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Time tracking has never been easier. With ClockGo, you can track the time spent on each project through timer settings and manual settings.With graphs and accumulated data, you can efficiently manage the time of your clients and individual members.


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Expectations of ClockGo - Time Tracking Tool

  • Timeline for time spent on each project, per day, and total time spent within a custom time frame
  • Effective layout for dashboards with visual bar and pie charts
  • Track your time working on projects
  • Filter reports and summaries by selecting items, customers, tags, billing, etc.
  • Manage time spent on each task of your project, understand project status and adjust project settings
  • QR code invoice module
  • Add members and customers to the database by adding basic details
  • Time Solutions SaaS is available globally in multiple languages
  • Provide a user-friendly RTL experience for customers who speak Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu-like languages
  • Payments for any plan can be done using 10 different payment gateways namely Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate.
  • Built with Laravel 8

Notable Features of ClockGo - Time Tracking Tool


Get a visual representation of time spent on different projects over any custom timeframe. Bar charts can help you see exactly how much time is spent on each project.You can also get a list of the top 10 tracked activities for that given time.Although you can keep the tags for each project, you can also learn about your top projects and top teammates and their respective schedules.You can determine the personal time spent on each project and the percentage of work completed. Finally, a pie chart of team members and projects can help you draw useful conclusions.


With this feature, you can see exactly how much time you spend on each project, every day of any week. You can also see the total time spent on all projects with this tool.In addition, you can manually add your work to the timetable by assigning the start and end time to the tasks of the specified project.


You can track the time spent working on any given project and its tasks by starting a timer. You can choose whether the work performed is billable or not.Additionally, you can manually add trackers by suggesting start and end times. Likewise, you can customize the worksheet display range by selecting your preferred time period.


Visual representation is always better than descriptive representation. Get a simple report of time spent on different projects within a given time frame.For more accuracy, you can filter items and billing details. The bar chart perfectly represents the time spent on each item.Also, you can find a pie chart depicting the time spent on different items for that particular time.
Additionally, you can access a summary of these tasks with an overview of the amount earned, time frame, users, and tags.You can filter your search by selecting clients, projects, tags, and billing methods.

Report PDF download function

PDF is one of the convenient files. The presentation of the report is very simple, download the report in PDF format for easy bookkeeping.

Project overview

Create new projects by assigning customers to new projects. Additionally, you can assign tasks and members to these projects. Add new tasks and assign estimated work to them.Assign members and their billing rates, if applicable.
Additionally, project settings can be customized by assigning colors and project billing rates. You can choose to leave the billing settings at their default values.Finally, choose how you want your project to be tracked, whether based on tasks or through manual estimates.
With ClockGo, you can also track the status of each item.Analyze the percentage of tasks completed and time frames remaining, total billable and non-billable hours completed, amounts earned, and time remaining to complete projects.

Project Cost Characteristics

The cost of any project can be predefined according to the project cost function to set the cost distribution of each project.

Project budget function

Budgets for any project can be predefined according to the Project Budget feature, setting a basic monetary plan for each project.

Invoice module

Use the invoice module with a QR code to generate invoices to make your work go smoothly. Invoices can be directly generated by a choice of the customer.The whole process is easy to complete and save time.

Invoice wise payment

This feature of invoice payment is very convenient in cases where monetary transactions are partial payments and time intervals. It helps to present the entire transaction flow smoothly.


Add new members and clients to your list. Assign billing rates to your members.

system settings

From brand logos to permissions and default settings, control every aspect of this tool from here. ClockGo is available in multiple languages ​​for global availability.

IP restriction function

The IP Restriction feature allows organizations to specify which IP addresses have access to specific accounts.The IP address has been registered with the company management to prevent fraudulent input.


Here you can see what updates are available and whether we've brought new content to this release.Check the changelog


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