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admin panel

Link:go to admin
Email: Admin@exemple. com
Password: secret

All functions work
Link:go to website
Payment gateway is disabled

For any questions or support, you can log in and open a support ticket here





Upload video and transcode to multiple resolutions
Encrypted HLS video
Upload using external link
Support for multiple embed codes
Support for VAST ads on video
Support for adding genre/genre management
Upload subtitles
Upload multiple movies
Upload multiple series and episodes
Support live TV (m3u8 &)
Upload content to local server
Save multi-size images in local server
Upload content to AWS S3
Fetch data with Cloudfront
Secure Video with Cloudfront Signed Cookies
Upload using TMDB API
TMBD supports 49 languages
Use custom upload
Braintree Payments (Paypal supported)
Disable payment gateway (use free mode)
Create a user for a while from the admin panel
Add watermark to video
Use JWplayer to play video
Change season/episode from player component
Autoplay next movie/episode
Add movie / series to collection
Sort movies/series (multiple sort)
Search movies/series/actors
Get Movie/Series Actors
Children's area
Change configuration file/security
Cancellation of membership
Reinstate membership
get bill
change plan
IP/location detection
delete session
View History
Recently viewed



Update v1.5.1 / 27 - June - 2021
- Fixed  Recently watch
- Fixed bugs in admin panel tables
- Fixed genres and overview with spacial characters and limitation  
- immediately send validation message after sign up
- Validate rfc,dns email
- Important update: Improvement encoding 
- Important update: Add queue jobs for encoding 

Update v1.5.1 / 4 - Mar - 2021
- Fixed Braintree connect
- Fixed AWS upload 

Update v1.5
- Upgrade to laravel 8
- Support multi embed code
- Support VAST ads on Videos
- Support add Genre / Genres management
- Fixed redo videos on jwplayer
- Fixed episode sort
- Fixed episode slider
- Removed CF signed cookies
- Removed /app param

Update v1.4.9 - Fixed: Recently Watch Movies/TV Show - Fixed: Suggestions slider on movie player page - Update: Multi select Note: Most features in JWplayer not work in free edition, please change default url of Jwplayer from resources/view/index.blade.php 
Update v1.4.8 - Fixed: AWS CF Signed Cookies - Fixed:Edit Movies/Show Loading when there is no actors - Update: TV Show upload folder structure - Update: Template Users / Admin Panel - Update: Removed the re-stream feature from Live TV - New: Suggestions in players page Update v1.4.7 - New: add multi resolution external link (360p - 480p - 720p - 1080p - 4K) - Update: device activity removed from (Free mode) - Update: dashboard chart (hourly) - Update: braintree gateway JS package Update v1.4.6 - Fix episode external link edit - Fix get location info - Fix footer update Update v1.4.5 - New category feature - New Jwplayer instead Flowplayer - Fix player in ios 11+ - Remove Embed link feature Update v1.4.4 -Fix: Validation in restore password -Fix: Confirmation mail immediately send -Fix: Channel playlist in live TV player page -Fix: Transcoding in HLS (1080p) Update v1.4.3 -Fix: Actors Search In Series (Custom) -Fix: Season manage message -Fix: Live TV Edit -update: Npm packages -update: Create Actor Update v1.4.2 -Fix: Actors Search -Fix: Episode Upload -New: Multi Select (Movie/Series) -New: Analysis (Movie/Series) -Update: Admin Template Update v1.4.1 -Fix: Adjust subtitle -Fix: Upload multi episode -Fix: Users sorting -Fix: API video player -Fix: Security bugs Update v1.4 -New: Upload to AWS S3 -New: Get Content AWS Cloudfront -New: Protect Video With AWS Cloudfront - Signed Cookies -New: Disable Payment Gateway (Free Signup) -New: Support RTL -Fix: Watch History -Fix: Loading preloader images -Fix: Paypal payment redirect -Fix: Fix Transcoding Episode Videos -Fix: Play Embed Link 

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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG
  • Software Framework: Laravel
  • Software Version: PHP 8.x, PHP 7.x