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Focus-saas is the saas version of the focus productivity management application. It provides notes, to-dos, studies, journals, calendars, knowledge bases, projects, and more.Users can connect these components to create their systems for knowledge management, project management, note-taking, data management, and more.With focus saas, multiple users can register and manage their workspaces. Focus saas has an administrator portal where administrators can manage users of the focus application.

A step-by-step guide to get you closer to your dreams and focus on achieving your biggest goals.

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Super Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard shows an overview of users, workspaces, and schedules. For example, you will see how many plans, users, workspaces you have. Recent users, active payment gateways and plans.


When users sign up, a workspace is created in their name. All workspaces will appear in the list under Workspaces. Super admins can access some additional data, such as when the workspace was created.Whether the workspace is subscribed. Super administrators can also delete workspaces.


All users will also be displayed in the list under Users. Super administrators will be able to view the user's profile information.More information, such as the workspace the user is in, will also appear in the list. Super administrators can also delete users.


Super Admins can create plans from the Super Admin panel. They can add monthly and annual pricing for plans, add features, and enable or disable features for each plan.

Payment gateway

This saas comes with Stripe payment gateway integration. Super admins can configure Stripe payment gateways from the portal.To configure the payment gateway, insert Stripe's public and private keys.

User registration page

The saas version of focus comes with a registration page for users. To register, users must provide their first name, last name, email and password.

With this app, users can take notes, journal, manage personal projects, add to-do lists, add learning content, create knowledge bases, create vision boards, and more.The software will help you focus on your goals and help you act on those goals.

Practice a five-minute journal

This five-minute journal is a form of meditation.High achievers always say that practicing gratitude greatly helps them focus and do their best on the task at hand, which is the secret to good grades.Take 5 minutes a day to identify your intentions for the day.


If you don't have a purpose, you'll end up confused and frustrated. But, on the other hand, having purpose in life will motivate you to move in the right direction.

Vision Board

Performance proved to be a great tool for achieving goals.To upload a picture of something or experience you want to have, click on the drop zone and upload a photo to have a fantastic visual gallery.


Create a precise plan for your goals. When you have a plan for your goals, reaching those goals becomes easier. A good plan can take you anywhere you want to go. Ambiguity is the enemy of execution.So try to be as specific as possible.

weekly plan

A weekly planner is a great tool to plan your entire week without forgetting important tasks to get done. If you make a weekly plan before the week starts, you'll set yourself up for success.


A calendar is the best friend of people who want to be successful in life. Therefore, it is best to schedule events on a calendar.


Without a clear project organization system, you'll waste time looking for information instead of focusing on the creative work you do best.Focus gives you a central hub to organize all your internal work. When all the information is in one place, executing projects is much easier.


You can add three types of to-dos. It's a great way to organize. TODO TODAY TODO PROJECT TODO GOAL TODO


You all know that to-do lists are very effective for getting things done. Just like that, study checklists are also very effective when learning new things.


The habit of taking notes is a great skill. In Focus, you can take notes and write down whatever comes to your mind.This note-taking system will help you study better and keep your information organized.


You can upload documents on Focus to keep your documents organized and download them when needed.

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Version 2.0 released

Major update

1. Sleek and modern HTML landing page.

2. Sleek and modern pricing page.

3. Newsletter Email Collection.

4. Improved UI to give it a more modern look with pastel blush colors.

5. 4 new widgets are added to the dashboard.

6. Now supports multiple languages.

7. Contains Italian and Romanian documents. You can now translate it into your local language.

8. Correccións de erros.

More exciting features are in the works and will be live soon.

Stay focused.


Version 1.2.5 has been released.

1. Added weekly plan view page.

2. ToLearns added a new viewing page.

3. Bug fixes. More exciting features coming soon...

Version 1.2.0 has been released.


1. Added welcome email function. Now, when users sign up, they receive a welcome email.

2. Add Add User option for Super Admin so that Super Admin can add users from Super Admin panel.

3. Fixed the problem of super administrator viewing users.

4. User login is centered.

5. Align the dates in the Start Date column of the most recent item on the dashboard.

6. In recent projects, a clickable link has been added to the project title to go directly to project details.

7. Added a new status input form in Add Item to mark items as Pending, Started, or Completed.

8. Added a view page for each to-do item, you can view the detailed information of the specific to-do item.

9. Added target viewing page.

10. Added plan view page.

11. Calendar: Events can be added by double-clicking the desired date in the calendar.

12. New features. env file for date formatting so that you can edit the date format as needed. Just in the .env file to reflect anywhere in the application.

More exciting features will be rolled out in the next update.

Focus SaaS - Laravel Productivity Management Tool [Free Download]
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