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The Complete Charity WordPress Theme

With years of experience developing WordPress themes and plugins, put a lot of time into making Charity WP, including researching features and optimizing UI/UX.This theme has all the necessary features of a charity website: creating events/projects/cause, donation system, non-profit activities, fundraising, crowdfunding campaigns for causes or charities/organizations, recruiting volunteers, vision and mission pages and much more Many.These features are built with super friendly UX to give you the best experience of a complete Charity WordPress site.

6+ unique charity presentation + Strong charitable donation system + Lightweight drag and drop page builder + data portability + pixel perfect + User Experience Optimized for Charities + Easy to brand + Booking Charity Event Management + Ultra SEO Optimized + High performance optimization + Multi-language ready + Professional Mega Menu + Mobile-Friendly + WooCommerce support + bbPress support + BuddyPress Support + Update frequently + 5 star customer service

6+ Charity Demos Plus 1 Click Demo Importer

Charity WordPress Theme-Charity WP

» 1 Click Demo Importer

Charity WP theme comes with an amazing demo importer. This nifty feature will do the theme installation work directly for you. Just go to Tools > Demo Importer and there you go!

Strong charitable donation system

The most important feature of a charity website is the donation system.Charity WordPress Theme - Charity WP's fundraising system is operated by the TP Donate plugin, also developed by ThimPress itself.It gives you powerful possibilities to create activities/projects/reasons; a complete and usable payment system with three popular methods: AuthorizeNet, PayPal, Stripe; and clarify the status of your activities/projects/reasons, etc.

» Create unlimited charitable events/projects/cause

TP Donate's Activities menu is made for individual programs/projects that you would like to donate to. For each activity, you can set goals and raise/compensate amounts.In addition, you can easily add new campaigns, categories, or tags, just like regular posts in a campaign.On the front end, the "Donate Now" button will be displayed when the mouse is hovered, which can help your event to raise crowdfunding better.

» Easy to manage activities and their status

TP Donate also offers a "Donate" menu, built for site-wide fundraising, where you can view the ID, name, date, payment method and status of the donation, and information about the donor or "Add New".In addition, the setting part is very smart, with detailed settings for General, Email, Check Out and Donate to determine how they are displayed on the front end.

» Activity progress bar for tracking donations

The progress bar is a very smart feature of Charity WordPress Theme-Charity WP. It shows you the donation status of the event, and you can get event information quickly and accurately.Therefore, you can also make plans to create events and change them appropriately.

Drag and Drop Page Builder - Easily create professional pages without coding knowledge

When it comes to the Visual Composer page builder, there are some pre-sales questions. None of the best-selling premium WP themes use this heavy page builder, and neither do we.Charity WP uses the most popular, lightweight and powerful drag and drop page builder in the official WordPress plugin directory-SiteOrigin page builder. Themes load faster due to this wise decisionEveryone knows that Google loves fast loading sites!

» Element page builder

In early May 2019, we added Elementor Page Builder to the Charity WP theme. With the Elementor page builder, you can more easily create and customize pages with your designs.Elementor is now one of the most popular and fastest growing visual page builders for WordPress.Not only does it bring a completely different experience compared to the old page builder, but it's also a big improvement in speed and performance.

Data portability is necessary

Not every theme cares about this part, but we do it because we know: people sometimes want/need to update your theme or change to the latest trending design instead of using the same theme forever, but such changes can mean You lose valuable data.With Charity WP, you don't have to care about this.

Pixel Perfect Charity WordPress Theme

In order to bring a professional charity website, Charity WordPress Theme-Charity WP is developed with pixel perfection.Just watch the live demo to see for yourself its detail, refinement and true pixel perfection.

Brand Your Charity Website Without Coding Knowledge

With simple visual customization, you can brand your charity website with no coding knowledge, a job that can help you spend more time on your events/projects/cause.

Change colors to match your brand

Choose from over 700 fonts

Logo on preload page

fancy event

Useful event plugin is ready to use with attractive event countdown.

event management

Sell ​​event tickets

Create an e-commerce site with WooCommerce

If you want a store feature to sell products such as your crafts, key chains or other items to raise money, Charity WP has it for you. This theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Fully multilingual charity website and RTL support

Taking your charity website to the global market is really easy because Charity WP theme fully supports multi-language with WPML, Polylang and QTranslate.Not only that, but the theme supports right-to-left (RTL) in order to handle and respond to users communicating in right-to-left languages.

amazing super menu

Charity WP uses Mega Menu to provide users with an amazing navigation experience as this menu can display many different options at once.Icons, pictures, and typographic hierarchies can be used to make scanning easier. It also allows for efficient, hierarchical organization and grouping.

Mobile friendly WordPress charity theme

This charity WordPress theme is fully mobile-friendly, which means your website not only looks flawless on the web, but on mobile as well.With a responsive design and retina-ready display, your website will look great on any device. Users can also view causes and donate on web and mobile devices.This feature will definitely bring you more traffic.

Ultimate SEO Optimization

Using Charity WP is a great way to get your charity website ranking significantly higher on search engines.All titles, headings and meta tags are carefully optimized just like Google loves it.structured dataImplement in depth to make your website look attractive in Google search results. We code not only blog posts but also WooCommerce products and events/reasons/items.

Faster loading for better Google rankings

Since the first day, we have been continuously optimizing every point of the code to ensure that it has fewer requests, fewer database queries, fewer CSS and JS, and faster loading speed.For the new version, our priority is to find ways to make it even better.

5 star customer service

Since our founding in 2007, we have understood that customer service is the key to the success of an online business.You'll make an informed decision to use the Charity WP theme for your charity website, and you won't be disappointed with our customer service - guaranteed!

Frequently updated charity WordPress theme

See our Charity WP changelog for how active we are in development and improvement. You don't want to use outdated themes, carelessly designed plugins, performance or code quality.We never stop improving our products and services.


Charity WP 3.4.7 – 2021-Aug-16

Fixed: some minor bugs(for WP 5.8)

Charity WP 3.4.6 – 2021-Jul-21

Fixed: error html in archive testimonial
Updated out of date file WooCommerce 
Fixed: some minor bugs(for WP 5.8)

Charity WP 3.4.5 – 2020-10-06

Updated: Remove thim_aq_resize 

Charity WP 3.4.4 – 2020-10-06

Fixed: Can't show description on Thim: Box

Charity WP 3.4.3 – 2020-08-28

Fixed: Can't import plugin FundPress
Fixed: Change heading image in Customizer not works

Charity WP 3.4.2 – 2020-08-20

Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.

Charity WP 3.2 – 2019-06-06

- Update: Elementor.
- Change: aq_resize to thim_aq_resize.
- Fixed: Woocommerce short description.

Charity WP 3.1 – 2019-05-28

- Update: Elementor.
- Fixed: Lib js.
- Update: Lib SmoothScroll js.
- Update: Icon plugin in Dashboard.

Charity WP 3.0 – 2019-05-10

- Update: File language.
- Supported Elementor Page Builder (8 prebuilt demos ready).
- Improved Gutenberg (WordPress 5.0) compatibility.

Charity WP 2.7 – 2019-04-10

Fixed: PHP error when not active plugin Woocommerce.
Fixed: RTL style.
Update: File language.

Charity WP 2.6 – 2019-04-05

- Fixed: RTL style.
- Update: Lib Carousel.
- Added: Config time format Event.

Charity WP 2.5 – 2019-02-26

- Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.
- Fixed: Font weight not right.
- Fixed: Customize not show config Woocommerce.
- Fixed: Config single post hidden author and comment form.
- Added: Config hidden top image on page.
- Added: Config link target for widget button.

Charity WP 2.4 – 2019-02-12

- Fixed: Stripe error.
- Fixed: Error image widget thim: list post style 2.
- Updated: file language.
- Updated: lib js counter box widget.
- Added: Config donate loading image form popup.

Charity WP 2.3 – 2018-12-28

- Fixed: Installer Lib.
- Fixed: Link docs new version.
- Updated: File Language.
- Added: Email shortcode [donate_price].
- Fixed: Gutenberg Block color cover.

Charity WP 2.2 – 2018-12-26

- Fixed: Config Customize.
- Fixed: Out date Woocommerce.
- Change: Function aq_resize.
- Support: Gutenberg.
- Compatibility: Jetpack plugin.

Charity WP 2.1 – 2018-08-08

- Fixed: Comming soon.
- Fixed: Event widget style 2.
- Added: demo 7 and demo 8.

Charity WP 2.0 – 2018-03-15

Mise à jour majeure

- Remove: Mega Menu.
- Remove: Plugin Thim Framework.
- New: Updated theme use plugin Thim Core.
- New: Customize setting and live.
- New: Import by Thim Core full image and data use one click.
- New: Manage plugin and theme.
- New: Login Envato update pentium theme and plugin.

Charity WP 1.2.0 – Nov 14, 2017

- Added: Custom top image for each page.
- Updated: Plugin Thim Framework to new version.
- Updated: Plugin Thim Portfolio.
- Fixed: Out of date Woocommerce.
- Fixed: UI/UX.

Charity WP 1.1.4 – May 18, 2017

- Updated: Woocommerce 3.0.6.
- Fixed: Error Event Css.
- Fixed: Message Error Donate.
- Fixed: Template Donate (FundPress).
- Updated: Language File and translate text Events and Our Team.
- Added: Hidden text donate when none set date donate or date to 0.
- Fixed: Error when import and edit slider

Charity WP 1.1.2 – Feb 27, 2017

- Fixed: Plugin TP Event when update theme.
- Fixed: Plugin TP Framework when update theme.

Charity WP 1.1.1 – Feb 20, 2017

- Update: Plugin TP Event.
- Change: Plugin TP Donate to Fundpress.

Charity WP 1.1 – Feb 08, 2017

- Fixed: Menu Mobile.
- Update: Plugin TP Event.
- Remove: Plugin TP Event Auth.

Charity WP 1.0.9 – Dec 31, 2016

- Fixed: Choose category our_team widget.
- Fixed: Error gallery when not active plugin Woocommerce.
- Update: Plugin TP Donate version 1.0.8.
- Update: Use HTML in accordion. 

Charity WP 1.0.7 – Nov 18, 2016

- Update: Plugin TP Donate version 1.0.6.
- Add: config tab active Event.
- Fixed: validate form popup.

Charity WP 1.0.6 – Oct 31, 2016

- Fixed: Plugin TP Donate in mobile.
- Fixed responsive mobile form donate.

Charity WP 1.0.5 – Oct 25, 2016

+ Fixed: UI layout Cause.
+ Update: Plugin TP Donate, TP Event, TP Event-Auth.
+ Fixed font family Icon-Box.

Charity WP 1.0.4 – Aug 26, 2016

+ Fixed: Issue conflict js with isotope.
+ Update: Plugin TP Donate.

Charity WP 1.0.3 – Aug 19, 2016

+ Update: Outdated some WooCommerce template files version 2.6.4.
+ Update: Plugin required.
+ Fixed: Option setup Top image in Customize.
+ Fixed: Double header image on single our team page.
+ Fixed: Widget Thim: Our team.
+ Fixed: Widget Thim: Testimonials.
+ Fixed: Widget Thim: Google Map.

Charity WP 1.0.2 – Jun 21, 2016

+ Added: Mega menu.
+ Added: Donation page (shortcode).
+ Added: Portfolio.
+ Updated: Demo data.
+ Updated: TGM Plugin Activation to the latest version.
+ Updated: Revolution Slider.
+ Updated: Thimpress Donate plugin.

Charity WP 1.0.1 – May 26, 2016

+ Added: Galleries with source post format gallery.
+ Fixed: Import demo data.
+ Fixed: Parallax effect.
+ Updated: Slider Home 2.
+ Updated: UX/UI.
+ Updated: Demo data. 

Charity WP 1.0.0 – May 24, 2016

+ Release the first version.

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