • Better, revised XML demo data. >Latest xml file with demo content.


  • New: Show recipes with some of their metadata in REST API
  • New: Show a tooltip on print page that will let the users know about the posibilility to delete an element.
  • New: Added theme support for `customize-selective-refresh-widgets`.
  • New: Added a custom widget: “Advanced Recent Comments.”

v2.3.1 - Hierarchical display of categories

  • Improvement: Hierarchical display of categories –
  • The page builder supports images and Contact Form 7.

v2.3 - Custom and Auto Rewards

  • Bugfix: Incorrect ingredient counts based on servings.
  • New: Custom user awards and the posibilility to modify the existing. All from a single control panel.
  • New: Automated user awards. Now it’s possible to automatically assign awards to users based on their reputation, number of recipes or when the user is registered.
  • New: The awards has the possibility to choose between 3 styles and set any colors. Also it’s possible to use any icon from font awesome or any other library.
  • New: Possibility to upload an image for awards.


  • Bugfix: Serving Calculator did not work when the serving was large.
  • New: Option to disable social networks fields in user settings form. You find it in “Customizer” under “Theme Settings”


  • More filter hooks introduced.
  • gustos-childInclude themes.


  • New filter hook: for measuring fields in submission pages.


  • New: Added an option to search form to filter the recipes by calories.
  • Improvement: Several changes to the floating search form.


  • New: Added a new option to set a default name for non-existing users.
  • Bugfix: Font list in customizer was not loaded correctly.
  • New: JS tooltip for user awards.
  • Bugfix: Parse error from widget cache. php.
  • Bugfix: PHP 5.3 compatibility.


  • New: Added an option to set a sidebar on shop page to left or right. It’s accesible from Customizer->Theme Settings->Shop Sidebar
  • New: Autorefresh private messages when on single discussion page.
  • Bugfix: Featured slider autoplay didn't work.
  • Bugfix: Authors in featured slider were displayed incorrectly.
  • More readable colors for product prices in the page builder.
  • Bugfix: If the selected id is not the actual published product, the related products section is not displayed.
  • smk_topic. The pot template file has been refreshed.


  • Performance improvements.
  • Improvement: Previously the users count was cached for 6 hours, now this number is saved in DB as a static value. Then it is updated only when a user is created or deleted.
  • Improvement: Previously the recipes count was cached for 3 hours, now this number is saved in DB as a static value. Then it is updated only when a recipe is created or deleted.
  • Improvement: Hide registration form and links if registration is disabled by default.
  • Improvement: Allow user registration based on default WP option. Previously this was always enabled. Now it offers the option to disable this.
  • Bugfix: The translation function and user settings form are now loaded in the "init" action hook.
  • New: Two new page builder modules for WooCommerce products.
  • Improved: The page builder modules: “Featured recipe” and “Recipes list”
  • Bugfix: Invisible prices for WC related products on a single page.
  • New: the recipe manage menu has been included in archives pages for large view.
  • New: Relationships between WooCommerce products and recipes. It’s possible to select related products on recipe submittion and they will be be shown on single recipe page. Then on each selected product will be shown the linked recipe.
  • New: Added a tab on user profile page with all orders created in WooCommerce. This tab is private.
  • Introduced caching system for theme widgets. You can disable caching in each widget settings.


  • Improvement: Page builder recipes list. Allow to display the recipes from 1 to 10 columns.


  • Removed some unused code from the function. php
  • Bugfix: Allow multiple categories to be selected when setting is set to 0 (zero) or empty.
  • Bugfix: The same cooking level was assigned to a user multiple times.
  • Bugfix: Don't lower the cooking level when the current level is high.
  • New: Filters for title and description on submittion form.


  • New options: Category Restriction or Multiple Category Selection. It is now possible to set the maximum number of categories for which users can be selected. Previously it was limited to one.
  • New option: Send to Pending. Allows anyone to publish recipes immediately without admin approval.
  • New: Dynamic user cooking levels.
  • New: Automatically assign cooking levels to users based on the total number of recipes published.
  • New: Send a PM when the cooking level is automatically updated.
  • Bugfix: A bug where the form did not display some fields.
  • Bugfix: Demo mode option is set to enabled by default. It will now be disabled by default.
  • smk_theme. pot file has been updated.


  • New: Added “Recipes: Settings” link to admin bar.
  • Add redirect to home page if current user is not allowed to submit recipes. After redirecting, a notification will appear at the top.
  • Now if the user is not logged in and tries to submit the recipe, it will be redirected to the home page and show the verification form.
  • The login/registration form can now be displayed easily just by following the URL. additional?auth=loginOpen the login form or?auth=registerOpen the registry.


  • New: Custom taxonomies. Unlimited taxonomy generator.
  • Bugfix: Taxonomy terms are not fetched if floating search form is on taxonomy archive page.
  • Bugfix: Incorrect 'image' property missing from schema. organization
  • Bugfix: Follow button text was not localized.
  • all categories-*. php files are deleted.
  • File xwoocommerce. php has been removed.
  • New translation string.


  • Bugfix: Email notifications were not formatted as HTML messages. This fix will add paragraphs and display as HTML.
  • The "", "ro_RO.po", "", "de_DE.po" translation files have been removed to prevent the latest files created by site administrators from being overwritten.
  • Bugfix: Links from user profiles were malformed if permalinks were not enabled.
  • Fixed some untranslated date formats.
  • Update date format. In most cases it should first use the format from General Settings -> Date Format.
  • Bugfix: Uploader does not accept files with extension not lowercase.
  • WooCommerce cart in header. Enable it from Customizer->Header UX->Show Woocommerce cart icon in header
  • New: Align main menu to right. Enable from Customizer->Header UX
  • New: Send a private message notification to one or more admins when a user attach images to a recipe.
  • Enable or disable the permission to attach images for a single user. This is useful if you want to ban users who are spamming the system.


  • New: Embed multiple videos from any provider supported by oEmbed, by URL.
  • New features, filters and actions so new fields can now be easily created without modifying theme files.
  • Improvements: Single recipe page design.
  • New: Implemented a jquery slider on “single recipe” page that will host the recipe images and videos.
  • Added new filters and actions. See the source code for more information.
  • jQuery qTip updated from v2.2.1(full) to v3.0.3(min).
  • New: Field called “Servings” and calculator for ingredients besed on servings number.
  • Bugfix: User reputation log does not display messages.
  • Bugfix: Some sections were not using the correct function to sanitize URLs.
  • CSS bugfix: Some sections of content may not be visible due to overflow of CSS rules: hidden; for example on the My Recipes page.
  • CSS Improvement: Row is bigger when layout is set to full width.
  • New front-end image uploader that will significantly improve user experience and website performance.
  • New: Multiple images uploader. Now it’s possible to add more than one image to a recipe.
  • Bugfix: The old uploader could not upload images on sites using SSL certificates (https prefix). Now the new uploader works just fine with no issues.
  • WP Media has been removed from the frontend. This should improve site performance as it loads too many JS assets for logged in users.
  • New: Demo mode forms. If enabled the user will be able only to see the forms but not save any changes.
  • Upload PHP setup information
  • New: Allow anyone to upload images to a recipe. Logged in users will be able to submit their own pictures of a particular recipe. After that, images will be appended to main recipe slider.
  • New: Nutrition labels, based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
  • New: Cuisine styles field. It’s added as a taxonomy and also it’s available in advanced search.
  • New: Maximum upload file size settings field for single site WordPress Installs.
  • New: Floating advanced search form. No need anymore to go to a page to perform the search. The search form is available on any page.
  • Improvement: The new floating search form now creates clean URLs on submittion. That means all empty parameters are excluded from URL, unlike the old form were they all were added.
  • Added default background for icons in social follow widgets. Also, the widget has been renamed to "Social Follow".
  • The "Recipe Category" widget has been updated to "Recipe Category". Any classification assigned to a recipe CPT can now be selected.
  • The recipe meta box has been removed from the backend. Please use front-end forms instead.
  • Prevent recipe editing from backend and redirect to frontend form. This option can be enabled from the Recipe Settings.
  • New: Send an email when a recipe is published.
  • New: Send an email when an user gets a private message.
  • New: Widget “Quick Search”.


  • There is no search engine follow on the print page.
  • Added possibility to create custom fields for social networks. use functiongustos_add_social_network( $key, $settings )Create a new field.
  • New social network in user profile: Instagram.
  • Font Awesome update to 4.7.0


  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version (4.6)
  • Bugfix: styling of homepage featured slider
  • Bugfix: Incorrect tooltip position (outside the viewport).
  • Bugfix: Incorrect tooltip position (outside the viewport).
  • Compatible with the latest WooCommerce version.


  • Safari 9 major bug fixes.
  • Fixed "lessphp" conflict between theme and other plugins.
  • Bugfix: On “tags index” page first tag letter is dropped.
  • Option to lock recipes for registered users only.
  • Other bug fixes.


  • new! Added "Follow Feed". Users can see activities done by users they follow. This page is located under the "Feed" tab in each profile.
  • Fixed incorrect display of labels for words using non-English characters in the search filter.
  • Fixed incorrect display of non-English characters on the Tag Index page.
  • Page Builder can display recipes for specific categories. Previously it only showed from all categories.
  • The home page can have a sidebar.
  • Ingredients not shown due to broken sub-theme. Completely remove the old child theme and replace it.
  • Ratings displayed incorrectly in reviews on small resolution devices.
  • Fixed "Recipe List" widget number field.
  • Fixed "Popular Users" widget number field.
  • Updated translation files. Use "Loco Translate" to translate new strings.
  • WordPress 4.3.1 Compatibility.


  • Reviews and ratings.
  • The search icon is always visible.
  • Option to allow minimum image width for recipe submissions.
  • The option to hide or show unapproved recipes is only allowed for admins.
  • A widget that displays recipe categories can be a drop-down menu.
  • Tough navigation.
  • Revolution slider support (plugins not included).
  • Controls required/enabled submission fields.
  • ... And more...


  • Improvement: Restored “Recipes per page” option for filter.
  • Bugfix: Login form not visible on mobile.
  • Improvement: Keep the info about “recipes per page” and “view” in advanced search form.
  • New: The admin can set the default number of recipes per page.
  • New: The admin can set the default recipes view.
  • New: Control the number of columns for recipes in “grid” view mode.
  • Fix: Security fix.


  • Bugfix: Page builder module "Forum" only shows 5 items, even though the settings use different numbers.
  • Improvement: Custom recipe slugs, accessible from “Permalinks” page.
  • Improvement: SEO friendly category, tag, ingredient URLs.
  • Improvement: Updated the page title structure.
  • New: Search icon in site header.
  • Improvement: The icons from user menu can be disabled or enabled.
  • Improvement: The user menu now can show tha avatar OR the username OR an icon.
  • Improvement: Single recipe meta can be placed on top, right, bottom or left.
  • other adjustments.


  • New: Site copyright option
  • New: The layout can be full width or boxed.
  • New: Dynamic layout width. From 940px to 1440px.
  • New: Dynamic sidebar width. From 240px to 440px.
  • New: The recipes index can have a sidebar aligned to the left or right.
  • New: A better recipes settings panel.
  • Improvement: Now if the public submission is disabled the “Add new recipe” link, from site header, will be hidden.
  • Improvement: The layout will always be 100% in height even if the page has no content at all.
  • New: Require or make optional recipe submission fields, from admin panel.
  • Improvement: Now the page builder text module supports shortcodes.
  • New: If the Revolution Slider is installed, a module will be added to the page builder. You can use it now.
  • Bugfix: summary counter shows 0 if pagination is active.
  • Improvement: Minimize the blog date on small screens.
  • Improvement: A better sidebar on mobile devices.
  • Improvement: The recipe meta is always visible, even on small mobile devices.
  • New: Favorites, Likes, Views, Print, Filter options can e enabled or disabled.
  • New: Advaced recipes search/filter.
  • Improvement: The page builder can show recipes in columns from 3 to 10.
  • New: Social login support for 27 social networks.
  • New: Secure login with reCaptcha.
  • New: Terms and conditions for registration.
  • New: Admins can remove activities and reputation.
  • Bugfix: Duplicate activity and reputation points.
  • Improvement: The members counter from site footer links to the members page.
  • Improvement: Custom reputation points. Now the admins can set the number of points that gets a user when an action is executed.
  • Mise à jour documentaire.


  • Improvement: Improved performance. Now the theme loads 5x times faster.
  • Improvement: Logo can be centered, above the menu.
  • Improvement: Added option to disable the page title.
  • Improvement: Custom Google fonts.
  • Improvement: Custom 404 settings.
  • Improvement: Recipes are edited on the same page, not on a separated one anymore.
  • Improvement: More customizer options.
  • Bugfix: Double page title in title tag.
  • Bugfix: User "Display Name" was not saved in user settings form.
  • Bugfix: conflict between Yoast SEO plugin and page builder
  • Bugfix: Some users reported infinite redirect loops.
  • Bugfix: Users can see edit links for recipes submitted by other people (don't worry, they can't edit other people's recipes).
  • Bugfix: Measurements are not saved when a new recipe is submitted.
  • Removed: The tags index cache, because it creates the feel that tags are not saved.
  • Partial WooCommerce support. Full support and design will be added in version 1.1.

Gustos - Community-Driven Food Recipes with Front-end Submission System [Free Download]
Gustos - Community-Driven Food Recipes with Front-end Submission System [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
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