ChatNet - PHP Chat Room & Private Chat Script

ChatNet is a maturePHP group chat room and private chat scriptFor your website, mobile application or web application. Its mobile-first, modern and user-friendly design will make your website or app seamless into a feature-rich community and social platform.

New big features

- Cloud storage support
- Embedded chat room
- Report/mark content
- Third-party website integration capabilities
- Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
- Social media login (over 40 social networks)
- Push notifications for private messages
- radio station
- verification code

- オンラインライブデモ(Administration panel)
- Documentation
- Requirements

ChatNet is designed by industry experienced developers to ensure easy installation and high customizabilityNo coding knowledge required.

This script does not require any browser-specific plugins (such as Flash or Java) to run. It makes this awesome PHP Ajax group chat room script available to all kinds of devices.

ChatNet is based on the most commonly used techniques such asPHP and MySQL. You don't need to worry about the server requirements to run ChatNet, as most shared servers do not require any specific configuration to run ChatNet.

chat network is aHighly customizable PHP Ajax group chat room script. You can customize from its color to its functionality without editing a single line of code. If you are familiar with PHP and MySQL, you can customize the code as it is self-explanatoryrave reviews. Thiswell written documentationWill guide you through the process.

5 star reviews

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Chat network function

Quick installer

Stop worrying about how to install ChatNet on your server. It's easy to install our scriptBuilt-in quick installer. Check out this installation video to see how easy it is.

Página de inicio personalizable

You don't need to hire another developer to create a home page for your chat room. chat network has aBuilt-in modern and customizable homepage. You can display your chat room in different styles and switch between different color schemes by changing a few settings.

Unlimited chat rooms

ChatNet is a multi-chat room script where you can create unlimited chat rooms. You can also allow your users to create and manage their own chat rooms.

Private chat messages/one-to-one chats

Private or one-to-one chat features are available for users to chat seamlessly. They can use this feature to share anything they want privately.Admins can easily moderate private chats through the admin dashboard.

Admin Dashboard

chat network has aDedicated Admin Dashboard. Administrators can access the dashboard and change and customize ChatNet as needed. In the dashboard, you can seamlessly manage users, chat, appearance, and other site settings.

Change the theme and color scheme

ChatNet comes with built-inLight and DarkUser Interface. You can easily switch between UIs through the admin dashboard. If you want to customize the theme colors, you can easily switch to the custom UI and choose the colors according to your needs.

Multilingual support

ChatNet comes with a built-inLanguage and Translation Manager. You can effectively add your own languages ​​and translations. ChatNet can be translated into any language, includingRTL language. It supports any Unicode character set.

Password protected chat room

Users can add pins to their chat rooms. People with a password can enter the chat room. This way, you can have password-protected chat rooms.

Visitor Record

The administrator can allow guests to access ChatNet. You can turn this feature on or off for each chat room. You can allow guests to change their names when they enter the chat room.

Members-only and admin-only chat rooms

When you create a chat room, you can choose who can access the chat room. You can have admin-only or members-only chat rooms. Or you can select all user types and allow guests to join the chat room.

hidden or secret chat room

Sometimes you may want to hide the chat room from the front end. You can easily achieve this with ChatNet.Users with a direct link to the chat room will be able to view and log in to hidden or secret chat rooms. Additionally, you can password-protect hidden chat rooms for added security.

Single chat room mode

If you don’t want a homepage or create multiple chat rooms, you can disable the homepage through the management dashboard.You will be able to choose the default chat room that users see first.

kick or ban users

Administrators or chat room creators canKick or UnkickUsers from chat rooms. The kicked user will not be able to log into the same chat room again. Admins can ban users for the entire site through the admin dashboard.

Play video in chat

If someone shares a link to the video, the user can see the video in the chat room they are in without leaving the site. The video will be displayed in a beautiful waypopup.

Image sharing and preview

Users can easily share pictures and photos through ChatNet. onlyDrag and drop imagesGoing into the chat room interface is fine, or you can use the dedicated image sharing button. Images will be resized to save bandwidth and generatedWhatsApp likes the modern preview.

Send GIF

Enable GIFs to add more fun to your chat room. ChatNet uses a popular GIF API calledTenor. It has thousands of GIFs for users to search. The GIF panel automatically displays Tenor's trending GIFs.

Pack de pegatinas personalizables

ChatNet has a sticker sharing feature, because why not! you can createYour own set of stickersand upload them to ChatNet. It will be automatically displayed to the user.

más de 2000 emojis

The built-in emoji selector allows your users to share more than 2000 emojis. The emoji selector is also available for mobile users.

blocked user

users canBlock and unblockother users. Blocked users will not be able to interact with the person who blocked them. Users can unblock blocked users at any time.

Favorite users

Users can add other users as favorites. This way, they will be able to easily find them and chat with them. Users can add any user as a favorite and remove it from the list of favorites at any time.

user information

ChatNet has a user profile function. User can add and maintainbioand basic personal information. It will be displayed to other users. Users can change their profile details at any time.

user status

Users can mark their status asAvailable, Busy, Away, andOfflineJust click a button. Status will be displayed to other users.

typing indicator

In private and group chats, users will be able to see when someone is typing a message.

Read receipt

ChatNet displays two states when someone sends a message. one is whenmessage is sent to server. The other is when a message is receivedRead by other users. ChatNet uses a scale like WhatsApp to demonstrate this.

password encryption

ChatNet uses a powerful one-way hash algorithm andbcrypt algorithmGenerate and verify passwords. In this way, ChatNet is protected by a strong cryptographic security system.

Aggiungi il tuo codice CSS

If you are familiar with CSS, you can customize the appearance of ChatNet by adding your own CSS code. chat network has aDedicated CSS sectionEasily add your own CSS code.

sound notification

Users will hear notification sounds when they receive chat messages. They only need to click the mute button to mute them for a specific chat.

Recently shared photos

Users can easily access recently shared photos in chat rooms or conversations. ChatNet shows it asgalleryHere you can easily browse shared photos.

Mobile friendly

chat network isFully responsiveand mobile friendly. it is compatibleAndroid, iOS, and other mobile operating systems and browsers. Users get the feel of a native app when using ChatNet on a mobile browser. ChatNet's admin dashboard also works on mobile devices.Manage your website from your phone wherever you are.

easy to understand code

If you are familiar with PHP, ChatNets coding is easy to understand. Chat network has onesimple coding structure. encoding israve reviewsAnd it speaks for itself. You can easily customize the encoding according to your needs.

When someone shares a link, ChatNet immediately displays a preview of the link. Preview data is cached. The process will not slow down your website. Preview containsimageFrom the linked site, pagetitlefrom website and metadescription.

About us page

ChatNet allows you to maintain an About Us page. A rich text editor makes it easier to edit content about us through the admin dashboard.

Contact us page

ChatNet has a dedicated Contact Us page where your visitors can fill out a form and get in touch with you. You will receive an email when someone contacts you.You can add your postal address and phone number to the contact us page through the dashboard.

GDRP ready

ChatNet is ready for GRDP. It has an interactioncookie consent pop-up windowand other customizable policy pages.

It is important to maintain a privacy and cookie policy page on your website in accordance with the GDRP compliance guidelines. With ChatNet, the process is simple.You can enable the Privacy Policy page and add your own policy there.

terms and conditions page

Another page you should add to your website is the terms and conditions page. Like the Privacy Policy page, you can enable or disable it through the admin dashboard.

RTL support

ChatNet fully supports RLT language. It has an RTL enabled user interface. The admin panel also has RTL support enabled.

Easy Updater

We regularly release ChatNet updates. Easy to update with its ChatNetBuilt-in updater. We make it effortless for users to keep your data and update to the latest version.

Swear word/bad word filter

You can define your own array of swear words in the admin dashboard. Your users will not be able to send these words to other users. Bad words will be replaced by stars.Users also cannot bypass the filter by adding special characters between bad words.

Image lazy loading

All images in ChatNet use lazy loading techniqueaccelerateLoad time andSave user bandwidth. The image is not loaded until the user scrolls and the image enters the user's screen.

Change log-Full change log

Version 1.8 – November 26, 2021

- NEW: Cloud Storage (AWS S3, Wasabi, BackBlaze, Google Cloud Storage and etc) support
- NEW: Room Browser Pop-up Window
- NEW: Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions agreement prior to registration
- NEW: Logo for light theme

- IMPROVEMENT: Added few missing translations

- FIX: Notification Unicode character encoding fix
- FIX: Fixed a bug where guest users are visible for not logged in users
- FIX: Fixed a bug where keyboard automatically popping up on mobile and cause empty screen

Version 1.7 – October 08, 2021

- NEW: Embed chat rooms into third party websites
- NEW: Integrate ChatNet with WordPress websites (WordPress Plug-in Required)
- NEW: Integrate ChatNet with third party websites users (Custom Work Required)
- NEW: Option to report/flag chats, users and rooms and a panel review them
- NEW: Language specific Google Fonts
- NEW: Options to disable/enable direct messages, room messages and chat list sidebar for chat rooms
- NEW: Option to enable chats only with selected user roles (Admins/Moderators/Room Creator/Room Moderators/Members/Guest) for chat rooms
- NEW: Option to enable chats only with linked users in third party sites for chat rooms
- NEW: Send code segments with syntax highlighting
- NEW: Domain filter for prevent spam link sharing
- NEW: Chat Flood Control to prevent users from spamming
- NEW: Room specific chat room background images
- NEW: Room specific advertisement sections
- NEW: Room specific chat room notice message
- NEW: In-browser toast notifications and sound for chats
- NEW: Option to enable public view for chat rooms (see the chat room without joining)
- NEW: Start Private Chat option in room chats 
- NEW: Deactivate Account option
- NEW: Leave Room option
- NEW: Option to clear all chats in a conversation
- NEW: Light Theme
- NEW: Boxed Layout

- IMPROVEMENT: Separated translations panels for Front-end and Back-end in Translation Manager 
- IMPROVEMENT: Option to delete uploaded logos and other images and set it back to default in admin panel.
- IMPROVEMENT: Improved chat options dropdown
- IMPROVEMENT: DM notifications unread count
- IMPROVEMENT: Uploaded files can now download with the original name

- FIX: Fixed an issue where users list not showing in forward dialog
- FIX: Persistent user typing indicator fixed
- FIX: Fixed an issue where letter avatars not showing for non English names  

Version 1.6.1 – June 20, 2021

- NEW: Direct Messages (DM) Panel
- NEW: Option to show chats only from user joined or logged in time in groups
- FIX: Fixed a bug when saving translations in PHP 8 servers

Version 1.6 – June11, 2021

- NEW: File & Image Uploading Experience
- NEW: Option to show online users only in the chat list
- NEW: GIF & Sticker Panel
- NEW: Rounded Avatars
- NEW: Default Letter Avatars
- NEW: Cron jobs for delete all chats and uploaded files/images
- NEW: PHP 8 Compatibility Added

- IMPROVEMENT: Asynchronous data loading in admin panel tables
- IMPROVEMENT: Improved security when file uploading

- FIX: Push notification chat content bug fix
- FIX: Radio list scrollable 
- FIX: Auto focus typing area
- FIX: Image dimensions over 10000px
- FIX: Unlinking files bug fixed
- FIX: Detecting user's country incorrectly

Version 1.5 – May 1, 2021

- NEW: Email Verification
- NEW: Google Fonts
- NEW: IP Blocking
- NEW: IP Access Log
- NEW: Auto Detect User Country
- NEW: Auto Detect User Timezone
- NEW: Persistent User Sessions
- NEW: Homepage Banner Image

- IMPROVEMENT: Delete File With Chat Messages
- IMPROVEMENT: HTTP Radio Stations
- IMPROVEMENT: PWA is now available in the homepage
- IMPROVEMENT: Option to turn off the language switcher 

Version 1.4 – February 15, 2021

- NEW: Progressive Web App (PWA)
- NEW: Social Media Login (40+ Social Networks)
- NEW: Push Notifications for Private Messages
- NEW: Radio Stations
- NEW: Chat Message Forward
- NEW: Room Specific Chat Moderators
- IMPROVEMENT: Chat Media/Files Links Section
- IMPROVEMENT: Chat Room Unread Count
- IMPROVEMENT: SEO Improvements
- FIX: Fixed a bug where View Profile section not displayed correctly sometimes
- FIX: Fixed a UI issue on iPhones in chat message type field 

Version 1.3.1 – December 18, 2020

- IMPROVEMENT: AJAX Request Handling Improved
- IMPROVEMENT: Mobile UX when chatting
- FIX: Minor bug fixes
- FIX: Fixed an error where line brakes in chat didn't work when the profanity filter is active.

Version 1.3 – December 16, 2020

- CHRISTMAS BONUS: Snow Fall Effect
- NEW: Chat Replies
- NEW: Audio Messages
- NEW: File Sharing
- NEW: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- NEW: Chat Search
- NEW: Recently Shared Files Section
- NEW: Added User Country & Flag
- NEW: Added User Gender Icon
- NEW: Option to View User Profile
- NEW: Option to Search Users
- NEW: Chat Room Sort (Created Date / Number of Users)
- NEW: Inactive Guest User Delete Cron
- NEW: Option to Delete users
- NEW: Option to Delete Chats
- NEW: Option to Delete Chat Rooms 
- NEW: Added Chat Moderator User Role
- NEW: Added Advertisement Spaces
- NEW: Added User Type Label
- NEW: Register Form Customization 
- IMPROVEMENT: Searchable Chat Room Selector
- IMPROVEMENT: UI/UX Improvements
- IMPROVEMENT: Room Owners Can Delete Messages
- FIX: Added missing translation terms
- FIX: Temporally removed embed chat rooms in third-party websites 

Version 1.2 .1 – October 26, 2020

- NEW: RTL Language Support
- FIX: Bug Fixes

Version 1.2 – October 24, 2020

- NEW: Dedicated Admin panel
- NEW: Dark Theme
- NEW: Guest Chatting 
- NEW: Single Room Mode (Disable Homepage)
- NEW: Translation & Language Manager
- NEW: Members Can Create Rooms
- NEW: Theme Switcher & Customizer
- NEW: Link & Video Preview
- NEW: Profanity/Bad Words Filter
- NEW: Admin User Manager
- NEW: Admin Chat Moderation Section
- NEW: About Us Page
- NEW: Privacy & Terms Page
- NEW: Contact Us Page
- NEW: GDRP & Cookie Notice
- NEW: Chat Room Notice
- NEW: Chat Room Switcher
- NEW: Multiple Admin Accounts
- NEW: Disable Homepage Header

- FIX: User experience improved
- FIX: Mobile Safari browser cookie problem fixed
- FIX: Animation and Nicescroll bug fixed

Version 1.1 – September 22, 2020

- NEW: Chat room searching feature
- NEW: Limit chat rooms on frontend website
- NEW: Chat room list styles
- NEW: Chat delete feature
- NEW: Editable chat room section heading and description
- NEW: Nice scroll for desktop
- NEW: Embed chat rooms in third-party websites

- FIX: Mobile user experience improved
- FIX: Desktop user experience improved

Version 1.0 – September 12, 2020

- Initial Release

ChatNet - PHP Chat Room & Private Chat Script [Free Download]
ChatNet - PHP Chat Room & Private Chat Script [Nulled]
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