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The AutoRide WordPress theme is designed for drivers, limousines, limousine services, taxis or car rental companies, and is designed to help you build an online image for limousine services to enhance your brand and attract new customers.Thanks to the advanced reservation system, your customers can place orders and pay through your WordPress website.

Designed for:Limousine Service, Private driver, For any website related to private and shuttle transfers, including.Airport traffic, Hotel pickup or sightseeing. Bus, busje of limousineCharter service. Consider the AutoRide themeWedding limousine, Taxi booking, Car rental or Group transportationBusiness. it will also beActivity traffic or Party bus.

As part of the theme, you will getWordPress driver booking systemPlugins-The most popular and number one WordPress plugin for luxury car booking, suitable for companies of all sizes. Limousine and shuttle operators can use it.It provides a simple step-by-step booking process, including online payment, email and SMS notifications, WooCommerce and Google Calendar integration, and intuitive back-end management.

Thanks to the full integration of the plugin and the theme, you can easily book any defined route online, such asAirport transfers or city tours, hourly or point-to-point, support intermediate points (stops).

With the integrated car list, you can use the built-in gallery and vehicle attribute manager to showcase your fleet and show detailed information about individual vehicles.To ensure that your website has the look and feel that suits your purpose, the Autoride WordPress theme has three different homepage layouts. There is also a library of various demo pages, widgets and posts.With just one click, you can easily import pre-made demo content. With drag and drop page builder and slider revolution, you can easily build any page layout in minutes.

Die neueste Version: 18.11.2021-v1.7.Check the change log

Autonomous driving core functions

Responsive layout

Autoride is fully responsive. Every page element is 100% responsive and can be perfectly adapted to any mobile device. Responsive mode can be disabled in the theme options panel.

Slider Revolution/Retina Ready

It's super easy to customize or build your own slider with the #1 Top Selling Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress plugin worth $85. Autoride is retina ready.No matter what monitor your users are on, your website will look clear.

Driver booking built-in

Autonomous driving incidentalDriver reservation system($49 value), a powerful luxury car booking WordPress plugin for companies of all sizes. Both limousine and shuttle operators can use it.It provides a simple step-by-step booking process, including online payment, email and SMS notifications, WooCommerce and Google Calendar integration, and intuitive back-end management.

3 services/step-based navigation

The booking integrated with the theme supports 3 types of services: distance (point-to-point), hourly, flat rate, all or only selected services can be used.The navigation in the discussion is based on convenient steps.

Call to Action Booking Form

The theme comes with several call-to-action booking components that your website visitors will hardly miss. Through them, you will direct your potential customers to the booking form.

Real-time route preview/total distance, total time calculation

The booking integrated with the theme draws a route map and supports an unlimited number of intermediate points (stops).It also calculates the total distance and total time (including extra time and return time, if applicable).In addition, the reservation can calculate the distance between the base and the pick-up location, and add a fee to the total reservation.

Multiple payment methods

The booking integrated with the theme offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, cash and wire transfer, as well as all payment methods supported by WooCommerce.

Book additional services

Add an unlimited number of add-ons, which customers can then choose from during the booking process, such as child seats, liquor packaging or a box of chocolates.

Define your own route

You can define your own route. This is useful for specific types of business, such as shuttle operators, airport transfers, or city tours.


Define an unlimited number of vehicles (limo cars) and set some parameters for them. Set the vehicle name and description, featured pictures, gallery, vehicle type, brand and model.Enter the maximum number of passengers and suitcases. Enter the price per distance and hour, specify the tax rate and assign vehicle attributes.

You can define an unlimited number of vehicle attributes, such as color, engine, etc., and then you can assign them to each vehicle (limo) in its settings.

Multiple currencies in a single form

The booking integrated with the theme comes with an integrated exchange rate importer, allowing you to convert the base currency of the plugin to one of many available currencies.You can create a booking form that supports multiple currencies (eg different language versions of the page).

WPBakery page builder integration/Google calendar integration

Theme-integrated bookings are integrated with the popular WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress plugin and Google Calendar for bookings.


Bookings integrated with themes allow you to define different types of prices:

  • Fixed price [A → B],
  • Fixed price for the return trip [B → A],
  • Fixed price [B → A] for the return trip when the return date is different,
  • initial fee (fixed starting rate),
  • The freight from the base to the pick-up location,
  • The freight from getting off the train to the base,
  • Price per distance (miles, kilometers) [A → B],
  • The price per distance of the return journey [B → A],
  • The return one-way price when the return date is different [B → A],
  • Prezzo orario [A → B],
  • Prezzo di ritorno all'ora [B → A],
  • The hourly price of the return journey when the return date is different [B → A],
  • The price of each extra time,
  • price per adult passenger,
  • Il prezzo per bambino.

The administrator can assign prices, routes to vehicles or set them in the pricing rules module.In addition, the administrator can choose the type of price calculation based on: distance, number of passengers, distance and time.

Extensive pricing rules

You can define your own pricing rules based on the booking form, selected vehicle, service type, route, day of the week, date range or number of hours, and even travel distance.For example, you can set different prices for trips over 50km each weekend. You can define an unlimited number of pricing rules.

Driving area/custom order field

Set your driving area-your business area. You can select from a list of countries or draw an area on Google Maps.For example: If you choose Russia or a region with a radius of 50 kilometers from Paris, your customers will not be able to order drivers outside of this standard.

The convenient form builder will allow you to create an order that suits your business. Create section and form fields, specify whether fields are required, and resolve your own error messages.


You can create your own driving area and use it as one of the conditions in the pricing rules.This module provides simple and intuitive drawing tools for adding, deleting, moving, and modifying shapes (polygons).The shape created represents a single driving area, which can be assigned different price levels.


Subscriptions integrated with themes allow the use of browser and server geolocation. For the second type, the administrator can choose the server that handles the request.If not needed, all these functions can be turned off.

You can use a simpler version of the booking form without maps, navigation and driving information, which is clearer to the end user.Such widgets can be displayed on the sidebar and slider, especially on the homepage.

Custom and defined location

In addition to the user being able to choose any pick-up location, you can also impose certain fixed locations and narrow the selection to them.You can choose to set up users to be able to add their own intermediate stops (waypoints) to the route. Google’s auto-suggest tool always supports selecting and defining locations.


Bookings integrated with themes allow you to create coupons with predefined rates, dates, usage limits, and more. You don't have to manually create every coupon.The built-in tool can automatically generate the required number of coupons in one second.


The driver module allows you to define company drivers and assign them (manually or automatically) to bookings.Drivers can also be notified of new bookings and changes in their status.

You can create multiple "agreement" fields that must be accepted by the customer before the reservation can be sent. Depending on the control panel settings, each of them may be optional or mandatory.In the case of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this feature is very important.

Compatible with WPML

The theme is compatible with WPML and supports multilingual websites. This . The po and .mo files allow you to translate your installation.

Theme demo data installer

Install the theme and import the demo data using the Theme Demo Data Installer panel under the Appearance menu in the admin area.Select the demo data you want to import: widget settings, virtual content, theme options, and then press the import demo data button. No need to process XML files!

Full-width part

Autoride provides a lot of content layout options, for example, you can create a full-width background part with a parallax scroll effect.

Theme options panel with color scheme

The theme has a custom panel under the appearance menu in the management area.You can customize tons of global theme options such as header and footer settings, blog, post and page settings, logo settings, social profile settings, content replication, custom CSS and Js code settings, and more...The color setting panel has not been forgotten either. You can customize the color of the theme in the blink of an eye to meet your needs!

Drag and drop page builder

It is very easy to build any page layout with the included #1 Top Selling WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress, and it is worth $64. It comes with more than 40 custom Autoride components, and we will keep it up to date.

More than 40 content elements, highly configurable

Autoride comes with a foundation of more than 40 page builder components, including unique and dedicated Autoride components, such as vehicle lists, driver lists, and feature carousels.Each content element has a wealth of options, so it is very easy to build a unique and beautiful layout.

WooCommerce integration

Build your own online store using WooCommerce integrated with Autoride.


there are more……

Autoride feature list-driver booking theme

  • Responsive layout
  • Retina ready
  • jQuery driven
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Online booking system
  • Driver booking system for WordPress plugins($49 value) includes
  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin(Worth $85) including
  • WPBakery page builder for WordPress(Worth $64) including
  • Streamline Premium Icon Font with 93 Icons ($69 Value)
  • Theme demo data installer-one-click installation
  • Theme options panel with tons of options
  • The theme font panel can customize any theme font (including more than 800 Google fonts)
  • Widget area
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Social icon font, there are 30 icons to choose from
  • PSD file included (please contact us to receive a well-organized PSD file)
  • പേജ് ടെംപ്ലേറ്റ്:
    • Home Style 1
    • Home Style 2
    • Home Style 3
    • Online booking
    • WooCommerce store
    • Fleet list page
    • Bike page
    • Driver page
    • Single Driver Style 1
    • Single Driver Style 2
    • About Us Style 1
    • About Us Style 2
    • Our Services Style 1
    • Our Services Style 2
    • Single Service Style 1
    • Single Service Style 2
    • Testimonials
    • Contact Style 1
    • Contact Style 2
    • Classic blog
    • Column blog
    • Single post
    • Search template
    • Category template
    • 404页
    • Maintenance mode page
  • Include file
  • Valid HTML5 code
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Clean design

List of booking features integrated with themes

  • Responsive layout
  • Retina ready
  • Ajax Drive
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Telegram messenger integration
  • Compatible with WPML, supports multilingual websites
  • WPBakery page builder for WordPress integration
  • Use geographic location
  • Extensive pricing rules
  • Custom order fields
  • Custom protocol
  • Support RTL (right to left writing system)
  • Step-based forms with easy step navigation
  • 3 types of services: distance (point-to-point), hourly, flat rate, all or only selected services can be used
  • Google Maps live route preview
  • Support an unlimited number of route intermediate points (stops)
  • Total distance, total time calculation and extra time support
  • Smart sticky (floating) summary sidebar
  • Integration with Paypal, Stripe and WooCommerce payment gateways
  • Support cash and wire transfer payment methods
  • SMS integration with Nexmo and Twilio
  • Unlimited booking form with different settings
  • Unlimited booking
  • Unlimited vehicles (limousines)
  • Unlimited add-ons
  • Unlimited predefined routes
  • Detailed documentation
  • Demo content can be obtained through a one-click importer
  • Fully translatable. Treasure / .mo file
  • Valid HTML5 code
  • Cross-browser compatibility

Read the detailed description of the plug-in functionDedicated page.

Support this

Support is through ourSupport forum. We are at +1 GMT, and our goal is to answer all questions within 24 hours of the working day. In some cases, the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours.Support requests sent on weekends or public holidays will be processed on the next Monday or the next business day.

PSD source file

The PSD source files are freely available to all our buyers. PleaseContact UsGet the file. You will receive well-organized, layered, and fully editable files. .psd file.

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  • Lato By Lukasz Dziedzic, SIL Open Font License, 1.1
  • Streamlined icon font (93 icons)
  • Multiple designer’s template icon fonts, MIT license,
  • Many designers’ social icon fonts, MIT license.


Advanced images for real-time preview purposes (not included in the presentation content):

  • Autos werden von Lumen Digital verkauft
  • Universal black sports convertible by styxclick
  • Felix Pergande's SUV Desert Safari
  • Stretch Limo by Paul
  • Aussteigen von Peter Atkins
  • Happy buyer holding keys near the car in front of the modern avtosalon building By rh2010
  • Young businessman test-driving a new car by dima sidelnikov
  • Portrait of a young businessman driving a car Author bokan
  • Business couple with suitcases sitting in the trunk of a car in the city.
  • Autohandel, Autoterminal by W. Weichel
  • Minibus driving on country roads by Yuri Bizgaimer
  • Business partners are about to board a private jet by Tyler Olson
  • Close-up of the driver opening the car door, courtesy of Africa Studio
  • Business woman in a luxury car by Africa Studio
  • Parking business class By macau
  • Stewardess and pilot standing on neat limousines and private jets by Tyler Olson
  • Internal passenger minibus By rostyle
  • The speed of a white car driving on an asphalt road during the day by Ivan Kurmyshov

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18.11.2021 – v1.7

  • Code improvements,
  • Updated plugins: theme fonts,
  • Updated plugin: widget area,
  • Updated plug-in: theme demo data installer,
  • Updated plugin: WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress,
  • Update plugin: WordPress driver booking system,
  • Update Plugin: Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin,
  • Updated plugin: Templatica-WPBakery page builder template manager.

22.12.2020 – v1.6

  • Code improvements,
  • Updated plugin: WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress,
  • Update plugin: WordPress driver booking system.

15.12.2020 – v1.5

  • Code improvements,
  • Added support for WP 5.6,
  • Updated plugins: theme fonts,
  • Updated plugin: widget area,
  • Updated plug-in: theme demo data installer,
  • Updated plugin: WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress,
  • Update plugin: WordPress driver booking system,
  • Update Plugin: Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin,
  • Updated plugin: Templatica-WPBakery page builder template manager.

16.10.2020 – v1.4

  • Code improvements,
  • Update plug-in: AutoRide Core,
  • Updated plugin: WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress,
  • Update plugin: WordPress driver booking system,
  • Updated plugin: Slider Revolution responsive WordPress plugin.

31.08.2020 – v1.3

  • Improved coding,
  • Update plug-in: AutoRide Core,
  • Update plugin: WordPress driver booking system.

25.08.2020 – v1.2

  • Improved coding,
  • Added support for WordPress 5.5,
  • Fixed some minor issues,
  • Update plugin: theme fonts,
  • Updated plugin: widget area,
  • Update plug-in: AutoRide Core,
  • Updated plug-in: theme demo data installer,
  • Updated plugin: WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress,
  • Update plugin: WordPress driver booking system,
  • Update Plugin: Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin,
  • Updated plugin: Templatica-WPBakery page builder template manager.

18.02.2020 – v1.1

  • Code improvements.

12.02.2020 – v1.0

  • The first release.

v2.1 AutoRide - Chauffeur Limousine Booking WordPress Theme [Free Download]
v2.1 AutoRide - Chauffeur Limousine Booking WordPress Theme [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Widget Ready: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Compatible With: WooCommerce 5.7.x, WooCommerce 5.6.x, WooCommerce 5.5.x, WooCommerce 5.4.x, WooCommerce 5.3.x, WooCommerce 5.1.x, WooCommerce 5.0.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.x.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.1.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.x
  • Software Version: WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x
  • ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PNG, Layered PSD, PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, PSD
  • Columns: 4+
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Layout: Responsive