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Include content in an iframe that can hide and modify elements and forward parameters the way you like. You can also directly embed content or display part of an iframe.

Please check the quick start section before buying! There you can find out which functions are available for you to use! For example.To adjust the content to the height or modify the css of the remote iframe, you need to add a line JAVASCRIPT to the remote page!!!!!! You also cannot include the HTTP page in the HTTPS page!

existSame domainOr if you can useExternal solutionYou canAdjust iframe to iframe height. AlsoDynamic size changesIs detected in the iframe, evenAutomatic height of hidden elementssupport.

Even if you are not in the same domain and you cannot modify external pages, you canShow part of remote iframe. With includeRegion selectorYou can simply use the mouse to select the area to be displayed. you can alsoHide certain areasAnother page of. Perfect fusionzoomAlso support!

You canScale the content of the iframe by a fixed ratioAnd also passedAuto zoomThis does calculate the factor based on the browser size. Especially on non-responsive pages, this may be the only solution for mobile devices.

You can dynamicChange parent cssAnd according to your settings, eveniframe pagealso. Therefore, you can hide elements such as headers and footers or override static sizes to make the page more responsive.

Lazy loadingIt is the perfect function to improve page load time. So first of all yourLoad the homepage, then load the iframe. You can also load it when the iframe loadsVisible onlyOr load iframeClick a button.

Loading iframes usually takes extra time. So now you can show your usersLoad iconUntil the iframe is fully loaded.

There are many options for advanced iframe proMake your iframe responsive. Alsovideossupport. SeeThis blogEnter to learn more.

Many websites look different on different devices. With includeОткривање на прелистувачотYou can display different iframes or different parts of iframes based on the detected device.

You can dynamicChange parent link targetAnd according to your settings, eveniframe pagealso. In an iframe, you can now even change the link! This also enables the function that can be directly linkedOpen in an extra layer of iframe. Therefore, even if the user chooses an external link, they will not leave your web page! OneCustom header/footerIt can also be included in a layer.

By default, not all IOS versions support scrolling within an iframe. OneThe IOS solution combined with browser detection is done in the plug-inBecause the IOS solution does not work on other systems!

Supports many options for parsing parameters. You canಫಾರ್ವರ್ಡ್ ಫಾರ್ಮ್ಯಾಟರ್From the parent, and you have many placeholders, such as the current Wordpress username. You can even add the iframe url as a parameter to the parent url to be able to bookmark the currently selected page.

A widgetInclude adding iframes or even any shortcodes in your widget area.

This feature does enable you to provide part of your website with only 2 lines of code (js + iframe). See"Content filter" and"Adicione ai_external. localização de js" solution.

The iframe checker is now included inside, and you can check all your iframes once a day!Starting from version 2020, this is done in parallel, and iframes that are not advanced iframe iframes are also checked! So you can monitor existing iframes, if they can still be included!Everyone who uses iframes should use this feature to ensure that users don’t suddenly see a blank page.

Not only can you use this plugin in Wordpress, you can also use it inQualsevol pàgina phpHere you can insert a few lines of code!

By default, Safari and IE do not support cookies in iframes. In addition, all other browsers can be configured so that this does not work. ThisSolution to 3rd party cookie in iframeProvides a possible solution!

It also includes a Gutenberg block to easily add an iframe with a preview to your editor.

Quick start guide

The The quick start guide can also be used as a video tutorial.

To add a webpage to your page, first check the following:

  • Check if it is allowed to include your page page:!
  • Check whether the iframe page and the parent page are in the same domain. and text. example. com is a different domain!
  • Can you modify the pages that should be included?

You most likely have one of the following settings:

  1. Cannot include iframe: You cannot include content because the owner does not allow it.
  2. Can contain iframe and you are in a different domain: seeFunction comparison chartandOverview of feature availability. To adjust the content to height/width or modify the css, youNeed to modify the remote iframe pageEnable the provided workaround by adding a line of Javascript.
  3. You can include iframes, and you are on the same domain: you can use all the features of the plug-in.

Check the feature comparison chart to learn more about which features are available for your setup. Please do these before buying!

To enter a simple iframe, go to Admin and follow the instructions on the Basic Settings tab.There, you can use the basic shortcode and set the settings in the management, or you can directly override the settings in the shortcode. Read alsoFAQhave a lookfree and نمونه حرفه ای.

If the iframe page is on a different domain and external solutions are not available, advanced users with their own servers may also set up a reverse proxy. LookThis blogDetails.
If you mix http and https readingThis blog. Parent https and iframe http are not available for all mayor browsers!


  • Upload the folder "advanced-iframe" from the zip file to the "/wp-content/plugins" directory. Make sure the file is advanced iframe. php is located in the /wp-content/plugins/advanced-iframe directory
  • Activate the plugin via the "Plugins" menu in WordPress
  • Put "[advanced_iframe]" on your page or post. The optional security key can be found in Settings -> Advanced iFrame Pro


The new Wordpress 5.5. Just download the new version and install it. WordPress does detect that the plugin is installed and asks if you want to update. Just click Yes and you are done.All settings are in the database. So nothing is lost.Please save the advanced iframe settings once to update the generated ai_external.js to the latest version!

Just download the zip from codecanyon, then use ftp to overwrite all the files in the previous installation, or uninstall the plugin (free or professional version) and install the new version again.All settings are stored in the database, so you won't lose anything. If you use the personal version available on wordpress, you can also use this method. organization.If you have some radio elements empty after the update, just select the element you like and save again.

Please save the advanced iframe settings once to update the generated ai_external. js to the latest version! On a production system, you should add a version counter to ai_external.If you use an external solution, for example: .../ai_external.js to avoid caching. js?

Demo en vivo

an examinationJede DemoWorking examples of most major functions. These examples are a good start for any feature you want to use.


Go to Settings -> Advanced iFrame Pro

Advanced iFrame Pro properties

Please go to the management department to learn about all possible shortcode attributes.If you only use one iframe, please use the settings in the managementBecause each parameter is explained in detail there, and the default value is set there.

Example:[advanced_iframe securitykey = "123451234512345" src = "”Width="100%" height="500"]

Frequently asked questions

Find the latest FAQs here: you, for example, go there you want to include multiple iframes on the same page.

You can also find the documentation included in the download on the FAQ page.

Evaluate advanced iFrame Pro

If you have not done so, please feel free to leave a project rating from your project download page.

Please contact me before giving a bad review, because most problems are easy to solve.Also make sure you review the quick start guide to make sure you can use the features you like!

Change log and features of advanced iframe pro v2021

Compared with ordinary iframes, the following cool features are implemented:

See the complete list of features on the comparison chart:

View the full history here:

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