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If that's not enough, use local and globalDirectory WordPress Themes, Not only can your users manage their existing listings from the front end, they can also decide to update and delete their listings.The Directory Multipurpose Responsive Theme is a content-driven portal ideal for listing any type of entity or activity on a local or global basis.

Create your directory listing site in minutes

Setting up a directory site has never been so smooth and easy. Using a directory theme requires a little effort and(Endast $29)! Get the directory theme and see it happen. putOnline Directory PortalCompanies of any kind, stores, restaurants, real estate, websites and all others in that category,Directory WordPress Themes.

Why do we say Directory is a multipurpose WordPress theme?

For the convenience of our users and buyers, we makeDirectoryas aWordPress Themes. A single WordPress theme can be used for multiple purposes, for example.
  • Business Directory Listing Topics
  • Classified Ad Listing Themes
  • Car List WordPress Theme
  • Market list
  • Job Board WordPress Theme
  • Online Learning Portal
  • hotel reservation

Some amazing features of the theme

Unlimited directory types

Have a specific project or a large number of projects?directory wordpress themeis your one-stop selling point for one or all of them. It offers unlimited directory types. Add as many as you want. A complete package, a perfectOnline business demonstration.

The content provided by the WordPress theme does not stop giving you the option to add unlimited categories, but it is much more than that.different types of listsLike free, paid, features can be added. If listings can't be added for free, you can charge users and can add value to your business. Directory Multipurpose is not a theme, it's yourspersonal business assistantindeed.

submission fee

A unique feature of directory listings WordPress themes is that users register on the site where they can submit their items under different listings.You can easily turn it into generating revenue for your business by charging a fee for your submissions. KeepDirectory themeAnd add value to your business all the time.

Multiple payment gateways

Directory themeProvide four payment methods. Paypal, Skrill of Money Bookers, has been authorized. Online and bank transfers. there are more.You can easily charge users with either payment gateway and minimize clicks.

Front end list/active creation

Enterprise directory theme with user login optionfrontend and create your own list. No need to blow your mind with complicated activity/list methods, just a few clicks away!

Listing date

Provide a list of numeric categories is. Directory WordPress themes.. However, it doesn't end here, you can add a list with an expiration date. Once the date is reached, the listing will expire on its own, saving you from deleting or dealing with it in a hurry.If you want it to come back, refresh it, and it will come back.

Complete audit system


Sort the list by different criteria

Directory WordPress theme with the following optionsSort the list by different criteria. You can sort the list according to category. For example, the list of properties can be sorted by rent, sale, purchase, etc.A super awesome feature that makes the user experience smoother than they ever imagined.

Use forms/phones, etc. to contact the owner of the list

This WordPress theme is mainly designed for online business. The most important thing is the contact between the customer and the seller. This idea is well taken care of in the theme.Customers/users can contact sellers/owners in different ways. It can be a form or a phone call.Email Contact OptionsDirectory themes can also be used.

Have a directory site and need cleaner search options?Contents Wordpress theme. Provide the best and refined approachSearch list/itemchoose. It provides a functionlocation-based searchProvide the user with items/lists from a specific location. London for London's finder, really handy!

Create FAQ section

Large companies with virtual/online products need a clear idea to achieve better growth.Frequently asked questionsis a super answer to this question.. Directory WordPress themes. Make your life easier by offering prefabsFAQspart. Just add as few questions and their respective answers as possible. a unique convenience. Directory Listing Themes.

Search engine friendly URL

Have you noticed that when Google returns to your search, sometimes the ratings appear next to the listings, sometimes not? we have codedDirectory WordPress themes. let itsearch engine friendlyRight from the start. It provides URLs that are very attractive to search engines, and it will always show up in the right way. Google will love you, and so will your potential customers.

Add/Remove List to Favorites

Users like to keep track of their likes and dislikes when visiting listing sites. The days of pen and paper are long gone.. Directory Listing WordPress Themes. Incidental optionsAdd/Remove List to Favorites. . Directory Business Listing Topics. Provide personal assistance to your users. They can easily add lists to their favorites and vice versa. We don't make you worry about your business.

PayPal integration

Secured payment is the main concern when tradingOnline business. Directory Listing Responsive Wordpress Theme Comes withPayPal integrationinside. Paypal is the most trusted and efficient payment gateway in almost every corner of the world. The catalog theme provides full payment management via PayPal.It also provides another amazing feature for your members, they can sign up and subscribe to the corresponding package and pay regularly (membership conditions and duration can be selected by the administrator in the control panel).

advertising space

Increase your revenue stream with our built-in ad space. Sell ​​a location and configure it the way you want, whether by impressions or a period of time.This is your system-use it as you wish.. Directory listing WordPress themes. Loaded with the most suitable ad space and standard sizes from the start,Google adsor elseSEO friendly textLink. It has all the banner tools you need to monetize advertisers.

One-click demo import

Directory Listing WordPress Themes

Fully responsive

Directory Listing Wordpress Themes

Unlimited colors

Change the color of different elements anywhere in your site. There is no limit to the number of colors your website can use.Most places on the site have customization options to set choices and favorite colors. Really amazing feature!

650+ Google-Schriften

The world evolves rapidly in terms of design and settings.Directory Wordpress Themes. have650+ Google-SchriftenYou can choose for your website. Choose if you are bored with outdated traditional fonts. Directory list theme. and enjoy amazing google fonts with text set in the font of your choice


Revolution slider

. Contents Wordpress theme

WPML ready

A globalized world requires every user to speak a local language. This topic canTranslate into any languageYou choose from backend options or viaWPML plugin

Infinite sidebar

For example, this is a useful module when you want to add multiple sidebars to a page or different sidebars on different pages. This brings anothercustom layerAccess your website freely.

Advanced SEO options, built-in!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To run this theme on WordPress, your host needs the following configuration;

1. PHP 5.4 or higher. 2. MySQL 5.5 or later. 3.mod_rewrite Apache module.

======================================== CHANGELOG: Version 1.0 (March 9, 2015 Day) Added: WooCommerce Compatibility

Changelog: Version 1.1 (March 10, 2015)

1- Added: Map style on directory map header
2- Change the link which is sent to user once registration confirmation/login is complete.
3- Fixed: Responsive issues
4- Fixed: TGM bulk plugin activation issue. 
Changelog: Version 1.2 (March 11, 2015)
1- Added: Free package switch on/off
2- Added: Map street view option
3- Fixed: JS issue on package selection
4- Fixed: Responsive issues
Change log: Version 1.3 (March 13, 2015)
1- Added: Street view option on listing detail page
2- Added: Search field option on advance search
3- Added : A new listing view
4- Changed: Geo location icon position on advance search
5: Fixed: Responsive issues
Changelog: Version 1.4 (March 19, 2015)
1-    Added : Miles/Km switch in theme option
2-    Added: Video attachment option for ads.  
3-    Added: Multiple view for address.
4-    Added: Price On/Off option for search.
5-    Added: Review summary option on listing detail. 
6-    Added: Directory views
7-    Added: Subscriber element
8-    Added: Categories views
9-    Fixed: Demo data & XML issues. 
10-  Fixed: Responsive issues 
11-  Fixed: Featured list displaying issue on directory detail
12-  Fixed: Search by city issue on search map
13-  Fixed: RTL issues
Changelog: Version 1.5 (March 20, 2015)
1: Fixed: Responsive issues. 
2- Added: URL for price table
3- Added: New Listing Detail Style
4. Added: New Agent Detail Style
5- Added: New Map Auto Zoom Added
6- Fixed: Custom CSS issue
7- Fixed : Import Demo Data for demo users
Change log: Version 1.6 (March 26, 2015)
Added : Geo location request on page load
Added : Select language option in theme option for plugin
Added : Map lock option on frontend
Fixed : User data import
Updated : Ad creation option from back-end
Updated : Agent detail style
Updated : Related ads style
Fixed : Import demo data issues fixed and demo data improved 
Fixed : User profile image cropping issue
Changelog: Version 1.7 (March 27, 2015)
Fixed: Minor styling issues 

Changelog: Version 1.8 (April 1, 2015)

1- Updated & improved: Back-end styling
2- Added: Child theme of latest package
3- Fixed: Lock icon loading issue on map
4- Fixed: Categories issue on add creation
5- Fixed: Location based search issue 
Changelog: Version 1.9 (21 April 2015)
Fixed: Errors and warnings due to MailChimp API 
Changelog: Version 2.0 (22 April 2015)

Added: Advance location based search with country, state and city.

1.    Fixed: Location based search issue
2.    Fixed: Custom fields with special character saving issues
3.    Fixed: Translation issues
4.    Fixed: Titles with special characters issue fixed
5.    Fixed: Category with special characters saving issue fixed.
6.    Fixed : User profile image cannot  be uploaded from the backend, now Available
7.    Fixed : User image was not shown on user detail page, Now shows fine
8.    Fixed : Directory advance search for location not working, now works
9.    Fixed : One category when attached with Two Directory types on Front end, in Search and filter Result was shown as Not Found, now shows fine
10.    Fixed: When Multi Select in Backend was made and post was updated, when user came back to edit same post, was not able to see selected option. Now works fine
11.    Fixed : Pagination for listing
12.    Fixed : Records per page For Listing
13.    Fixed : Listing category image missing after update
14.    Fixed: Url custom filed was not showing at front end, now shows fine.
15.    Fixed: Copyright text HTML attributes in footer were not working, now work fine.
16.    Fixed: Question mark issue in Titles after translating website, now fixed.
17.    Fixed: Rating star width issue in style.css. Now all stars show up accurately.
Changelog: Version 2.1 (23 April 2015)

The following new payment gateways have been added

1- Skrill Money Booker

2- Authorization. network

Fixed: Sidebar search issue in case of permalinks off.
Fixed: search page builder element saving issue
Fixed: Styling issues in RTL 
Added : Text Editor Front End For Add New Listing.

Changelog: Theme Version 2.2 | Plugin Version 1.4 (24 Apr 2015)

Bank payment gateway added

1:- Added : Payment gateway (Bank Transfer ) 
2:- Added : Add New Post Text editor 
3:- Added : Opening Hours with each post 
4:- Fixed : Empty Directory categories issue
5- Fixed: Translation missing strings 

Change log: Theme version 2.3 | Plug-in version 1.5 (April 28, 2015)

1:- Fixed : Category not showing issues with wordpress latest version 4.2
2:- Fixed : RTL and translation issues.

Changelog: Theme Version 2.4 | Plugin Version 1.6 (May 8, 2015)

Added: Directory Type price option.
Added: Multiple file attachment option.
Added: Ads Contact Information.
Added: Ads image caption on front-end.
Fixed: Category and Tag update issue.
Fixed: wordpress 4.2 compatibility issue.
Fixed: Translation issue.
Fixed: RTL and responsive issue.
Changelog: Theme Version 2.5 | Plugin Version 1.7 (May 12, 2015)
Fixed: Map Loading Issue Resolved
Fixed: wordpress 4.2.2 compatibility issue.
Fixed: Directory Type Price with 0 Removed
Added: Ads image Click Able on front end.
Fixed : Search issues latitude and longitude
Changelog: Theme Version 2.6 | Plugin Version 1.8 (May 14, 2015)
1. Fixed: Directory type transaction missing.
2. Fixed: Map pin dragger.
3. Fixed: Map zoom level freeze in edit mode.
4. Added: Bank transaction Complete summary.
5. Fixed: Social icon for user ad detail .
6. Fixed: Opening hour back-end style.
7. Fixed: Login box translation fixed on focus and place-holder.
8. Fixed: Currency selection and payment gateway.
9. Fixed: Reviews issue fixed with language Translation.
10-Fixed: Map disorder on ads. 

Changelog: Theme Version 2.7 | Plugin Version 1.9 (18 Aug 2015)

1.Added- On new ad request, admin email notification.
2.Added- After submitting new ad user, admin will be able to visit the ad even it is not yet published. 
3.Fixed: Data Validation issues
4.Fixed- On directory type, selection categories fetched via Ajax in directory element.
5.Fixed- With GoDaddy hosting, Google maps / Not working
6.Fixed- Featured ads on top (selected), in directory element doesn't work on search result page.
7.Fixed- Directory category short-code not work in widget sidebar.
8.Fixed- Directory types appears normal for all ads in back-end (status)
9.Fixed- Directory result page, after filtration, banner doesn't show on search result page.
10.Fixed- Directory result page, after filtration, Map doesn't show on search result page
11.Fixed- Directory ad sorting issue like by date, alphabetic etc, ordering
12.Fixed- Social Login google+ issue. 
13.Fixed- On Directory element, if listing sort is selected as recent, on front-end no recent ads displayed.
14.Fixed- On signup from "Login Button Position" from header or any, user role is set to none.
15.Fixed- Map Element / Map Short-code not working
16.Fixed- Opening hours On/Off in directory type
17.Fixed- Get direction at map directory detail page source marker ("green at Source" & "Red on destination") 
18.Fixed- Directory category short-code not working in widget sidebar
19.fixed- Missing translation strings added

Changelog: Theme Version 2.8 | Plugin Version 2.0 (Oct 3, 2015)

1. Fixed: Directory Random Listing Issue
2. Fixed: Short code: Image frame Image not showing
3. Fixed: Geo location button not show on listing page
4. Fixed: Opening hours ON/OFF switcher don’t work
5. Fixed: Map Marker not showing on directory Detailed page
6. Fixed: Validation for directory types and Agree Terms while posting Ad
7. Fixed: Listing count doesn’t show accurate result as No. of recent ads on agent detail page
8. Fixed: Custom fields doesn’t show in search result
9. Fixed: Still showing Related listings on Agent detail page with 0 listing
10. Fixed: Radius title hide under post code or location when set to left
11. Fixed: Optimize Search query for min, max sale price field
12. Fixed: Main menu font size adjustment from Theme options
13. Fixed: Directory search filter query improvement
14. Fixed: Source Map Marker reverse issue
15. Fixed: Directory categories short code not working on sidebar
16. Fixed: Search button style issue
17. Fixed: Image switch ON/Off in directory type
18. Fixed: Directory layout not updating
19. Fixed: Radius search issue, posts are not showing as per the applied radius

Change Log: Theme Version 2.9 | Plugin Version 2.1

Fixed: Price on call tag is not being displayed if there is no price is give on detail page
Fixed: Issue with , register element Content
Fixed: Location issue search on map but not in listing.
Fixed: Min Max price styling issue.
Fixed: Google Location search in Listing. 

Changelog: Theme Version 3.0 | Plugin Version 2.2 (14/12/2015)

1.    Fixed: WPML, multilingual compatibility from wp-directory plugin
2.    Fixed: On User profile , Image not uploading on defined dimension
3.    Fixed: Recent review posted by ( was admin, now changed to reviewer name)
4.    Fixed: directory payments double charge issue on directory ads package update from front-end
5.    Improved: Security applied on post editing from front-end
6.    improved: Radius search has been improved, accuracy has been improved
7.    Fixed: Issue with directory listing page showing limited listing
8.    Fixed: Contact information's and opening hours now showing on ad edit page from front-end
9.    Fixed: Custom class don’t work with elements
10.    Fixed: Date formatting issue with blog posts : showing current date 
11.    Improved: Search filtration has been improved, more accuracy with multiple filter and custom fields
12.    Fixed: Request detail form doesn’t include directory ad name as reference of contact
13.    Fixed: Archive page showing wrong dates issue

Changelog: Theme Version 3.1 | Plugin Version 2.3 (28/12/2015)

New Additions in theme version 3.1

New:  Taxonomy based locations (Support for All Languages)
New:  Directory post tag based search has been enabled on advance search
New:  Limited Free Packages for Directory Ads (Free ad would expire after certain number of days)
New:  Directory Package title Updating as per Number of days specified for Free package
New:  Packages Multi Lingual (Using WPML String translation)
New:  Directory Ad Detail Map Switch ON/OFF for frontend
New:  While adding review for any listing (after login), it will redirect to the same listing, not to the dashboard
New:  Directory ad Price Switch specific to directory type for frontend
New:  Widgetized Sidebar on Directory Detail Page 

Fixed in in theme version 3.1

Fixed:  Directory Social Share (Add This) Posting Wrong image on Facebook Issue
Fixed:  Categories sorting by "title”, improved as well.
Fixed:  Directory Type image icons does not load with demo data import.
Fixed:  Radius slider should called on the basis of location fields on the home page. Users will need to add a location to load ads on the map with Ajax.  
Fixed:  Directory page element do not load results for selected directory category
Fixed:  Ads filter with radius issue
Fixed:  Directory element popular post now sort accurately according to the settings
Fixed:  WPML switch (WPML is showing though the switch is OFF in theme options header)
Fixed:  Twitter tweets are not appearing on frontend (Tweets Cache, Date and Time format added In API Settings)
Fixed:  URL duplication issue in listing pagination 

Change Log: Theme Version 3.2 | Plugin Version 2.4 (22/01/2016

Added : Multiple Backups can be generated on server and can be download by Date / Time
Added : Google structure validate for Html and W3 Validation
Added : Description length for detailed list view and description On/Off for Directory Listing Element
Added : global-variable.php for undefined Theme Options variable
Improved: Typography fonts newly added with updated Google fonts.
Improved: Theme color will save in custom-style.css file will be updated when Theme Option will be saved.
Updated features
Updated:  Json Based Theme Option import / Export
Updated:  Json Widgets Import / Export
This version has been fixed
Fixed :     Sub-header from Theme Option and Page Settings not working Correctly
Fixed :     Social Share for Blog Detail Page
Fixed :     Location name for listing changed from slug to full name
Fixed :     Styling issues and Minor RTL issue
Revoked :      theme-color.php
Revoked :       theme-option-array.php will be handled through Json.
Changelog: Theme Version 3.3 | WP-Directory Plugin Version 2.5 (23/02/2016)
Added : Comments For Pages 
Updated : Demo Data With Location 
Improved : Radius Accuracy 
Fixed : Blog Pagination 
Fixed : Location Slug based 
Fixed : Minor Styling Issues 
Fixed : Tags in search Filter With Name 
Fixed : Media Gallery Pop In Admin Grid View 
Fixed : Back Edit Add Location on Map Was Missing 
Fixed : Theme Option Directory Post type Slug Update Permalinks After Changing Slug 
Fixed : Subheader Breadcrumb Subcategory Updated 
Fixed : Directory Listing Pagination On Filter and on View Changed 

Change log: Theme version 3.4 | WP-Directory plugin version 2.6 (11/05/2016)

Added: WordPress 4.5.2 compatibility
Fixed: issue with date picker custom filed in advanced search.
Fixed: Issue with "enable request form" switcher.
Fixed: issue with Carousal view when back from listing page
Fixed: RTL languages 
Fixed: Free ads For Few Days Are Being Listed Inside The Featured Ads
Fixed: First value is selected automatically instead of --Select-- option
Fixed: Locations Are Not Being Saved In Chinese Language
Fixed: Reviews still appear in widgets, even deleted from backend
Fixed: Help Text For Any Of The Custom Fields Is Not Working
Fixed: When Geolocation Is Allowed The Map Goes Grey For Infinite Amount Of Time
Fixed: with time limited free ads Featured is printed for these ads on Directory map
Fixed: On listing page, search result page pagination active page issue
Fixed: Post featured image issue when strings got translated from backend in post options.
Fixed: Extra enqueued files should remove if they don't have any purpose
Fixed:  Request detail form don't send email always shows email validation error.
Change log: Theme version 3.4.1 | WP-Directory plugin version 2.6.1 (11/05/2016)
Fixed: Map not loading issue

Changelog: Theme Version 3.4.2 | WP-Directory Plugin Version 2.6.2 (23/05/2016)

Fixed: Issue with location auto-complete search, map was not loading searched location.
Fixed: Opening hours and contact information not loading on page "add directory with default directory type" 

Changelog: Theme Version 3.4.3 | WP-Directory Plugin Version 2.6.3 (18/07/2016)

Fixed: Map API issue, MAP not loading. 
Fixed: RTL issues
Changelog: Theme Version 3.4.4 | WP-Directory Plugin Version 2.6.4 (29/08/2016)
Fixed: Geo Locator not working on Firefox
Fixed: Twitter login is not working 
Fixed: Street View switch in theme options not working 
Updated: TGM plugin class
Introduce a new directory box theme


Change log: Directory Box Theme 1.1

New Added : Directorybox Demo 2
Change log: Directory Box Theme version 1.2
New Added : Directorybox Demo 3
Fixed: Reviews php warnings on members detail page 
Fixed: php warnings on blogs detail pages
Fixed: Search Alert Email is displaying HTML in email
Fixed: Icons missing on homepage
Fixed: Forgot password link not working
Fixed: Listing type Features missing while editing listing from frontend
Fixed: Print Invoice show empty page
Fixed: Woo commerce product detail pages are empty
Fixed: Geo Location not updating on Map
Fixed: Maintenance mode not working
Fixed: Features/Amenties not appearing while posting listing
Fixed: Styling and responsive issues
Change log: Directory Box Theme version 1.3
New Added : WordPress 4.9 Compatibility 
New Added: Review Moderation option added at backend

Fixed: DB: Listings With Categories not showing listings on frontend
Fixed: Promotions Tags are not appearing after Payment
Fixed: Messages Description is not appearing in frontend dashboard
Fixed: Sidebar Captcha not working
Fixed: Directory box Filter scroll not working
Fixed: Directory box Sign Up option not working after last WordPress Update
Fixed: Directory Icons not appearing
Fixed: Missing strings translation via Loco Translate
Fixed: Dropdown for directory types doesn't work on listing page
Fixed: Video Post Format not working in Blog news
Fixed: Styling and responsive issues

Change log: Directory Box Theme version 1.4

New Added: Directorybox Compatibility with latest wordpress (Classic Editor) version 5.0.x
New Added: Directorybox Compatibility with latest woo commerece plugin 3.5.x
New Added: Directorybox Compatibility with php version 7.2.x

Improvement: freegeoip API updated for geo location
Improvement: Social Logins API's and buttons up-gradation as per new social policy updates
Improvement: woo commerce classes templates updated
Improvement: Listing thumbnail image is now clickable

Fixed: Homepage update issues with Classic Wordpress editor
Fixed: Split Map issues 
Fixed: Promotions not working
Fixed: Location search issues
Fixed: Listing pagination not working
Fixed: Listing type sorting filters are not working
Fixed: Prettyphoto js issues
Fixed: Missing Loco translate plugin strings
Fixed: Styling and responsive issues

Change log: Directory box theme version 1.5 (October 12, 2019)

New Added: Compatibility with latest WordPress version 5.2.x
New Added: Compatibility with latest woo commerce plugin 3.7.x
New Added: Compatibility with php version 7.3.x
New Added: Compatibility with revolution slider 6.x
New Added: Woo commerce templates updated to latest versions

Fixed: Page builder / classic editor not working
Fixed: Add listing page notices
Fixed: Theme options not appearing with latest version of revolution slider
Fixed: Promotions Status not saving on update 
Fixed: Keyword search not working 
Fixed: Geo location not working
Fixed: Location searching issues
Fixed: WordPress default pagination not working on pages 
Fixed: Woo commerce plugin shop issues
Fixed: Site title not appearing
Fixed: Faq's not deleting and saving
Fixed: Members detail page issues and notices
Fixed: Geo location switch not working
Fixed: Fixed: Styling and responsive issues

Changelog: Table of Contents Box Theme Version 1.6 (Jan 18, 2020)

New Added: Compatibility with latest WordPress version 5.3.x
New Added: Compatibility with php version 7.4.x

Fixed: Frontend Logout is not working 
Fixed: reCaptcha Google structure issue on Signup forms
Fixed: Google suggestion autocomplete not loading
Fixed: Split map page : Selection not working for types
Fixed: Features not saving at backend after post listing from frontend
Fixed: Free package Listing posting issues
Fixed: Notices on Listing detail pages
Fixed: Comments posting empty notice
Fixed: Sidebar filters issues
Fixed: Revolution Slider z-index issue on latest wp
Fixed: Styling and responsive issues

Change log: Directory Box Theme version 1.7 (September 30, 20)

New Added: Compatibility with latest wordpress version 5.5

Fixed: Listing Post types tabs are not working on latest wp 
Fixed: Theme options and inner tabs not working on latest wp
Fixed: Plugin settings are not saving on latest wp
Fixed: Page builder updates not saving on latest wp
Fixed: Pagination issues in Listing with filter element
Fixed: Draw on map page is not editable
Fixed: Faq's not deleting and saving from frontend
Fixed: Page builder / classic editor not working
Fixed: Image is not saving with listing review's
Fixed: Chosen scripts not working
Fixed: coupon field not clickable on checkout page
Fixed: Counter issues in Listing category element
Fixed: Price tables rows are not saving 
Fixed: Paypal transaction and listing is arriving as pending
Fixed: Listing Gallery images not adding and saving from backend
Fixed: Comments not displaying on pages 
Fixed: Styling, js, jquery and responsive issues

Changelog: Table of Contents Box Theme v1.8 (07.7.21)

New: Compatibility with wordpress 5.7.x

Fixed: Page builder and theme options crash issues on latest wp
Fixed: Listing type Title field not appearing
Fixed: fatal error : Single listing detail page not loading
Fixed: Map nearby options not working on single detail page
Fixed: Location got reset when selected in filter about listing type
Fixed: Geolocation not working
Fixed: Header search switches not working 
Fixed: Responsive and js issues


Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme [Free Download]
Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme [Nulled]
WordPress » Directory & Listings

  • Gutenberg Optimized: No
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Widget Ready: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Compatible With: WPML
  • Software Version: WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x
  • ThemeForest Files Included: PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
  • Columns: 2
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Layout: Responsive