Event Calendar - PHP/MYSQL Plugin

Event Calendar is a server-side dynamic web application conceived in PHP/MySQL, built using jQuery FullCalendar and integrated into Bootstrap Grid Layout.The perfect responsive plugin for all devices, be it desktop or mobile. The event calendar allows users to organize and plan events.Just install it to your server or integrate it into other projects so you can test it and get the most out of it.


  • New setting - daily click event creation.
  • Possibility to edit events.
  • Create a new event type;
  • Create new events related to previously created types;
  • Drag and drop events.
  • Manage adding fields like: title, color, description, initial date, final date, link, photo;
  • delete events and types;
  • Use modal display events;
  • Events Calendar for easy integration with other projects using some of the featured and most recent and most commonly used javascript files;
  • Language setting options for FullCalendar;
  • Built on Bootstrap v3.3.7;
  • some nice javascript enhancements;
  • simple documentation;
  • well-documented code;
  • Awesome and fast support!


  • PHP 5.3以降、PHP 7.0以降
  • MYSQLI PHP extension
  • PDO PHP extension
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Apache Mod_rewrite enabled

tools used

  • Sweetalert
  • Font awesome icons
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Data Sheet
  • Bootstrap form validation
  • FullCallendar

Technische Eigenschaften

  • 100% responsive design
  • Powerful management panel
  • Follow the PSR2 coding standard
  • Nice client-side and server-side form validation
  • Prevent SQL injection and XSS attacks


Version 4.0.3 || 15 September 2021
[Updated]: SQL file;
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 4.0.2 || 08 September 2021
[Added]: NEW SETTING – NEW SETTING - Day click Event Creation.
[Fixed]: CSS optimal and minimal Changes.
[Fixed]: CSS was changed for the way that the events are displayed.
[Fixed]: Hour and Date were removed from the Popover view and also the Modal view.
[Fixed]: Fixed the display for the multievents day render.
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 4.0.1 || 21 June 2019
[Fixed]: Removed link from Popover View.
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 4.0 || 21 June 2019
[Added]: New function for displaying events -  Popover View.
[Changed]: Date on modal box with Start Hour and End Hour time for events..
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 3.9 || 18 June 2019
[Fixed]: SQL Injection bugs for variables.
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 3.8 || 11 January 2019
[Updated]: FullCalendar js and css files with the most recent ones;
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 3.7.4 || 06 November 2018
[Added]: Datatables function to display pagination on Edit events, Delete events and Delete types;
[Fixed]: Description under events_edit.php. Added the str_replace() function;
[Fixed]: Removed <p> issue concerning event description when drag and drop any created event;
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 3.7.3 || 28 October 2018
[Fixed]: Bug under the Edit Events Title dropdown selected value when saving options;
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 3.7.2 || 26 July 2018
[Added]: Added nl2br() function for inserting HTML line breaks under description variable;
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 3.7.1 || 15 March 2018
[Fixed]: CSS minor bug fix on datetimepicker.
Version 3.7.0 || 12 December 2017
[Updated]: Script version so it be like the FullCalendar version;
[Updated]: Language Javascript files;
[Updated]: fullcalendar.js and fullcalendar.min.js;
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 3.0 || 01 August 2017
[Added]: Edit Events feature;
[Fixed]: Conection to database on events_update.php file;
[Fixed]: Error with the default FullCalendar language;
[Fixed]: Pagination under each delete modal area;
[Updated]: Documentation;
Version 2.5 || 13 July 2017
[Fixed]: Error message when server conection credentials aren't correct. This solves most of the problems relative to Error 500 and Error 301 redirect issues.
[Updated]: Documentation
Version 2.4 || 16 June 2017
[Added]: Lang folder (forget to add in last script update).
[Updated]: Documentation.
Version 2.3 || 31 May 2017
[Fixed]: Security measures when event is created with no date.
[Added]: Error message when adding event without date.
[Added]: Success message when drag and drop event.
Version 2.2 || 04 May 2017
[Added]: method for saving Drag and Drop Events;
Version 2.1 || 25 April 2017
[Added]: Language settings option for FullCalendar;
[Fixed]: Bug when creating the project without image;
[Fixed]: Changed DateTimePickers and replaced the default values with custom TimePickers;
Version 2.0 || 20 April 2017
[Updated]: PHP 7.0 connection ready.
Version 1.4 || 15 February 2017
[Fixed]: Broken images when no image selected.
Version 1.3 || 11 February 2017
[Changed]: SQL date to datetime type.
[Changed]: Add timestamp into Start and End of the created events.
[Changed]: Removed color from modal on events with end date.
[Fixed]: Error Displaying date under one day event.
[Fixed]: Tipography on some words.
[Fixed]: Correct output of event days when having more than one day events.
Version 1.2 || 24 January 2017
[Fixed]: Error when deleting event When not having image.
[Fixed]: Error when not adding an image.
[Changed]: Alert success messages when adding type or event.
Version 1.1 || 07 January 2017
[Fixed]: Bug when the project didn't have any event, it wouldn't work;
[Fixed]: Changed DateTimePickers order on New Event Form;
[Fixed]: Issue about not displaying other Events.
Version 1.0 || 04 January 2017
[Release]: Initial release;

Event Calendar - PHP/MYSQL Plugin [Free Download]
Event Calendar - PHP/MYSQL Plugin [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: No
  • Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x