v5.9 ERPGo - All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM & CRM

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ERPGo is the most capable utility that helps you easily manage every aspect of your clients, human resource management, CRM and projects. It can be difficult to manage various tools for different business purposes.


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Expectations from ERPGo - All-in-One Enterprise ERP with Projects, Accounts, HRM and CRM

  • A comprehensive dashboard with all necessary information under one tab
  • Easily manage employee details, be it employees or customers, with simple filtering options
  • Manage all aspects of human resources. From attendance to departure, from training to performance, ERPGo makes employee management easy
  • Effectively manage pre-sales with lead, deal and estimate management
  • Kanban and list views for user convenience
  • Manage the tiniest aspects of projects for effective implementation
  • Manage invoices, payments, fees and credit notes with a simple click. Never miss a deadline again
  • Proposal, invoice and billing details can be viewed via QR code
  • Keep an eye on expiring contracts
  • Chat with users without switching tools
  • Manage your goals with ERPGo
  • Get detailed reports on all aspects of projects, sales, HR and pre-sales
  • Customize your business, system and print settings in ERPGo
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Provide a user-friendly RTL experience for customers who speak Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu-like languages
  • Built with Laravel 8

Distinguishing Features of ERPGo - All-in-One Enterprise ERP with Projects, Accounts, HRM and CRM

stunning dashboard

ERPGo has the most comprehensive dashboard with all the important details. We all agree that dashboards make our lives easier.Well, from total customers, users, invoices, projects, estimates to every minute detail of leads, deals and projects, you can get quantitative data in the simplest possible layout.You can get an overview of estimates, invoices, payments due, projects and tasks for timely action.As you scroll down, get alerts about meeting schedules, expiring contracts, weekly events, and new clients. Finally, a pie chart can help you understand the status of various projects.In short, every activity of your business can be handled by this useful tool.


Manage personal and company details of your employees and clients with easy-to-create options. You can edit and manage information and status at your convenience.You can search for employees with simple filter options based on department and name.

Assign roles to each employee

Our multi-user accounting tool allows you to assign roles to each employee. By managing their permissions, their access to certain parameters can be controlled.

Staff management

With a detailed HR section, you can manage attendance, bulk attendance, vacations, vacations, meetings, assets, documents, and company policies. Create, edit and filter at your convenience.You can learn more about every aspect of your workforce. You can also manage employee rewards, transfers, promotions, complaints and many of these HR aspects from a simple tab.The training and performance of each employee can be planned, processed and taken care of using ERPGo.


With the help of the Payroll module, the Set Payroll feature will help you set the payroll for your employees, especially under the various head counts you set up.Additionally, using the payroll feature, you can generate bulk payments.

Added performance modules such as metrics, assessments and goal tracking

indicators, assessments

The overall performance of each designation for each department of the branch is given, which includes a total of three competencies, namely technical, organizational, and behavioral.Predefined settings can be done/updated via settings.

Target Tracking

Any goal can be set through this module, including temporary, short-term, long-term, etc. Progress can be updated by manually editing the entry.Predefined settings can be done/updated via settings.

Add chat module

Direct communication is an important aspect of any business.The easy-to-access and use chat module available in ERPGo helps you maintain direct and ongoing contact with your users and customers.

Add contract module

The Contracts module is very helpful in properly documenting contracts with customers, showing contract type, value and duration.Predefined settings can be done/updated via settings.

Manage pre-sale

Lead management

You can view all generated leads through Kanban and list views. Create pipelines and assign stages to various leads.You can manage leads by adding users, projects, files, notes, sources, call details, emails and discussions. Get all the necessary information about any particular prospect in an easy-to-layout layout.

Transaction management

Just like lead management, you can view deals in a Kanban or list view. Get an overview of transactions for the week, month, and past 30 days. Assign tasks, products, files and users to each transaction.Manage discussions and notes. Also, get a calendar view of the details of each transaction. In short, managing transactions has never been easier.


Pay close attention to published estimates. Manage estimates by assigning each customer a customer, status, and due date.You can easily generate new estimates by assigning customers, categories, issues, and due dates. You can add as many items as you want and apply discounts and taxes as needed.Generate estimates in minutes with ERPGo.

Added form builder

Create and manage various required forms with different form fields, such as text, email, numbers, dates, and descriptions, according to the business needs of a wide range of users.

project management


You can again manage and filter every item available in Kanban and List Views. Get an overview of project status, costs, budgets, and due dates to manage projects.Add or remove users and review their completed tasks. Create a task list and assign a priority to each task. Get an overview of tasks with the Kanban board.Add milestones, notes, documents, comments, payments, timesheets, customer feedback, expenses, invoices, and anything related to the project.Think about a project and consider everything you need to manage for a successful project. Well, you can manage them easily with ERPGo.


Successful project implementation requires small tasks that help achieve the end goal. Well, you can manage various tasks with a simple filter option.View the priority of each task and the due date to complete each task. You can also add to-do lists and track your progress. Again add comments and files as needed.

Project Timeline

Create timesheets by assigning projects, tasks, and users. Specify start and end dates and times. This allows you to manage your projects most efficiently.

Manage projects

Add items and assign categories, purchase and sales prices, taxes, units, product types to them. All in all, everything you want to keep an eye on.

sales management

Manage all aspects of sales such as sending invoices, payments, overhead and credit notes in a single tool. You can create new invoices and edit existing ones.Add new products and receipts to existing invoices, edit payments and products. Resend invoices, send payment reminders and print invoices with just one click.Likewise, you can manage payments, fees, and credit notes with the greatest ease. All in all, avoid all your worries about selling.

keep an eye on the contract

Keeping everything consistent in business is difficult. However, don't miss any contract dates from now on.Manage your contracts most easily by assigning start and due dates as well as contract type, value, customer and description (if required).

Events and bulletin boards

Always be prepared for upcoming events. Assign employees and departments to each event reminder. Create events and add descriptions to always keep tabs.Create and send notifications to users, customers or employees.

Goals and Considerations

You can create goals and choose whether to display them on the dashboard. You can also add files to your notes for support. Simple, isn't it?


If its results cannot be seen in the report, management wastes it. You can get detailed reports in the form of task graphs, time logs, financial details, income/expense graphs.You can filter and search reports for a specific time. Detailed reports on leaves, estimates, invoices and many similar aspects are also available.

business settings

Manage business and company settings. Customize system settings and print settings for invoices and estimates. Also, manage pusher settings.


Here you can see what updates are available and whether we've brought new content to this release.Check the changelog


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v5.9 ERPGo - All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM & CRM [Free Download]
v5.9 ERPGo - All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM & CRM [Nulled]
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