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Avocet is a unique and beautiful WordPress blog theme, created specifically for lifestyle bloggers who pay special attention to fashion, travel and food.Avocet is designed with readability in mind. Its excellent layout and efficient space utilization make your blog a pleasure to read and browse.The theme has three sliders, four headings, and numerous typography and layout options, giving you the flexibility to change the appearance of your blog with the click of a button.All of this is achieved through powerful and extensively tested code.If this is not enough, our efficient, effective and timely support ensures that you only focus on the important things-create your next important post!

Elegant and beautiful fashion blog Avocet was originally designed for fashion bloggers. Our research shows that many fashion bloggers use a lot of black on their websites.But we don't want to go too far. The result is a balanced use of colors throughout the theme.Another thing we noticed is that there are two types of fashion bloggers-those who like Serif fonts and those who don't like Serif fonts. Therefore, we have added support for more than 600 Google fonts to choose from.Not only that, the demo also showed the theme's ability to elegantly and perfectly combine each font.A modern and beautiful food blog. If you use amazing food photography to support your blog, Avocet's modern blog layout may interest you.Not only does it highlight your images with a unique layout to make your blog stand out from the crowd, it also makes your food blog responsive on all devices.As a food blogger, you may also need a way to display your recipes beautifully. This is what we are currently doing.We will add support for one of the most popular recipe plugins in the near future.An equally beautiful travel blog The features and layout explained above also allow travel bloggers to take advantage of powerful options to turn their regular travel blog into a compelling travel blog.Use any of the eight blog layout options and two beautiful Instagram feed layouts in the footer to share your travel experience.If your taste is too dark, you can also switch to the light version of the post title.

Full feature list

8 well-designed blog layouts
  • Modern
  • Mixed (standard post + list + grid)
  • 2 grid posts + list
  • Standard big mailbox
  • Grid (first post standard)
  • Grid
  • List (first post criteria)
  • List
3 sliders to highlight your favorite posts
  • Beautiful 1-column slider with Ken Burns effect
  • Unique 2-column slider
  • Full width 3 column slider
  • Change Slider layout by changing the number of columns from 1 through 3
  • Select a post using the latest post, category, or post ID option
  • Disable one-click
Featured posts
  • Highlight a single post
  • Use the most commented posts, latest posts, category, or post ID options to select posts
  • Option to add custom title
  • Disable at any time
Carousel of most commented posts
  • Show the most commented posts
  • Can also be used to display the latest post, category or post ID
  • Option to add custom title
  • Disable one-click
Strategically located call-to-action area
  • Well-designed CTA area with complete custom controls
  • Available in two color schemes and two layouts
  • Change the title, description, button label and link in the WordPress customizer
  • Disable at any time
One-click search and filter
  • One-click access to search functions and filters
  • Drop down animation
  • Filter by category, label, month or year
  • The option to keep only the search function
  • Separate option to disable each filter
Page template
  • The about page is backed by a gorgeous shortcode-you will love it.look at this!
  • A contact page powered by Contact Form 7 and another perfect call-to-action shortcode.See it for yourself.
  • 404
  • Search Results-Nothing
  • Search Results/Archive Page
  • Full width page + latest post (content followed by latest post)
  • Full width page
  • Default page with sidebar
Did we mention shortcodes?
  • Two well-designed short codes actually played a role.
  • Integrate as a plug-in. If you switch themes, you will never lose data.
  • what else? More amazing short codes are in production.
Developed using industry best practices
  • W3C Compliant HTML5 and CSS3
  • Supported by SASS (CSS with Super Powers)
  • WordPress 4.4 is ready
  • Translation ready
  • Including children's themes
Perfect SEO friendly HTML structure
  • Well-structured and error-free HTML can achieve better search engine rankings.
Built with a mobile-first approach
  • Pass Google mobile phone compatibility test
  • Ultra-sensitive design
  • Retina ready
One of the most organized WordPress customizers
  • Take control of your blog like never before
  • Each option is carefully nested under the relevant section
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand nomenclature
  • Still can't find what you need? Use ourOnline documentation.
Effective and timely support
  • 16/7 availability according to support agreement
  • Online documentation
  • Tips and guidance in the customizer
  • Customizer section with direct links to online documentation for easy reference
Custom Instagram feed for footer
  • Two very beautiful, unprecedented layouts for Instagram feeds
  • Switch between the two layouts with one click
  • The custom button is directly linked to your Instagram account
Custom tag cloud in footer
  • Display post tags in an interesting way
  • Attract users to explore more content from the blog
Custom style for MailChimp widget
  • Beautifully designed widgets. It has never looked so beautiful.
Beautifully designed "About" widget
  • Add your profile picture to the widget to complete the design
  • We are sure that the rest of the design will enhance your profile
  • A custom button to automatically link the widget to your "About Me" page
Other custom widgets
  • Recent posts-unique in your own way
  • Marker cloud
  • Facebook
  • Instagram-brings 4 different layouts
  • Social media links
Other notable features
  • Beautifully styled default WordPress widget
  • Support for Contact Form 7
  • Campi CSS personalizzati
  • Translation ready-. Include pot file
  • Including children's themes


Special thanks to Toan Nguyen (HTTP: // PHP face.net)Help us update the theme automatically.

Most of the images used in the theme presentation are fromPexels and Unsplash. Some pictures are from the Flickr communityЛицензия Creative Commons 2.0. Links to the respective authors are provided in the posts/pages where their pictures appear. The rest of the pictures were found on the Internet without permission.We assume that it is safe to use these images commercially. However, we are not lawyers. Please report any errors/violations you know to www.superavis.com.

Without these excellent photographers, Avocet's demo site would not look so beautiful. We are forever grateful to them for providing their best works to the world for free.


Version v1.5.1 (Latest) – 17 August, 2020
Fix: Plugin information in TGM Plugin Activation configuration.

Version 1.5.0 – 06 July, 2020

Version 1.5.0 (Latest) - 06 July, 2020
Tweak: Kirki is no longer included in the theme. It is a required plugin instead.
Tweak: Replace Instagram feed plugin.
Tweak: Add defaults to Featured Blocks fields in Customizer.
Tweak: Include widgets in the plugin instead the theme.
New: Add wp_body_open() function as per WordPress guidelines.
Version 1.4.2 - Feb 6, 2018
Update: Latest Version of Kirki
Version 1.4.1 - 20 July, 2017
Fix: Mobile menu issue on window resize.
Version 1.4.0 - 26 June, 2017
Tweak: Removed Automatic Update feature
Tweak: Removed Referral Sales Promotion tab from Customizer
Fix: CSS issues.
Fix: Doc Comments.
Version 1.3.9 – 06 June, 2016
New: Option to change the language of Facebook widget
Fix: Caption of Content Boxes in Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11
Fix: Minor internationalization issues
Version 1.3.8 – 13 May, 2016
Fix: Drop Cap was not working in Mozilla Firefox
Version 1.3.7 – 1 May, 2016
Fix: Category description was visible in Search Overlay if a user adds a specific invalid HTML markup
Version 1.3.6 – 26 April, 2016
Fix: Adsense code was not working properly in Advert fields
Fix: Footer HTML markup
Version 1.3.5 – 28 March, 2016
Tweak: Allowed HTML in Call to Action's Title and Description field
Fix: Title of Call to Action's Description field was incorrect
Version 1.3.4 – 11 March, 2016
Fix: Content Boxes in Featured Block published wrong links
Version 1.3.3 – 08 March, 2016
Fix: Increased spacing between the header and three-column slider
Fix: Internationalization and localization corrections
Version 1.3.2 – 25 Feb, 2016
Tweak: Increased menu levels of the Primary Menu from 3 to 5
Version 1.3.1 – 22 Feb, 2016
Tweak: Allowed HTML tags in copyright statement in the footer
Version 1.3 Major Release – 21 Feb, 2016
New: Content Boxes in Feature Block
New: Ad space below Featured Block and above Footer
New: Added support for Ad Injection plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ad-injection)
New: Added support for Disqus Comment System plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/disqus-comment-system)
Fix: Theme update was not working with child themes
Fix: Corrected font color of HTML tags (pre, code, kbd, tt, var and samp).
Fix: Corrected styles of Pinterest button in 'Share This Story' if Pinterest plugin is installed.
Tweak: Increased width of Style B Post Titles.
Version 1.2.2 – 12 Feb, 2016
Fix: Some Google fonts were not working due to faulty CSS.
Fix: Corrected a typo in an if statement in the functions.php.
Fix: Removed an unnecessary PHP comment in template-tags.php.
Tweak: Updated to Kirki v2.0.8.
Version 1.2.1 – 06 Feb, 2016
New: Disable Sidebar for post page
Fix: Styles of featured image in (Avocet) About Author widget when 'Make profile picture rounded' is not checked.
Fix: Styles of username in Style B of Footer Instagram.
Fix: Post ID field in the Customizer wasn't showing up when Post ID was selected as the source of the Featured Post.
Fix: Toggle for Slider Pagination in the Customizer was not working.
Tweak: Added ID to each style tag generated by Custom Codes in the Customizer.
Tweak: Whitespace changes to make the code more readable.
Version 1.2 Major Release – 03 Feb, 2016
New: White post title style
New: Added font options
New: Added color options
New: Integrated Kirki toolkit in Customizer
Fix: Spacing above content in Modern layout (left and right images)
Version 1.1.3 – 29 Jan, 2016
<pre>Fix: Name of the function is_singular() was incorrect.
Version 1.1.2 – 28 Jan, 2016
<pre>Fix: Alignment of carousel title.
Tweak: Removed featured area placeholders.
Version 1.1.1 – 20 Jan, 2016
<pre>Fix: Primary menu showed only 'More' when no menu was assigned
Fix: Header had no space at the bottom when it had background color in small screens
Fix: Alignment of content and button in Call to Action shortcode
Fix: CSS of two styles of Call to Action shortcode was not applying
Fix: Enabled slider pagination in small and medium screens.
Fix: Special characters were being encoded in Custom CSS fields
Version 1.1 – Major Release 19 Jan, 2016
<pre>New: Automatic theme updates within WordPress updates.
New: Two Header styles: Style A and Style B
New: Header Background Colors Option for Style A
New: Two Sliders: 2-column (site-width) and 3-column (fullwidth)
New: Widget Area: Alternate Sidebar
New: Page template with Alternate Sidebar
New: Option to limit categories, tags, months and years in Search/Filter overlay
New: Option to disable slider pagination
New: Sidebar on small screens
Tweak: Added descriptions in WordPress Customizer
Tweak: Replaced Owl Carousel with Slick Carousel
Tweak: Changed names of options like Layout 1, Layout 2...Layout 4 to Style A, Style B...Style D
Tweak: Broke down featured-block.php into additional template parts
Tweak: Made wp_kses() more readable
Fix: The last thumbnail of Style A of Footer Instagram Feed had a gap of 1 pixel
Fix: Media queries for custom classes specific to Contact Form 7 were incorrect
Fix: Media queries in customizer-style.php were incorrect
Fix: Comment Ending in style.css was incorrect
Version 1.0 – 15 Jan, 2016
<pre>Initial Release

Avocet - Lifestyle & Fashion blog theme [Free Download]
Avocet - Lifestyle & Fashion blog theme [Nulled]
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