Essential Grid Magento Extension

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Basic Grid Magento Extension
The universal mesh building solution!

Essential Grid is an advanced extension for Magento that allows you to display various content formats in a highly customizable grid.Possible applications include portfolios, blogs, galleries, product listings, price lists, services, product sliders, testimonials, and anything else you can imagine.

  • Version 2.2.5 Release Date 13.09.2018

  • Dedicated Video Tutorial Channelfor newbies
  • general purpose
  • Boxed, full-width, full-screen layouts
  • Adjustable row/column/spacing
  • Images, Youtube and Vimeo videos, HTML5 self-hosted videos, iFrame content
  • Content Sources: Posts, Custom Posts, Pages, WooCommerce, Gallery
  • Various animation types and preloaders
  • 25+ sample skins included
  • Responsive and mobile optimized
  • Visual Skin Editor: Easily build and customize your own skins
  • Easily import/export skins
  • Includes custom skins with extension installation, one-click installer
  • Custom Meta: Additional options for posts
  • Skin modification based on custom posts: special rules for posts
  • Extensive documentation and tutorial videos
  • Velocidad de transición personalizable (individual/global)

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Artemis version 2.2.5 (September 13, 2018)

new features

  • Added global option to use YouTube NoCookie URL
  • Added ability to disable initial "start" animation
  • Added new "Start" animation option
  • Added new option to animate the grid as it is scrolled into view
  • Added new option to convert inline filters to dropdowns on mobile
  • Upgrade the default Lightbox to FancyBox 3, which includes:
    • Ability to display Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, SoundCloud and iFrame
    • Improved mobile display and mobile usability
    • Deep linking for sharing lightbox content
    • Ability to zoom / pan images to their original size
    • New button option to allow image download
    • New content display animation
  • Upgraded Instagram integration
    • Added new Instagram search tags, locations/locations
    • Added new Instagram hybrid search results
    • New Instagram capability added to add multiple users, labels, locations
  • Added new optional Icon Fonts Font-Awesome, PE Stroke 7
  • Added ability to complete sentences in excerpt/content after x minimum words
  • Added share links (skin editor) for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest
  • Added featured grid meta option to replace a post's featured image with a base grid
  • Added filter deep link functionality (https://page_with_essgrid_url#filter_slug)
  • Added "No filter match" text global option
  • Added Max Products to preview options for large blogs
  • Added button to find downloadable skins in import/export page
  • Added option to include or exclude out-of-stock products in product-based grid


  • Reorganized Custom Grid Items dialog to improve usability
  • "Hide markup before loading" option is now deprecated
  • Start and filter animation options are now separate
  • Improved "esskill" API cleanup
  • Media filters can now be turned off to clean up the backend (via global settings)
  • String links in social stream content are now converted to true HTML links
  • Icon font loading is now optional
  • Fullscreen button added to embedded YouTube videos
  • Unavailable filter/search fields are not in frontend output (for stream and library sources)
  • Unavailable filter/search fields are not in the backend "Available Modules" (for streaming and library sources)
  • Removed admin page redirect when creating a new grid
  • Move the admin/images controller to the admin/esgimages controller


  • Fixed "overwrite existing" option for imported meshes
  • Fixed missing layers for split projects with video
  • Fixed an issue with cookies when using multiple grids
  • Fixed an issue where custom meta could not be used as a navigation filter
  • Multi-select custom meta is now cleaned up for navigation filters
  • Fixed alternate image size issue with lightbox
  • Fixed pagination arrows for multiple grids
  • Fixed "Content Push" option does not work in some cases
  • Fixed Facebook Stream lightbox image size
  • Fixed light box preview
  • Adapt to the new Instagram API result format
  • Fixed issue with special characters in lightbox post content
  • Fixed "TypeError: e.container.find(...).esgbox is not a function"
  • Fixed lightbox "Content Library" option
  • Fixed grid creation Ajax error message when saving multiple times
  • Fixed older PHP compatibility ("fatal error" message)
  • Fixed HTML5 audio source compatibility for Safari
  • Fixed disable lightbox option in global settings
  • Fixed missing essgrid_get_posts filter
  • Fixed limited custom grid items
  • Fixed Twitter image/text issues with expanded tweets
  • Fixed Instagram date showing current system date instead of photo creation date
  • Fixed an issue where links on layers were broken when HTML links were within the layer's content
  • Removed create_function() call for compatibility with latest PHP versions
  • Fixed mailto link issue in Meta field
  • Fixed video media posters getting non-https images
  • Fixed custom CSS class names for skins
  • Fixed some imported meshes missing the default source type
  • Fixed dual lightbox issue
  • Fixed hover animations for McKinley and Taft skins
  • Fixed Instagram caption issue
  • Fixed skin editor styling issues
  • Fixed color picker style issue
  • Fixed front-end loading more features
  • Fixed preview of product-based grids in admin panel
  • Fixed a bug where default sorting by price
  • Fixed showing loading animation when filtering items
  • Fixed custom grid images displayed on frontend using http protocol
  • Fixed adding batch images to custom grid
  • Fixed image urls in multi-store installs

Version Artemis (July 14, 2016)

  • Fixed filter shortcode not showing filter
  • Fixed google fonts backend issue which could cause JavaScript errors
  • Fixed a bug where new meshes would not show a preview until they were saved once and reloaded
  • Fixed loading of custom grids if an order other than the default one is selectedMore
  • Fixed grid not showing if added via widget
  • Fixed "T_STRING in ..../Rest Api.php on line 8" error

Artemis version 2.1.0 (July 8, 2016)

new features
  • Added media filter for images in grid settings
  • Added new item skins to social streams
  • Added option to import, demo grid for importing social streams
  • Added support for selecting only post types without categories or tags
  • Added option to add filters not selected as categories
  • Added support for all common qTranslate extensions
  • Added filters and actions throughout the extension
  • Added option to change custom post type name/handle via filter
  • Added new source type "Stream" (Get YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, flickr, Twitter, Facebook content)
  • Added option to display standard magento galleries as basic grids
  • Added option to toggle basic grid example post type on/off
  • Added support for the recommended "Post Type Order" extension
  • Added sorting by title, date, etc. to custom grids
  • Added YouTube/Vimeo/HTML5 default poster option in poster order tab
  • Added lazy loading option to show blurred thumbnails before actual images are loaded
  • Added infinite scroll option to remove "load more" button
  • Added confirmation message in item skin editor if element is removed
  • Added option to show element only when LightBox is loading video
  • Added option to add image scale to masonry grid as well
  • Added new skins and sample meshes
  • Added align vertical and horizontal options for grid elements
  • Added image drawing options such as overlay and contain modes, and repeat, repeat-x, repeat-Y, and no-repeat modes for grid elements
  • Added new option to set the minimum height of each grid's masonry content container
  • Added option to choose background fit for skins and each item
  • Added option to choose background position for skins and each item
  • Added option to select background repeats for skins and each item
  • Improved mesh drawing process for smoother and faster results
  • Improved lazy loading speed and flow
  • Added Width, Height, MinWidth, MinHeight, MaxWidth and MaxHeight options for lightbox elements
  • Added new item skin and default mesh
  • Added Lightbox AutoPlay, AutoPlaySpeed ​​and Preload Image Amount options
  • Comprehensive inspection of documents
  • Opening a LightBox will no longer set the scroll position to 0. This can be changed again with a new option in the LightBox tab.
  • Enabled link meta and all types of meta from Ess. Grid to use with filters.
  • Reduce database queries by up to 80%
  • Renamed basic grid example post type from "Ess.Grid Posts" to "Ess.Grid Example Posts" (Slug remains the same so no posts are lost)
  • Visualisierung von Backend-Ajax-Anfragen
  • Moved media poster settings next to media sources for better understanding
  • Move global settings to its own submenu
  • Greatly improve the loading speed of a large number of elements in the Grid
  • Added some fixes that will prevent the extension from breaking if invalid HTML tags are added to the item skin
  • Fixed a bug where search might not work in custom based grids
  • Fixed a bug where WPML could not translate widget titles
  • Lightbox now works correctly if global caching is enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the AND relationship of posts might not work correctly
  • Fixed WooCommerce add to cart bug
  • Fixed bug in ShortCode Generator where in custom grid it didn't work properly if you selected an existing grid for predefined settings
  • Changed database creation to fix most "Empty Ajax Response" issues
  • Fixed advanced filter issue
  • Removed labels displayed with Cat. list element
  • Fixed UTF8 bug with fetching excerpts
  • Fixed import of nav skins and global styles
  • Fixed javascript error in magento comment edit page
  • Fixed a bug where the Cover Meta link could not be set in custom meshes
  • Fixed Cyrillic characters not working with filters
  • Fixed lightbox gallery filter based on current page and filter based on all pages, where gallery mode without added filters didn't work properly.
  • Fixed DropDown z index issue where dropdown buttons overlap each other
  • Fixed dropdown click event handling on mobile
  • Fixed media zoom effect bug with media disappearing after mouse leave event
  • Fixed offset does not work if used in "Additional Parameters"
  • Fixed a bug where custom classes were missing post IDs for custom CSS rules
  • Fixed a bug where images could not be deleted in custom grids
  • Fixed a bug where several quick grids would not display
  • Fixed a bug with loading ajax content with Visual Composer
  • Removed title attribute from backend input fields to prevent conflicts with other extensions
  • Fixed WooCommerce bug introduced in the latest version of WooCommerce
  • Fixed infinite scroll issue after swapping between filters
  • Fixed a bug where the video disappeared after sorting individual items in the grid
  • Basic grid in Ajax container cannot navigate between content due to sector failure fixed
  • Fixed bug in video API where video would not stop/play based on user interaction
  • Fixed disappearing video content during playback and filter callbacks
  • Fixed gallery, content, product-based detail lightbox
  • Fixed HTML5 video for lightbox
  • Fixed HTMl5 video size issue in LightBox
  • Fixed the effect of cobble jumping on filter changes
  • Fixed gallery height issue when changing filter by cobblestone and masonry elements
  • Fixed an issue where similar elements were displayed multiple times in a lightbox
  • Fixed thumbnail size issue in Lightbox
  • Fixed full screen slide out skin issue
  • Fixed missing thumbnails in Lightbox for HTML5 videos

Getting started with Essential Grid is easy!

Let's look at the fastest way to create a grid: First, you have to decide which source you want to use for the grid entries.Your grid can contain magento blog posts, custom posts, WooCommerce products or regular image galleries. You can also fine-tune your selection by specifying categories or tags.Then, customize the grid to your liking by choosing boxed, full-width, or full-screen layouts, adjusting the number of columns and rows displayed, and setting item spacing.Navigation is easy to add to your grid using our drag and drop system.In the next step, you can choose one of the more than 25 skins included in the extension to determine the appearance of individual grid items.You can add the finished grid to any area of ​​your magento site using a simple shortcode. Yes, it's that simple!

Essential Grid Magento Extension [Free Download]
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  • High Resolution: No
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP
  • Software Version: Magento 1.9.3.x, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento, Magento