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cloudberryLets you create your own business, convert any text into lifelike speech, let you create media content such as audiobooks, podcasts, voice content, and talking apps, and build entirely new categories of voice products.Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Cloud PollyServices use advanced deep learning technologies from leading cloud service providers such asAmazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM CloudSynthesize natural-sounding human speech.With over 630 different lifelike voices spanning over 80 languages ​​and dialects, you can build speech-enabled applications that can be used in many different countries.

In addition to standard TTS voice,cloudberry offers Neural text-to-speech (NTTS)Delivers advanced and improved voices in terms of voice quality through new machine learning methods.Most of Cloud Polly's Neural TTS technologies also support unique speaking styles, depending on the cloud provider, allowing you to better match a speaker's delivery style to your application: Example: anewscaster reading style(AWS/Azure) tailored for news narration use cases, andConversation style(AWS/Azure), great for two-way communication like telephony applications.

Enjoy convenient useSSML-etiketteAdd various speech effects, such as adjusting pitch, volume, speed, emphasis, beeps for words or phrases, and more. The full list can be found in the demo after selecting the appropriate sound.

Now you can also accept paymentsBitcoin | bitcoin cash | Ethereum | Dollar coin | Litecoin | Dogecoin | DaiCryptocurrency available for prepaid plans through the new Coinbase gateway.

Online demo:

Features of Cloud Polly:

  1. supportOver 80 languages ​​and dialects
  2. supportOver 630 different voices and accents
  3. powered by:
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • IBM Cloud
  4. natural sound (Neural TTS)
  5. Google WaveNet Voices
  6. Multiple Voice Effect Combinations of Standard Voices
  7. Various sound effect combinations of neural sounds
  8. Multiple audio output formats:
    • MP3(AWS / Azure / GCP / IBM)
    • OGG(AWS / Azure)
    • WAV(GCP / IBM)
    • WEBM(sky blue)
  9. Easily store and redistribute speech through social media
  10. Near real-time text synthesis
  11. Customize and control voice output
  12. Optimize your streaming audio
  13. Adjust speaking style (for neural voice)
  14. Adjust speech rate, pitch and loudness
  15. Adjust the focus of speaking
  16. Correctly pronounce numbers/dates/words/abbreviations
  17. Add work/phrase replacement effects
  18. Mute/beep any part of the text/sentence
  19. Synthesize large text directly into your Amazon S3 bucket
  20. Store the results in:
    • Local server
    • Amazon S3
    • mustard pantry
  21. Conveniently share synthesis results or download
  22. Full Membership/recommendation system
  23. Fully responsive interface
  24. Easily create monthly subscription plans
  25. Easily create various prepaid plans
  26. Create Coupon/Promo Codeprepaid plan
  27. Various included payment gateways:
    • Paypal(online) (subscription/prepaid)
    • Stripe(online) (subscription/prepaid)
    • Razorpay(online) (subscription/prepaid)
    • Paystack(online) (subscription/prepaid)
    • Mollie(online) (subscription/prepaid)
    • Braintree(Online) (Prepaid)
    • Coinbase(Cryptocurrency) (prepaid)
    • BankTransfer(offline) (subscription/prepaid)
  28. Closely monitor monthly and annual income
  29. Closely monitor estimated spending on cloud TTS services
  30. Ready SaaS platform
  31. Developed with PHP 7.4.x and Laravel 8.4.x
  32. Detailed and comprehensive documentation

Cloud Provider TTS Price:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Cloud

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any technical issues installing and setting up the script, please create a support ticket and we'll be happy to help with your CPANEL or PLESK environment.If you have problems setting up your AWS/Azure/GCP/IBM accounts or configuring them, please send us a support request.Once the product is downloaded, we will not process any refund requests.

Release notes- Change log:

30.09.2021 - v1.0.2
     - New: Mollie Payment Gateway added
     - New: Braintree Payment Gateway added
     - New: Razorpay Payment Gateway added 
     - New: Paystack Payment Gateway added
     - New: Coinbase Payment Gateway added
     - Update: Support for custom css file for frontend added
     - Update: Support for custom js file for frontend added
     - Update: Admin app login support during maintenance mode
     - Update: Hide Monthly/Prepaid plan tabs in Subscribe Now tab if no plans were set
     - Update: Turn on/off support ticket email status sending added
     - Update: Show fraction digits(2) of the cost in plan prices
     - Update: Number formatting added for subscription prices
     - Update: Footer image change option in admin panel added
     - Update: Footer open website in new page has been removed
     - Update: User My Payments table updated
     - Update: Admin All Subscriptions table updated
     - Update: All TTS Results table updated
     - Update: All breadcrumb link updated
     - Update: Default country in registration form can be set via admin panel 
     - Update: Documentation updated
     - Fix: Frontend contact us email feature fixed
     - Fix: Plan checkout currency signs fixed (dynamically set via Finance Settings)
     - Fix: Support ticket generic email address removed
     - Fix: User notification view fixed
     - Fix: Synthesized Text Results (Current Day) vendor logo hide fixed
     - Fix: Referral email invite sending fixed
     - Fix: Terms & Condition and Policies pages mobile responsive now
     - Fix: Social OAuth settings fixed
     - Fix: TTS datatable panel alignment fixed

23.08.2021 - v1.0.1
     - New: Referral/Affiliate System added
     - New: Wasabi cloud storage support added
     - New: Offline payment - bank transfer added
     - New: Google Cloud Platform TTS sample voices added
     - New: Microsoft Azure TTS sample voices added
     - New: IBM Cloud TTS sample voices added
     - New: Frontend layout included with separate page system
     - New: Blog feature added
     - New: Sample voices added to frontend
     - New: Live listen mode added to frontend
     - New: Dynamically customizable prices added to frontend
     - Update: Enable/disable vendor logos
     - Update: Auto play for listen mode added
     - Update: Set synthesize char limit for free tier users independently from subscribers
     - Update: Enable/disable neural voices for free tier users dynamically
     - Update: Add total listen mode results to user profile
     - Update: Add total listen mode results to user list view in admin panel
     - Update: Finance dashboard - standard/neural char type split for each cloud vendor
     - Update: Direct audio result download button added
     - Update: Currency sign changed dynamically along with system currency
     - Update: Referral payout request notification added
     - Fix: App name fix, added support for spaces
     - Fix: SMTP sender name included and added support for spaces
     - Fix: SMTP test email sending fixed
     - Fix: Chart graph step fix in user profile
     - Fix: Support for float digits added during plan creation
     - Fix: Footer URL changed to main application domain URL

28.07.2021 - v1.0.0
     - Initial Release

Cloud Polly - Ultimate Text to Speech as SaaS [Free Download]
Cloud Polly - Ultimate Text to Speech as SaaS [Nulled]
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