Ekattor Zoom Live Class Addon


This add-on provides the facility for your school teachers to participate in live video lessons with students using the Zoom live service.
Use this plugin inside your schoolEkattor Portal, where teachers can create Zoom live courses and start from within Ekattor, and students can join live courses within Ekattor according to the provided schedule.

How it works

  • Ekattor school erp should be preinstalled in your server
  • Buy live class plugin for ekattor erp from codecanyon
  • Download the plugin and install it to your ekattor erp application
  • Log in to Ekattor School Erp as super administrator
  • Get the api key from your zoom account and save it in the Ekattor zoom settings
  • Teachers can now create live lessons in his Ekattor account panel
  • Teachers must create and schedule Zoom meetings for specific classes of students
  • Option to set theme, live class theme and file upload for distribution to students
  • When a teacher creates a live class, a timetable is shown to students in a specific class
  • A teacher must start a live lesson on a specific schedule from his Ekattor account panel in order to join students
  • Instructors have the option to notify students of the live class by email before starting the live class
  • When the teacher starts the live class, students will be able to join the live class
  • During live video lessons, you can communicate using the chat option in Zoom
  • You can leave the meeting at any time after the live class




Teacher's Zoom App:Create a Zoom meeting and get your meeting ID, password

Teacher Group (Ekattor ERP):Create a live class

Teacher Group (Ekattor ERP):Manage live classes. Edit or upload files to share with students

Teacher Group (Ekattor ERP):Notify students by email before starting live classes

Student Group (Ekattor ERP):Live class schedule. Option to download any attachments and join the course

Student Group (Ekattor ERP):Join a live class

Live lesson restrictions

For live class sizes of up to 100 students, you can start with zoom's free tier. Depending on the number of students in your class, you can choose a higher package from here:https://zoom.us/pricing


This live streaming plugin for Ekattor School Erp is very safe. No outsiders can access the ID and password for the Zoom meeting.Only current students can participate in live classes with teachers. So there is no need to worry about unauthorized access during streaming.

Require :

  • Ekattor School Erp is pre-installed on your web server.
  • Download Ekattor here -https://1.envato.market/1M4Wz
  • Zoom account API key.register here, and get them.
  • Enable https on your website. These will prevent your students from making any mistakes when joining your live class.

Update history

version 1.1 – 4 April, 2021
- Zoom sdk updated with latest version
- New settings added for zoom api key for individual teachers


Send us tickets for pre-sales issues and get after-sales developer support through zendesk.http://support.creativeitem.com

Ekattor Zoom Live Class Addon [Free Download]
Ekattor Zoom Live Class Addon [Nulled]
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