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The Cost Calculator conditional system is an amazing feature allowing you to create more detailed and practical calculator forms. By using this option, you can link your calculator fields and add different conditions. The conditional system allows form fields to show, hide, or be disabled based on conditions being met. Let customers interact only with the fields they need to use and create handy and valuable estimation forms.

WooCommerce Price Calculator

The StylemixThemes WordPress Cost Calculator  Builder PRO Nulled Plugin is fully compatible with Woocomerce and products on your store.

Use all available custom elements in price calculation formulas to change the WooCommerce product price.

Moreover, you can add a calculator to all WooCommerce products in any category, so there is no need to manually insert the calculator to the product page.

Orders Dashboard

Do you want to be aware of the status of commenced orders and view payment details for paid ones?

For the monetized WordPress Cost Calculator plugin form, there is a dedicated section available to review.

All active orders from your clients can be viewed directly from your dashboard. Track, operate, and confirm your customers’ orders. You can easily view, filter, and confirm all the details of pending arrangements from the price to the date for each built calculator separately.

Image Checkbox & Radio

Using our Image Checkbox feature, you can simply and easily customize the image field to your advantage. You can now add checkboxes and radio buttons with images! There is a wide variety of choices for WordPress Cost Calculator Plugin that is not limited to Switch, Dual Two-Way, and One-Way Push.

By selecting the radio or checkbox choice, you can view the image on top of each checkbox/radio button giving two more custom elements for you to use! Check out this new feature when using Cost Calculator!

Cost Calculator Builder PRO Nulled [Free Download]
Cost Calculator Builder PRO Nulled [Nulled]