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Make your event the centerpiece of music and danceElectronic Events WordPressThe theme is to unite people to celebrate!

Electron can serve a wide variety of musical preferences - whether it's those who get boosted by listening to rock's sacred tunes, those who like to pamper their souls with some psychedelic tunes, or those who want to let themselves The spirit of the person who accepts EDM freely.

The Electron Event WordPress template offers a lively, fluid and minimalist design that covers everything from landing to sales and customer support, with a range of design options and features.Our customers emphasize "design quality", "flexibility" and "customer support" as the standout attributes of the Electron Event package.

Create a beautiful buzz around town with Electron!

Electron is a unique platform for all souls; they are crazy about music and want to shock the world with their unique creations.Although we all know it very well; music has its own language, Electron is a unique interface that reflects the voice of the soul and has the ability to reach its biggest customers.

Often very talented musicians are struggling to find a platform, and Electron gives them the platform they desperately need for a bright future.In the field of show business, the whole road is full of irony, on the one hand, talented artists have no chance to show their art, and on the other hand, there are several people who are looking for real talent.

Use Electron to make your event the center of innovative music and dance. The Electron Event Word Press theme aims to unite people to celebrate music.

Only this platform offers a huge variety of pages, like landing pages and inner pages, based on your musical preferences - whether it's those who get up and dance to the tune of rock music, or those who like soul healing with Some psychedelic music, or any other specific type of music.

Based on WordPress templates, Electron offers a vivid, fluid and minimalist design covering all different aspects of the music industry, from landing pages to sales and customer support, with diverse design options and features.Our team of experts highlighted "Quality of Design", "Flexibility" and "Customer Support" as the standout attributes of Electron Event packages.

Importance of music in life

Music is more than a collection of sounds; in fact, for music lovers and composers, it is an entire ocean of life and creativity.Music is also very important for the creativity of the mind: music is considered one of the best ways to get into "mind-wandering mode".Creative minds can make great discoveries and innovations. Music has the power to make learning fun and engage the mind, and it's a great tool for memorization.Music can help children stay focused and remember what they have learned throughout their lives. Not only is it less distracting, it also helps people remember things in a better way.According to various researchers, it is clear that music aids memory, which has led researchers to study more about the effects of music on people with memory loss and other memory-related problems.Party lovers often visit sites like these that have the power to make an eventful night.

Music brings people together in the simplest possible way: while music can be played and listened to alone, it is considered the main social connection line.Electron is a unique platform connecting music composers and music lovers.Music is something to listen to and play with others that makes you feel connected to those around you.

Dance is a set of body movements performed on pieces of music, also used to express joy or other strong feelings. Music and dancing can turn a simple party into a rock party.

Music is a universal language: Musicians often claim that through music you can communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries in ways that ordinary language cannot.For the universal language of music, you must need a platform that can express your ideas in various languages, Electrons can meet all of your proven needs.

Music Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Depending on the range, it has been found that listening to music at least calms people, even in highly stressful and distressing situations.A small party or night of music can completely change your mood. We often witness such a large number of events these days.If you also want to get involved in such activities; then don't waste time thinking, just come to Electron for the best output.

How can electronics help you?

  • Now let Electron recognize your work in the music industry.
  • Design in electronics is not only clean and simple, but unique.
  • Electron-It's menu styles provide menus in two different ways - normal menus and off-canvas menus.
  • Color Choices - Colors add glamour to our lives. Beautiful coloring pages are appreciated by all clients.Electron provides a wide range of colors for custom representations of your original IDEs.
  • Maps - Even maps of locations can be uploaded through this platform. This will further enhance customer convenience.
  • Theme Options - Theme options in Electron are very advanced and user friendly. These advanced theme options are impressive.
  • Advanced Technology - Electron is based on the latest and advanced Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework.

Why you should only choose Electron

  • It provides music lovers with a wide range of music preferences. In Electron, you will get designated pages for various music fields such as rock music, soft music or any other genre.
  • Electron Event Word Press Template offers a unique, fluid and minimal design collection covering everything from onboarding to sales and customer support, with a range of design options and features.
  • Customers on these platforms cite "design quality", "flexibility" and "customer support" as attributes.
  • Now use Electron to create a beautiful and loud buzz in town and reach every potential customer.
  • Electron is very different from other platforms on the market because it is designed for music.

Special features of electronics

  • clean and unique design
  • Drag n Drop Page builder worth $33
  • Normal and off-canvas menu styles
  • choose your own color
  • Tickera event integration
  • Eventbrite integration
  • . Prepare the pot file for the translation theme
  • Event map directions
  • Responsive layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • Advanced Theme Options
  • Newsletter and Contact Form 7.

Note: Images used in demo is for preview purpose only

Change log

1.7.2 - 19th November, 2021
1. Home slider updated
2. Theme required plugins updated
3. Image upload issues fixed
4. CSS fixed

1.7.1 - 28th September, 2021
1. Preset issues fixed
2. Demo data updated
3. CSS fixed

1.7.0 - 20th September, 2021
1. Menu issues fixed
2. Demo data updated
3. CSS fixed

1.6.9 - 28th July, 2021
1. WP 5.8 compatible issues fixed
2. CSS fixed

1.6.8 - 26th July, 2021
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. Demo data updated
3. CSS fixed

1.6.7 - 23th June, 2021
1. Navbar icon issues fixed
2. Theme required plugins updated
2. CSS fixed

1.6.6 - 22th April, 2021
1. CSS fixed
2. JS fixed

1.6.5 - 25th March, 2021
1. Google map fixed
2. JS fixed

1.6.4 - 4th March, 2021
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. JS Composer plugins updated
3. CSS fixed

1.6.3 - 14th January, 2021
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. CSS fixed

1.6.2 - 06th January, 2021
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. JS Composer plugins updated.
3. CSS fixed

1.6.1 - 12th December, 2020
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. JS Composer plugins updated.
3. CSS fixed

1.6.0 - 17th September, 2020
1. Theme required plugins updated
2. Hero slider bugs fixed
3. One click demo imported added
4. wp_body_open(); function added in header
5. Header footer scripts options added in settings
6. Dynamic style issues fixed
6. Google map issues fixed
7. Demo data updated
8. WordPress 5.5 issues fixed
9. CSS Fixed
10. JS files updated

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