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Food Recipes is a responsive, feature-rich, and beautifully designed WordPress theme for recipe-related websites. This theme is perfect for professional chefs and culinary experts.Food Recipe WordPress theme makes sharing cooking knowledge super easy with full information and video support.

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Update version 4.0.3 is available (updated on March 29, 2020)

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main feature

  • coveted design
  • Fully responsive layout
  • 4 beautiful colored skins.
  • homepage with5 flyers variations
    • left image slider
    • basic slider
    • controle deslizante nivo
    • Accordion slider
    • Thumbnail slider
  • recipe list pageHas a beautiful layout and pagination.
  • Feature-rich recipe detailsThe page has two nifty design variations
    • With featured image slider or recipe video and sidebar.
    • Image gallery with carousel and wider content area.
    • Full width video template with video at the top and content after it.
  • Recipe Submission Page Template with Login, Register and Forgot Passwordsupport.
    (Multi-image upload function after version 2.0)
  • Email notifications for each recipe submission.
  • Ricetta MicroformatoSupport recipe details page. you can check it out here
  • Video support for recipes.
  • 25 famous social icons (based on Fontawesome after version 2.0)
  • Recipe based on custom post type
  • Recipe browsing counter (usingComment counterinsertar)
  • IP basedRecipe upgradeFeatures (without using any plugins)
  • nice blog
  • Thread comments
  • Full localization support(includes .po/.mo files)
  • Method steps on a single recipe step with a checkbox and click to mark the recipe step as complete.
  • FAQpage with transition effect
  • Various shortcodesFor columns, style headers, tabs, accordions, toggles, buttons, list types, message boxes and other features
  • User List TemplateLists all the chefs and cooks but has very little information about them.
  • Front-end configuration file templateLet chefs and cooks edit their profiles without going to the backend.
  • Advanced Recipe Search TemplateList all recipes based on advanced search options.
  • Contact Page TemplateUse google maps and ajax based contact form (without using any plugins)
  • Contact Form 7Plugin support
  • Full screen widthPage template
  • Simple theme options.
  • 10 custom widgetsfor the convenience of users.
    • Tabs that list recipes in different orders.
    • Weekly special widget
    • 2 sidebar mini sliders for recipes (sorted by cuisine and recipe type)
    • custom profile widget
    • News and events piece
    • Recent recipes widget
    • Recipe type list widget
    • Twitter widget
    • Fußzeilen-Info-Widget
  • 7 PSDs included
  • Including children's themes
  • Include XML import file


Required plugins

  1. food recipe pack(included in the package)
  2. Meta boxhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/meta-box/


Compatible plug-ins

  1. Comment counterhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/post-views-counter/
  2. WP favorite postshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-favorite-posts/
  3. Show tweetshttps://wordpress.org/plugins/display-tweets-php/
  4. Contact Form 7https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

Theme support

Thank you for purchasing the Food Recipes WordPress Theme. We really appreciate it! By providing support for all our themesOur Support Site.

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Change log

= Version 4.0.5 - 30th Jan 2021
      * Fixed translation issues
      * Fixed recipe order dropdown issue
      * Fixed prettyphoto lightbox issue
      * Improved social icon styles for mobile
      * Added lightbox to single recipe slider

= Version 4.0.4 - 25th July 2020
      * Improved nutritional information functionality
      * Improved styles on several points

= Version 4.0.2 - 06th September 2019
      * Changed Text Domain to meet the latest requirements
      * Updated provided translation files
      * -----------------------
      * Added checks if related sidebars exist
      * Added body classes using body_class filter
      * Added search form function to banner area properly
      * -----------------------
      * Improved Google Map
      * Improved enqueue scripts for existing libraries
      * Improved contents by moving JS handles in CSS
      * Improved enqueue scripts dependencies
      * Improved home template for recent post/recipes
      * Improved mobile view on various places
      * Improved advanced search customize control
      * Improved $wpdb by preparing it before execution
      * Improved JS based on .on() requirements
      * Improved excerpt fetching using wp_trim_word() function
      * Improved print styles
      * Improved backend and frontend block styles
      * Improved attributes using the_title_attribute() function
      * Improved Nivo Slider Script also updated its library.
      * -----------------------
      * Moved browser version check function to the plugin
      * Moved login form for the 'submit template' to the plugin
      * Moved logo and favicon back to default functionality
      * Moved recipe sorting function and menu to the plugin
      * Moved advanced search form to the plugin
      * Moved customizer repeater to the plugin
      * -----------------------
      * Fixed ‘Any’ issue for the advanced search form
      * Fixed get_template_part issues related to function files
      * Fixed social icons z-index issue
      * Fixed google map width problems
      * -----------------------
      * Removed extra fonts and code
      * Removed Accordion slider and its future support
      * Removed Google Plus Icon remains

= Version 4.0.1 - 23rd May 2019
      * Added three machine translated languages (Italian, French, Spanish)
      * Added SVG Icon for rating
      * Improved Thumbnail Sizes and Styles
      * Improved Various Styles

= Version 4.0.0 - 16th May 2019
      * Related Article https://support.inspirythemes.com/knowledgebase/how-to-update-foodrecipes-wordpress-theme/
      * Moved basic functionalities in Food Recipes Pack plugin
      * Added basic Gutenberg blocks compatibility
      * Added support for easy social icons plugin
      * Improved overall styles
      * Improved site performance
      * Improved archive templates
      * Improved select form tag styles
      * Improved Rating icon by shifting it to SVG from image
      * Improved all templates to go full width if no sidebar widget available
      * Improved FAQs styles

= Version 3.1.1 - 28 December 2018
      * Minor Improvements and Fixes

= Version 3.0 - 22 December 2018
      * Styling fixes

     = Version 3.0 - 12 October 2017
      * Added Wide Bootstrap Version
      * Added Home Recent Recipes Control
      * Added Full-Width Author Page Layout
      * Added Options for Header User Navigation
      * Improved Shortcode Icons for Retina
      * Improved Theme Options grouping
      * Improved Author Page Template
      * Improved Comments From Styling
      * Fixed Admin Enqueue Styles
      * Fixed Menu z-index issue for Advanced search template
      * Fixed Contact Form Notification Problem
      * Fixed Youtube Responsive Issue
      * Fixed Recipes Sorting Issues
      * Fixed Google Maps Scroll Issue

    = Version 2.5 - 1st December 2016
      * Fixed Rating submission Issue
      * Fixed Recipe Submit Image Upload Issue
      * Fixed Login Form Issue
      * Fixed Nutritional Information Issue
      * Fixed Submit Recipe Title Field Width Issue
      * Fixed Recipe Lightbox Theme Options Issue
      * Added Author Microformat Support
      * Added Calories Microformat Support
      * Added Countdown Timer Plugin and Widget
      * Improved User Profile Page Styles
      * Improved Images Size in RSS

    = Version 2.4.2 - 19 August 2016
      * Added missing author microformat property
      * Added calories microformat property support

    = Version 2.4.1
      * Fixed Recipe Submit Script Issue
      * Fixed Rating Submission Issue
      * Fixed Nutritional Information Display Issue

    = Version 2.4 - 13 July 2016
      * Added google maps api key support
      * Remove One Click Demo from theme
      * Added One Click Demo (Plugin Based)
      * Improved TGM Class Functionality
      * Added .jpeg Extension in Recipe Submit Image Upload 
      * Google Fonts Enqueue Issue fixed
      * Improved Contact Widget Icons
      * Home Advertisement Background Issue Resolved

    = Version 2.3 - 19th April 2016
      * Added One Click Demo 
      * Fixed Recipe Single Carousel issues 
      * Fixed responsive issues on Chef Single page 
      * Improved Icons quality of address widget 
      * Improved search button icon quality
      * Improved microformats according to google guidelines
      * Google fonts are properly enqueued
      * Many minor style improvements

    = Version 2.2.2 - 19th December 2015
      * Fixed video display error for single recipe templates
      * Added some missing translation strings.

    = Version 2.2 - 5th December 2015
      * Data Validation Improved
      * Microformat improved after checking in google webmaster tools
      * Removed default twitter widget. (alternative Display Tweets plugin support was added from version 2.0)
      * Added support for Post Views Counter Plugin. WP post views still working but discouraged from now on.
      * Improved some theme styles.

    = Version 2.1 - 6th May 2015
      * Updated Prettyphoto JS Plugin.

    = Version 2.1 - 6th May 2015
      * Recipe Sorting Enable/Disable control.
      * Metabox Plugin is removed from theme so it can be installed and updated separately.
      * Recipe Info Hours extra digits issue fixed.
      * Widgetized areas notices issue fixed.
      * Recipe video template improved.
      * Print Recipe Styles Improved.

    = Version 2.0 - 23rd April 2015
      * Added Advance Recipe search functionality.
      * Added Multiple images upload support for recipe submit template.
      * Added google fonts support for several places in Theme Options.
      * Add to favorite functionality added (Plugin Based).
      * Added Plugin Support for Display Tweets Plugin.
      * Added Front end profile edit template.
      * Added sorting feature for recipes listing template.
      * Improved responsive styles for blog featured image.
      * Improved Whats Hot section of home page theme options.
      * Improved Left image slider theme options.
      * Improved site icons (Changed from images to sites.
      * "Top recipes of the day" is translatable text.
      * "Most Rated" vertical text in left image slider is translatable. 
      * Improved micro-formats support.
      * Improved header image theme options.
      * Improved backend user profile options.

    = Version 1.5.1 - 20th June 2014
      * Fixed Dropdown menu going under images issue.
      * Fixed left image slider title issue.
      * Improved responsive css

    = Version 1.5 - 5th June 2014
      * Added All User's Listing Template
      * Improved Author.php template
      * Improved JS Script for Main Menu.
      * Fixed author thumbnail issues.
      * Fixed Tag merge issue for front end recipe submit template.
      * Fixed left image slide breaking issue.

    = Version 1.4.1 - 26th Feb 2014
      * Fixed blockquote styles
      * Added Recipe types count control beside main search field.
      * Updated metabox plugin files.
      * Improved widget multicolored titles.

    = Version 1.4 - 12th Feb 2014
      * Fixed comments styles
      * Updated Documentation

    = Version 1.4 - 6th Feb 2014
      * Included responsive styles.
      * Improved styles.
      * Single recipe sidebar added
      * Comment form updated.
      * Sting translation fixes.
      * Taxonomy description added on taxonomy templates.
      * Various minor fixes across the theme.
      * Added some new thumbnail sizes. 
        (After updating the theme you have to regenerate your thumbnails using
         any plugin like 'Force Regenerate Thumbnails').

    = Version 1.3.1 - 31st August 2013
      * Fixed FAQ list styles.
      * Added email notification for recipe submission from front end.
      * Ingredients fields are now textareas.
      * Fixed ingredients and method steps listing problems.
      * Modified Twitter Widget.
      * Fixed translation issues.
      * Metabox plugin update added.

    = Version 1.3 - 27th August 2013
      * Improved styles for default widgets.
      * Rating control from theme options.
      * Social icons control for recipe and blog post single templates.
      * Lightbox control for recipe and blog thumbnails from theme options.
      * Weekly Special Recipe widget updated.
      * Tags archive template pagination bug fixed.
      * Left Image Slides reorder bug fixed.

    = Version 1.2.2 - 15th June 2013
      * Twitter widget fixed according to new twitter API.
      * Improved some styles.
      * New recipe single template added for big size video.

    = Version 1.2.1 - 22th April 2013
      * Header made flexible by height.
      * Improved some styles.
      * Fixed carousel Image listing issues on recipe single page.
      * Fixed method steps listing issues on recipe single page.    

    = Version 1.2 - 10th March 2013
      * Added 3 More Beautiful Color Skins + Default
      * Added 20 More social Icon classes
      * Added Video support for recipe. (will be viewed on single recipe with sidebar)
      * Added checkbox and strike through to mark a recipe step as completed.
      * Widget support expanded to global. (Any widget anywhere)
      * Added Social buttons on/off control on recipe page.
      * Added Sidebar mini slider widget for recipes by cuisine.
      * Added Sidebar mini slider widget for recipes by recipe type.
      * Added Recipe Views added by plugin support.
      * Ingredients and method steps can be added on recipe submit page.
      * Quick CSS box is added in theme options.
      * Recipe full width template image is opening in lightbox now.
      * Added Contact us page: Map 'show/hide' control in theme options.
      * Added Widgtized area for ads embed code on the bottom of page content.
      * Author page pagination bug fix.
      * Recipe Taxonomies are added in search.
      * Recipe types along with search box is able to be multi-lined.
      * Blog listing thumbnail has auto height.
      * Missing words of translation added in default.po file.

    = Version 1.1.5 - 14th Dec 2012
      * Made theme compatible with WordPress 3.5

    = Version 1.1.4 - 10th Sept 2012
      * Tested in WordPress 3.4.2
      * Added Chef/User Profile Page
      * Homepage bottom widget area css fix
      * Fullwidth Recipe Detail Page (Variation 2) Image loading and Size Fix
      * Added Posts support in Left Image Slider, Basic Slider and Nivo Slider
      * Added Content Support on Homepage.
      * Few Translation Fixes
      * Added Pin Button in recipe detail page
      * Added Print Button in recipe detail page.
      * Basic Slider Fix

    = Version 1.1.3 - 28th July 2012
      * Added Nested Comments Support
      * Fixed Basic Slider Bug
      * Fixed Nivo Slider Bug
      * Fixed Social Icons hover problem in IE8
      * Added Import XML containing live demo contents

    = Version 1.1.2
      * Made the theme compatible with Option Tree Version 2.0.+
      * Updated theme documentation accordingly

    = Version 1.1.1
      * Improved Templates Nameing Code.
      * Improved Contact Page Code
      * Improved Homepage Code
      * Added New Homepage Template with Recent Recipes
      * Improved Archive Page Code
      * Added Custom Header Support
      * Added Custom Background Support

    = Version 1.1
      * Recipe Submit Page Template with login, signup, and forgot password support.
      * Added support of hrecipe microformat with improved support of schema.org microdata.
      * Added Print Styles for recipe detail page.
      * Added RSS Feed Support for Recipes with Featured Image Included in Feed
      * Added Yield, Servings, Prep Time, Cook Time, Ready In Time meta boxes with improved meta boxes for nutritional details.
      * Added meta boxes for Ingredients and Method Steps. check screenshots for detail.
      * Added additional taxonomies of Cuisines, Skill levels, Courses, and Ingredients.
      * Mobile compatibility fixes.
      * Improved support of recipe post type and related taxonomies localization.
      * Removed recipe top quote and sub-heading as buyers were not liking it and not using it.
      * Many small fixes and additions to make it as better as we can 

    = Version 1.0 - 28 Feb 2013 =
      * Initial Release


We are also happy to announce that this theme is one of the bestFood and Recipes WordPress ThemesAbout advanced coding.


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  • food people want
  • Chocolate Earl Grey Canned Cream Recipe

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