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Get new products-AddChat Laravel Pro and AddChat Codeigniter Pro

AddChat Laravel Pro-a new product, now add the AddChat widget to your Laravel website. ——

The new product-AddChat Laravel Pro-is available on Codecanyon.

AddChat Codeigniter Pro-a new product, now add the AddChat widget to your Codeigniter website. ——

The new product-AddChat Codeigniter Pro-is available on Codecanyon.

NEW V 2.2 released-improved emoji

- Emoji-Pixel löschen
- Smooth transition
- Fast page loading
- One-click emoji pop-up open
- Improved performance and scalability

AddChat V2-Real-time chat library

It can be easily integrated into the real-time chat system of any Codeigniter website.

addChat is the most unique and one-time purchase chat system on the market.

There are no monthly or annual fees. Just buy it and use it as a fully owned chat platform.

Please give your honest reviews and ratings. We need your support to update exciting new features regularly. ❤️

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Watch-addChat overview

Watch-how to integrate addChat

Version 2 released-new features

Now you can integrate addChat using the installer. V2 comes with a powerful installer that can integrate addChat into your existing website.

- Smiley support.
- User blocking.
- User search.
- The message is seen or not.
- Personal profile picture upload.
- Delete chat history.
- Improved design.
- Improved performance and scalability.

Feature highlights

We are developing addChat V3 and it will be launched soonPresa de xarxaIntegration, which will make the chat experience smoother.

- Live chat.
- Chat with multiple users at once.
- Fully responsive and mobile optimized.
- Use with your existing user database.
- Used in conjunction with your user login system.
- Your existing theme looks beautiful.
- Lightweight and expandable.
- Support HMVC architecture.

How to integrate into an existing website

Just follow the simple small steps below to integrate addChat into your existing website. We make the installer smarter.


- PHP >= 7.0
- Mysql >= 5.5
- Existing Codeigniter website with user login function
- Twitter bootloader
- Awesome
- Anfragen


- Place the "addchat_installer" folder near the application folder of your website. For example
-> application <br /> -> addchat_installer <br /> -> system <br /> - Now go to URL
-> or <br /> -> localhost/example/addchat_installer ConfigurationNow you can customize addChat completely based on your website from one place. After installation, go to -> yourwebsite/application/config/addchat_config.php


v2.2 May 04, 2018

=== Version 2.2 ===

- Emoji Improved

v2.1 Apr 27, 2018

=== Version 2.1 ===

- Bugs Resolved 
- Installer error resolved
- Database error resolved

v2 Jan 21, 2018

=== Version 2.0 ===

- Bugs Resolved 
- Added new features
- Added installer

v1 Aug 15, 2017

=== Version 1.0 ===

initial release

Installation support

Installation cost per domain is $50

- We will install the script and configure it on your server.
- Your server will also be configured for a special URL-xxxx. Your domain name. computer

How do we support this product for free

- If you encounter any errors, just send an email about the error and we will update the script within 2 days after the error is resolved.

What's not included in the purchased product

- If you need any other minor changes, you will need to pay extra.
- If you encounter any error after self-installation, and the error is related to the server
- Or if the error is due to incorrect installation, then we will install the script from scratch
- And will charge an installation fee.


This is a quick user guide on "how to use this plugin"
Read the full document


You can email usclassiebit @ gmail. eFor any kind of support, questions or inquiries. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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AddChat - Codeigniter Chat Widget [Free Download]
AddChat - Codeigniter Chat Widget [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, LESS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG
  • Software Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x