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DocsYard is a documentation tool that helps you manage online documents related to your project, product or service.These documents may be your articles, help documents, information gatherings, or any type of supporting written information material.

DocsYard can generate embedded scripts for each article or project. Using this article's JavaScript embed code, you can display it on any webpage you want.

It comes with a version/group function to easily maintain version-specific information. project

DocsYard will help you manage your project articles/documents in a simple and elegant way. To manage all documentation related to a product/service, you can create a project in DocsYard.With the help of DocsYard, you can maintain the same document in multiple languages ​​for the same project.

You can manage separate logos and icons for each project. Additionally, you can decide which projects are publicly available or not.A project may contain multiple languages, but for each project you can select and set the primary language.version/groupVersions will help you manage your project articles according to different project versions/groups.Using this app, you can add multiple project versions/groups and manage your articles individually according to individual versions/groups.You can set any version as your major version. You can set the project version/group as active/inactive according to your convenience.


Just use languages ​​and you can add the languages ​​you want with their language codes and RTL support to your system. This project will help you manage documentation for RTL supported languages.Users and User Roles

As an administrator, you have the right to add multiple users with different roles, and there are permissions functions that provide different levels of permissions/permissions to different users.Thanks to this feature, the system works on multiple levels of multiple users.

As an administrator, you have the right to add multiple users with different roles, and there are permissions functions that provide different levels of permissions/permissions to different users.Thanks to this feature, the system works on multiple levels of multiple users. In this system, as an administrator, you can create your own user roles with specific privileges.Additionally, role permissions for any defined role can be imported.

Some general settings options are provided for administrators to configure DocsYard settings according to their choice. I suggest you check out the demo to get a better understanding of these features.

Features at a glance

  • Built with Laravel (7.x) PHP and AngularJS framework (1.7.x).
  • Based on Bootstrap 4 HTML/CSS framework.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Ready and easy to use
  • Well documented.
  • User friendly user interface
  • Powerful management part
  • Secure data processing.
  • Project document management.
  • Project document management.
  • Project version/group management.
  • Multilingual article management based on project version/group.
  • Language management.
  • Embedded scripts are created in projects, releases and articles.
  • Automatic TOC (Table of Contents) generation
  • Easily generate eBooks with Print as PDF
  • Code snippet highlights
  • Feasibility of creating user roles and users with permissions.
  • Friendly general settings help DocsYard work according to your requirements.
  • Worth checking out the demo!

DocsYard Demo


username: demoadmin pass:demopass12

Server requirements:

  • PHP 7.2.5
  • MySQL 5.7
  • OpenSSL PHP extension
  • PDO PHP extension
  • Mbstring PHP extension
  • Tokenizer PHP extension
  • File information PHP extension
  • GD 库 (> = 2.0)
  • JSON PHP extension
  • XML PHP extension
  • Ctype PHP extension
  • Compress PHP extension


RELEASE #2.1.1 - 29 SEP 2021
url related minor issue fixed
Other Minor Fixes & Improvements

RELEASE #2.1.0 - 01 OCT 2020
Minor Fixes & Improvements

RELEASE #2.0.1 - 30 APR 2020
Minor Fixes

RELEASE #2.0.0 - 25 APR 2020
Upgraded to Laravel 7
Improved Layout & Look
Numerous improvements & fixes
Removed Auto Update Feature

RELEASE #1.3.3 - 06 FEB 2020
Role Title in other language issue fixed

RELEASE #1.3.2 - 20 NOV 2019
Sub-Article list issue fixed

RELEASE #1.3.1 - 19 NOV 2019
Minor improvements & issue fixes

RELEASE #1.3.0 - 14 NOV 2019
In some cases redirect to login page issue fixed.
Manual URL Slug field added for project, versions & articles.
Minor improvements for language characters support

RELEASE #1.2.0 - 05 OCT 2019
Removed restrictions to select any article as parent.
Many more optimizations & issue fixes

RELEASE #1.1.0 - 30 AUG 2019
Project logo and favicon delete functionality added.
Added Minimize and Maximize functionality for Article embed View.
Removed modal header color.
Issue fixed : RTL language H2 heading links not working.
Many more optimizations & issue fixes

RELEASE #1.0.0 - 13 AUG 2019

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Docsyard - Easy Documentation Tool [Free Download]
Docsyard - Easy Documentation Tool [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Framework: Laravel
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x