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Current version: 1.4.9 Check out new features


For example the following popular Directory & Travel sites:
Yelp / Flydesk / AirBnb / Culturetrip / Lonelyplanet / Triposo / Dorsia


- Sell ​​advertising space on your website.
- Display Google Adsense on your website.
- Sell ​​memberships to suppliers/users to add their products on your website (hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment, sightseeing...).
- Display affiliates on your website.

Core Theme Features

  • WordPress 5 is ready.
  • Elementor visual drag and drop page builder.
  • List operation types:Set different actions for listing types, such as: booking form, sending message, viewing location and contact, affiliate button, affiliate banner
    - booking form: Use the booking form type to allow guests to book by selecting their preferred time slot and number of people on the selected date.
    - Nachricht senden: Use the send message form to allow guests to message typically looking for more information about the listing before sending a booking request.
    - View location and contact details: Use the View Location and Contact form to allow guests to view contact information for a location, such as phone, map, email, website, social or send a message to the owner
    - Affiliate appointment link: Allows you to place affiliate button links in listing details. Make money when guests click on it and make reservations on third-party sites.
    - Membership Banner: Allows you to place banner members in listing details. Make money when guests click on it and make reservations on third-party sites.
  • Various map providers:Google Map requires credit card details to use its API. But we've got you covered because the Golo theme now comes with OpenStreetMaps and Mapbox support.You can also easily change the style of the map.
  • Theme options:200+ flexible options in Theme Options help you control every part of your theme without writing a single line of code.
  • List custom fields:The built-in custom field system allows you to fully customize the list to suit your needs. You can create new fields, edit existing fields, or delete them.
  • User and Partner Dashboards:The friendly user and partner dashboard is where listings, bookings, packages, profile details, reviews... can be easily managed.
  • Membership package:Supports membership packages, allowing partners/suppliers to purchase packages and submit listings for free or for a fee.
  • Business hours:Allows you to set the opening hours to 24 hours or to a day of the week at intervals. For example: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM; Example: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Save Favorites:Lists can be saved to Favorites for later viewing.
  • List search:Smart search, flexible design. Users can easily search for properties, cities. There are many custom templates to choose from for your website.
  • Filter:Advanced powerful filters for best search results. Filter the list with Type, Category, Amenities, Pricing, City. Filter elements can be sorted and on/off in theme options.
  • Neighboorhood:Neighborhood is a child node of City/Town and will be displayed on the filter function of the search results page.
  • Menüverwaltung:Restaurants and service businesses can display price lists for their food or services to provide dynamically organized menus.
  • Multi-criteria review:Multi-criteria ratings allow users to express more differentiated opinions. Standards are easy to configure, and you can create as many standards as you want.
  • Ospiti e Proprietari:Two different user roles for people who want to browse or add to a list
  • User login:Users can log in via email/password as well as via Facebook, Google.
  • Map view:See nearby listings and search for listings in the area.
  • One-click input:Lots of gorgeous website designs for you to tweak within a click away.
  • Supermenuo:Switching to using the mega menu is just a few clicks away, with support for displaying banners on the menu.
  • Claim Checklist:This feature can be used to allow the true owner of a listing on your website to own and edit the listing.
  • Get ready for kids theme:Ready-to-use child theme will keep any source code changes
  • Sketch source file:Use any of our demo mockups to design your own website before building it.
  • SEO redo:The best SEO practices included will help you improve your Google search rankings!
  • Built-in icons:Icon packs (Line Awesome Icons) help you illustrate what's already included in your theme.
  • Compatible avec HTML5 et CSS3 :Built with semantics and efficient code.
  • Libre nga mga update sa tibuok kinabuhi.
  • Professional developer support.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Respond to all devices.
  • Online and easy documentation.

Поддерживаемые плагины

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Contact Form 7
  • MailChimp
  • local translation
  • WooCommerce
  • Checkout field editor


  • Online Documentation (Web + Mobile Apps)
  • Dati demo
  • Plugins
  • Theme
  • Sketch file design
  • Android and iOS App Flutter source code
  • Liesmich


stuck? need help? CheckGolo dokumentationwebsite or visit usSupport portalFind FAQs and ways to contact us.


Theme Version 1.4.9

- [Added] Product section for listing detail.
- [Fixed] Some JS, CSS, Layout, Responsive.

Theme Version 1.4.8

- [Updated] Golo Framework 1.5.1
- [Added] Set a listing is "Featured in Search Results page" to the package 
- [Added] Add field Url to Additional Fields
- [Fixed] Place Related in Place Details 
- [Fixed] Create New City in Add New Place
- [Fixed] Some JS, CSS, Layout, Responsive

Theme Version 1.4.7

[Update] Google review for listing detail
[Added] Add business name field for listing
[Added] Add toggle button "See More" in Place Detail Mobile
[Added] Sort by Featured default
[Fixed] Fix Package Renewal
[Fixed] Fix Time Opening
[Fixed] Some JS, CSS, Layout, Responsive

App Version 1.1.0

[Updated] Flutter to version 2.2 (Null safety)
[Fixed] Splash screen loading

Theme Version 1.4.6

[Updated] Golo Framework 1.4.9
[Update] Sort the order of sections in the List Detail Page
[Added] FAQ's section to "Add New Place" frontend page.
[Added] Option To Enable or Disable Registration as Guest or Owner
[Fixed] Can't showing the comment statistics in the Admin  dashboard
[Fixed] Package expiration issue.
[Fixed] The neighborhood of any city only shows up in that city on the City detail page.

Theme Version 1.4.5

[Updated] Golo Framework 1.4.8
[Update] Google maps type
[Added] New demo: Health Medical Listing
[Added] Multi-Criteria Reviews: Allow users to rate listings based on multiple rating criteria.
[Added] Multi-Category for Menu of Restaurant Place
[Added] Reset password page
[Fixed] Claim Listing
[Fixed] Some JS, CSS, Layout, Responsive

Theme Version 1.4.4

[Updated] Golo Framework 1.4.7
[Added] WooCommerce Checkout for Package
[Added] Neighborhood to filter
[Added] UI Style for Package Selected of Membership
[Fixed] Can't update avatar in profile page
[Fixed] Some JS, CSS, Layout, Responsive

Theme Version 1.4.3

Updated: Golo Framework 1.4.6
[Added] Add 2 types of accounts when registering: Guest and Owner
[Fix] Remake module Instagram
[Fix] Limit Add New Place

Theme Version 1.4.2

Updated: Golo Framework 1.4.5
Added: Claim Listing
Added: Effect on MapkerIcon when hovering on the listing 
Added: Search Widget for Blog
Fixed: UI layout my place page of owner dashboard
Fixed: Color primary not change. When you change the primary color, some text or button not changed too. We fixed.

Theme Version 1.4.1

- Updated: Golo Framework 1.4.4
- Update: New Demo for Workspace 
- Added: OpenStreetsMap
- Added: Custom field for add place
- Added: Menu section in Add place page (Frontend)
- Updated: Two intervals for Opening Time
- Updated: Add more phone number on place detail
- Fixed: Some js, css, layout 

Theme Version 1.4.0

- Updated: Golo Framework 1.4.3
- Added: Mapbox
- Added: App landing, Coming Soon, Construction Page
- Added: Booking contact option to Add new place page
- Fixed: Font Jost is default after install demo
- Fixed: Some js, css, layout 

Theme Version 1.3.9

Updated: Golo Framework 1.4.2
Updated: Elementor Pro 3.0.6
Updated: Optimize demo data
Added: 24h Hour Time Opening
Fixed: Placeholder Images
Fixed: Remove text "Checking" in Open Time
Fixed: Revome Example Category Test
Fixed: Maps not showing all place
Fixed: Layout RTL mode
Fixed: Price range showing not correctly on place 
Fixed: Something CSS

Theme Version 1.3.8

Updated: Golo Framework 1.4.1
Fixed: Select City on Submit Place Page
Fixed: Language Translate
Fixed: Something CSS

Theme Version 1.3.7

Updated: Golo Framework 1.4.0
Updated: Elementor Pro 3.0.3
Updated: My Location Map
Updated: Add New City for Agency
Fixed: Language Translate
Fixed: Something CSS

Theme Version 1.3.6

Updated: Golo Framework
Fixed: Button Call Us & Send Message on Mobile
Fixed: Customizer Color Wordpress 5.5

Theme Version 1.3.5

Updated: Golo Framework 1.3.6
Updated: Elementor Pro 2.10.3
Updated: Demo Data Country Guide & Restaurant Listing
Updated: Booking Contact(New)
Updated: Add Option Set Default List/Grid Layout for Archive Place
Updated: Turn Off Review on Card Style
Fixed: Time Opening by Wordpress Time
Fixed: Spam Button Review
Fixed: Something CSS

Theme Version 1.3.4

Updated: Show/Hide Avatar Agent Place(Theme Options)
Fixed: Place Description Inline When Submit Place
Fixed: Missing Words Polylang

Theme Version 1.3.3

Added: New Bussiness Listing Demo
Added: YELP Review Place
Added: Layout Top Filter City
Added: New Loading Effect Place
Updated: Privacy XSS
Updated: Golo Framework plugin - v.1.3.4
Fixed: Auto Crop & Resize Image
Fixed: Something CSS

Theme Version 1.3.2

Updated: Golo Framework plugin - v.1.3.3
Updated: ElementorPro plugin - v.2.10.2
Added: Main Menu for Header Default
Added: Sort Type Search Fields
Added: User Options Navigation
Fixed: Condition Header Elementor
Fixed: Something CSS
Updating: Demo Business Listing Coming Soon( Testing )

Theme Version 1.3.1

Updated: Golo Framework plugin - v.1.3.2
Added: Auto Update Theme on Golo
Added: New Layout Search
Added: Listing Layout List, Grid
Added: Agent Page
Added: New Theme Options
Added: Change style for Google Maps
Fixed: Showing name when sign up by Google
Fixed: Something CSS
Fixed: Place Category URL
Fixed: Sort, order place, city
Fixed: Save email template

Theme Version 1.3.0

Updated: New layout single place.
Updated: Golo Framework plugin - v.1.3.0
Updated: Elementor Pro plugin - v.2.9.2
Added: Theme options hidden field submit place.
Added: Setting the default location in your country.
Added: Page bookings manager.
Added: On/Off  Gutenberg edit content place for admin.
Fixed: Google login.
Fixed: Send an email with action booking, register, add a new listing.
Fixed: Pot file with all country name.

Theme Version 1.2.1

Fixed: Something CSS.
Fixed: Stripe Payment.
Fixed: Multi select on Iphone, Ipad.

App Version 1.0.1

Updated: Optimize app size.

Theme Version 1.2.0

Added: Flutter Code to build Golo Android and iOS App
Added: RTL mode.
Added: Change currency.
Added: Payment (Paypal, Stripe, Bank Transfer) & Packages User.
Added: Custom elements place.( Go to Uxper -> Theme Option to config )
Fixed: Fixed issues of the previous version.

Theme Version 1.1.0

Fixed: Customize Accent Color.
Added: Options Change URL Slug.
Added: Show/Hide Elements Layout City.
Added: Button Login to View Place.
Added: Sub Category Place.
Updated: SEO Optimization.

Theme Version 1.0.1

Added: Customize Elements on Header
Updated: Golo Framework plugin - v.1.0.1
Updated: Elementor Pro plugin - v.2.8.5
Fixed: Style Button Booking on Mobile
Fixed: UX Sticky Header

v1.6.0 Golo - Directory & Listing, Travel WordPress Theme [Free Download]
v1.6.0 Golo - Directory & Listing, Travel WordPress Theme [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Widget Ready: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Compatible With: Elementor, WooCommerce 3.8.x, WooCommerce 3.7.x, WooCommerce 3.6.x, WPML, Bootstrap 4.x
  • Software Version: WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x
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  • Columns: 4+
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